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    Anyone read about this?

    The etymology for Delano's fictional city combines the greek root "narco" --meaning sleep-- with the term "necropolis" -- or "city of the dead." "Narcopolis is a city-state whose citizens exist in a kind of somnambulistic inebriation, intellectually numbed, inoculated against empathy with a suffering world outside the security of their enclave by propaganda, freely available recreational drugs and self-indulgent sexuality: a classic 'bread and circuses' socio-political scenario," Delano said. "Whereas the denizens of a necropolis are physically deceased, in those who inhabit Narcopolis it is the intellect that molders."

    Illustrated by Jeremy fucking Rock, too, which constitutes a pairing I never would have come up with, but which makes perfect sense in a weird way...

    Anyway. New original sf comics by Jamie Delano. Pay attention.

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    "Delano said. "The language employed in the story is less a direct reference to the Newspeak of '1984' than an attempt to have fun and add value by portraying the evolution of language in both a social and political context." "

    Delano's World Without End used the evolution of language to glorious effect.

    Diamond codes for Narcopolis #1:

    DEC073433 Standard cover
    DEC073434 Wrap cover
    DEC073435 Incentive cover
    • CommentAuthorKunundrum
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007
    This book is gonna be great. The Big 2 should just give up. They fucking suck compared to the quality coming out of Avatar.
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    I'm excited. I'm on a sci-fi kick. And I love comics with shirtless men.


    • CommentAuthorjohn-paul
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007
    I stretched my mind for World Without End and really looking forward to this book.
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    I enjoyed his take on paranoia & mind-control in "The Territory" and the futuristic canvas of "2020 Visions". Delano's voice is as relevant today, considering society on a global scale, as it was in the '80s when he wrote his "Hellblazer" stories in the (then)Thatcherian London...
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    Concept caught my attention, and it's added to my list. Art looks really slick.
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    This looks excellent. Delano is tragically undervalued - I hope he's able to get good word-of-mouth for this title.
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    I hadn't heard about this, but now it is on my list!
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007
    I got to read the scripts for this series a while back and there is simply nothing like this out there. It's brilliant, it's fun and above all, it's NEW. And the art has really impressed me as it has come in. That guy can draw.
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    We now have a Narcopolis section up at, containing art, links to more Delano interviews about the project, and other info -- including the first four pages of the issue one script, which gives you a glimpse at the atmosphere and scale of the series.

    Work well: sleep safe.
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    Mr. Delano's Hellblazer and Outlaw Nation were both ridiculously awesome. I have to admit that I initially was going to skip this one, as it seemed more than a bit derivative of 1984, but on second thought, that's fucking stupid. I'm there, and looking forward to it.

    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    Outlaw Nation was great..i understand Vertigo pushed him to wrap it up..i always felt like it coudl have played out for a few years in print.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    Definitely checking this out. This looks fantastic.
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    @Randy 74: Oh yeah, it's pretty obvious that he had to wrap it up way, way before the story called for it. It kinda has a car-wreck ending. Not his fault in the slightest, and I'd love to have seen it play out as intended. Great comics, that.

    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2007
    Just finished editing the interview Ray Carney did with Jamie Delano on this for Alterati. I think this looks amazing, and I've already added it to my pull down at the LCS.

    here's the interview:
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    Thanks for the link and the coverage, wesunruh. Good interview.
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    Honestly, readers continue to reap the rewards of how Avatar choose to reinvent itself.

    Mark, I hope you all are doing damn well on the financial end as a result of all this...
      CommentAuthorMark Seifert
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2007 edited
    Thanks, JTraub. We usually invest it all in the future -- further reinvention in progress, and there's some pretty great stuff coming up in '08.
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    A new interview with Jamie Delano about NARCOPOLIS at Newsarama: Entering Narcopolis

    Delano also comments on his next series from Avatar, RAWBONE.