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    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008

    BelleChere is, in fact, a professional seamstress and does work in theatre. Regarding the costume, from <a href="">her blog</a>: <blockquote><strong>Here's what went into Anna Mercury: </strong>Over 100 metal studs, 4 inch-heel leather boots, 2 yards of black stretch vinyl, 2 auburn wigs (hand curled and trimmed, then sewn together to make 1 cohesive wig), 3 military-issued utility belts dyed to match gloves then hacked and resewn into that chaotic belt work, some plastic boning to keep the top from rolling up (rethinking this for SDCC), and a really freakin' big empty bullet shell (hanging from right hip - anyone more gun savvy than I am know what fires a sucker like that?). In all, around $80, primarily wigs and boots. Bodysuit took one day to cut and sew, studding took about 5 hours, evening off an on, and the wig was a day.</blockquote> <ul><img src="" alt="" /></ul>