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    i am having a frrrrrrustrating day, to say the least. hopefully this helps:
    what is the most obnoxious thing you have read all week? like, the kind of thing that makes it feel like blood and spiders are leaking out of your brain!!

    save me by letting me revel in our collective frustration!
    mine would be that the island of haiti has reached a population point where they cannot sustain themselves with the crops/animals that they have- so guess what? people are dying! uh, no shit. thats what happens when an isolated island nation cannot support the population density any longer. for fucks sake....good "reporting" guys.
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2008
    <strong><a href="">Pair facing cruelty charges in death of 2yr-old toddler who died of dehydration</a></strong>
    <blockquote><strong><a href="">MERIDEN, Conn.</a></strong> - Two family friends accused of depriving a toddler of fluid for at least a week as punishment for bed wetting appeared in court yesterday to face charges in his death.

    Police said 23-month-old Amari Jackson died of dehydration while Sharon Patterson and her brother Robert Patterson were caring for him in February. His death was ruled a homicide.

    Investigators said glasses around the house were laced with hot sauce to keep the boy from drinking. Meriden Superior Court Judge Arthur Hadden described the allegations as “shocking.”

    Sharon Patterson, 39, was charged with manslaughter, cruelty to persons and risk of injury to a minor. Robert Patterson, 31, was charged with cruelty to persons and risk of injury to a minor.

    The pair did not enter pleas during their court appearance. Judge Hadden increased Sharon Patterson’s bond from $250,000 to $500,000. Robert Patterson’s bond was left at $150,000.

    “It took every inch of my body to stay in my seat,” said the dead tot’s mother, Sara Hicks, 20, after the court hearing. “I’m still shaking.”

    The Pattersons, Hicks’ long-time friends, offered to care for her son for about a week because she was sick with a fever and caring for her 8-month-old daughter.

    Hicks said she frequently spoke with her son on the phone and dropped off diapers at the house, but had no inkling of problems.

    Sharon Patterson told police she had been smoking marijuana and drinking booze the day before Amari died, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    Sharon Patterson plans to plead not guilty to the charges, said her public defender, Christine Janis.

    Robert Patterson’s public defender was unavailable for comment.</blockquote>
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    anything here.
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    There's plenty of things I'd like to put, but that last one is too hard to top.
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    sorry, the most obnoxious thing I've read all week was on Whitechapel, and I'm not going to post it here for risk of arse eels. (which I prefer to call 'ass eels' just because I like the sound.)
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    It's not so much that ridiculous panel written by Bendis that makes my blood boil. (It's bad, but it's a funny-bad) It's this overly-emotional twat in LiveJournal's Scans_Daily that tried to make a point about his entire career being a waste. He's got such an irrational hate for the man that you simply cannot hold a conversation with all! Every counterpoint you try to make is met with a tsunami of jargon that heads off in several directions instead of GETTING TO THE GOD DAMNED POINT! It's like he opened up the internet fight playbook to the Distraction Chapter. 2 replies in, you're not even on topic anymore.

    I dropped out once he got to "yeah, I'll admit, I've jerked off to midget porn." after about 4 paragraphs about Laura K. Hamilton. We're supposed to be talking about Bendis and Victor God Damned Doom. The post reached nearly 300 comments and my fear is that even though a lot of us called him out, he's somehow feeling the post was validated. "He's the hero!"

    Then I find out he's the mastermind behind THIS! (<--NSFW!)

    He does feel validated. He's not a troll. He's the real deal. And I hate him. But not as much as I hate myself for caring this much.

    Thanks for letting me think this was a good thread to post in, you fuckin' jerk.

    (Just to cover my ass, that last line is in jest.)
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    Time magazine reported that 30% of Hillary supporters would rather vote for McCain than Obama.

    Also, Global warmth in March Hit a record high

    Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraq Funeral killing over 60 people. (The surge is working)

    My comic shop didn't order ANY of Ennis' 'War Is Hell'.

    But these cartoons should cheer you up some.

    Good week all in all.

