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    I'm surprised to find myself liking this. It's interesting enough.
    The art, again, is great in most areas. There's fine detail like the reflections on the table and the peeling wallpaper. Then, there are things like a green coat that changes in size. I suppose it's likely that when he went to grab the clothes that weren't his, there was a coat that was the same in every way but in length. :)
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    Exactly what kind of sick fuck enjoys making former lovers into (temporarily) brain-dead marionettes?

    More than a few little boys I've known over the years have wished for just that kind of ugly authority.

    Again, the dread in the story is just great. Bits and pieces of a very dark picture coming together. And yet it holds together as a dose of story. Great work.
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    Prediction stands solidified; Luke is a fucking kneebiter. God, but it's really good writing, though. Considering the little insight I've had with all the characters visually and verbally, I have immediate feelings about each one we've been introduced to...
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    I've been fascinated by the way that Freakangels has been slowly introducing the elements of the story and engaging in world-building without rushing towards any extreme "hook." I imagine it's one of the boons of doing the story as a webcomic, that you can gradually roll out the concept more naturally over a lengthier period of time, instead of having to cramp the major concepts and character introductions into 20-24 pages.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Luke is looking a lot like a complete bastard but keep in mind he only used his ability on Janine after she burnt all his stuff. And he's totally starving. I wouldn't defend him personally but it's not like England was flooded by a trillion pair of surplus pants. That could be interesting though.

    Zombie Mark is curious. Did his dead mind migrate into a new body? Was dumping his body in the water the exact wrong thing to do? Has he gone from town to town like the guy in Kung Fu looking for a new source of pants?
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    What a nice chap Luke is. Waiting to see what Mark is going to do/be.
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    ::thumbs up::
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    i don't know about anyone else but the closeness of this collection of freakangels is making me very curious about the ones we haven't met yet.
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    That there was one creeeeeeeepy little episode...
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    It's a quantum coat. The more accurately you measure its colour, the less accurately you can know its length.
    On a serious note though, the furious pace of this project combined with the weekly schedule means that essentially you're getting a professional quality comic, except *before* hardcore proofing and editing (which on previous comics I've done has taken up months alone) I could produce a big list of continuity errors that I've discovered on second read. The serious ones get sorted out then and there, but given the time I have, I choose to focus on the atmospheric details, not the technical details.
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    Chugging along nicely. Looking forward to meeting Mark, he seems to dominate everyone without even being there. It's kind of like the first third of Fistful of Dollars when all you hear about is Ramone and then... BAM!
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    No, dolls and guys, (I know, I know) it's different. Building quite nice in a way. Yes. Perfect. Venal. Really is beautiful to oogle. And the story and what is the world and why it is this way is pregnant with intrigue. Yes. Perfect. Drive On. It's wonderfully delicious, that it eases its way to us just like it's going. Venue. All. Perfect.
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    my weekly freakangels piece

    semi-cogent jibber-jabber
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    As glad as I am that Ellis usually gives bastards the big come-uppance, how interesting would it be if Luke NEVER gets his?

    And wonderfully frustrating to boot.
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    Hey, if having the detailed atmosphere = having to explain quantum coats from time to time, that more than works for me. Cheers. You make beautiful art though, seriously.
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    @Paul - Big ups on the Kirk & Karl scenes... I loved their discussion with the frames just barely cutting out their eyes. Made them seem a lot more loomingly powerful, while still casually enjoying a nice midday meal...
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    I had to stop and stare at that glass of tomato juice.
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    I'm going to have to go back to not reading this.. cause one episode at a time just isn't enough.
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    Me too. Duffield really nails the little things like that.
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    A random thought on the whole atmosphere. I'm an American and when I've been to the UK,London especially, the quiet always struck me. Even ridiculously busy parts of the city felt much more sedate than Chicago or New York. In Manchester or cities in Scotland this felt comfortable, almost respectful, in the early hours. I'm used to alot more ambient street noise where I'm from.

    In London though, in London the quiet always had a tinge of menace. Like something bad had happened, something was "OUT THERE" beyond my family's little house.

    Reading Freakangels evokes that feeling too. Something is at the edges, distant but uncomfortably close. I REALLY like that. To be frank, I'm pretty new to Webcomics, mainly sticking to Diesel Sweeties and a couple others. The tonal shift is very welcome.