    EDIT: Sorry, those cartoons are downers. THESE COMICS are what I meant to link.
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    this article along with the endless articles that are coming up of Yale claiming it was fake and the "artist" claiming it was real and... yea.

    This article saying that a raped mentally disabled woman is not a valid witness and therefore her accused abusers will not go to trial.

    This article dealing with child brides in Afghanistan. A 10 year old giving birth? COME ON!
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    @Rudi - What? You don't want to see roided-out cargo-pocket Jesus?
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008
    I haven't read anything thats frustrated me this week, but I've been frustrated by my GP's surgery that I@ve been with since I was a child losing the results to a stool sample I gave them on Tuesday to find out if I've got food poisoning. So today, my sixth day of painful stomach cramps and the shits, I have to poo into another sample jar.

    Sorry to drop that on you all...
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    Email from my manager relaying a communication from his boss.

    Hi folks

    J**** has asked me to pass on a couple of comments.

    Headphones - let's not wear them while shelving/tidying/etc. They could be interpreted as "Do not disturb"

    Lanyards - make sure these are worn prominently.

    Thank you all.


    My response

    Hi D****************************,

    I'm just wondering if there have been any specific complaints about headphones?

    I've been asked many many questions by students while out tidying and shelving and I never wear headphones whilst roving as at that time we are specifically tasked with being open and available.

    A little low volume music is extremely beneficial to concentration during routine tasks like tidying and as regards shelving I find it does speed my progress having something to work to. An hours tidying would be an almost intolerably monotonous task without the background focus of some music.

    I would really appreciate knowing if there is an actual base of evidence that headphones are actively degrading the quality of the service we can offer students because this is simply not my experience of serving students while out shelving or tidying.

    I can understand that maybe this is due to image perception but I would posit that my experience does not bear out that the users of the LRC share said perception and we do pretty much exist to serve the users.

    I hope I have made it clear in my albeit short time as a part of the team that I do take or duty serving the users very very seriously and I seriously can not see how this rule will in any way increase my ability to better serve the LRC users.

    The loss of this small indulgence would I feel affect my performance at the tasks involved and be very detrimental to my morale.

    I know that rules is rules and management are well within their rights to impose them but I fell quite strongly about this and feel the need to respond.

    Yours faithfully



    On a more personal note I feel this is a bit of a randomly imposed edict - you may remember the great coffee revolt of '08 that ultimately got overturned and led to a de facto re-writing of the library rules, I feel similarly about this issue as the back office did about the coffee but I know that I am in a minority of people who will be affected by this issue so can not expect any similar groundswell to sway this tide.

    I hate having to write that way just to engage with random acts of management in any meaningful way
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    what is the most obnoxious thing you have read all week?

    Any number of things written or said by arsebrained creationists in the wake of all this Expelled twattery. Honestly, the whole bullshit "Intelligent Design" thing starts me secreting actual hate from my every pore.

    Oh, and Tesco's record profits are even more obnoxious than usual, given the current economic climate.
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    Probably the most obnoxious thing I read any week is on Fundies Say the Darnedest Things!
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    Despite all the shit going on in the world, somehow the thing that made me most angry this week was a feminist interpretation of Firefly which manages to damage the reputation of feminism more than anything I've ever read and includes such amazing points as "I've never known a healthy relationship between a black woman and a white man so Wash is clearly a rapist."
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008
    Dude. dude. The comments, oh the comments. This is a lady who thinks all male-initiated sex is rape because of the female position in society. Wow. That made my brain hurt too.
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008
    Think I caught that on Pajiba a few weeks ago and really resisted the urge to shout at the internet for a while.

    Her argument is also one of those lovely circular logic ones that the hate filled so oft indulge in.

    I ultimately found it depressing rather than obnoxious that people feel this way about a fairly innocuous and enjoyable scinece FICTION show.
    Some people just never got over that film studies lecture on the gendered gaze.
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008
    Does the feminist who has deconstructed Firefly so intently have nothing better to do with her time? She says she watched the series twice and read thru the scripts FIVE times. She really doens't have a life outside of LJ.

    (Sorry if that sounds cranky, but I AM CRANKY.)

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.