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    Sooo, today I decided to update the FreakAngels Wiki page. It bugged me a little that no one had bothered to do anything about in 10 weeks.

    I spent a fair while figuring out how to work the citations and such, but once I got the hang of it everything went smoothly. I summarized the story so far as best I could and put in a decent characters section. When I was finally done, something odd happened.

    In the character section, it would not put up Sirrka, Kirk, or Arkady. This is odd because they sit between Luke and Mark (I ordered it according to when they first appeared and Mark is last since we haven't seen him yet). The missing info is sitting there on the edit page but won't show up on the page itself.

    Anybody wanna help me out here?
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    Hey BrotherNeutron,

    I fixed it, there were some ref markup errors that I deleted and the names popped up. You might want to go back and check it to make sure that the references are all in place.
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    thanks, i'll do that
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    well, everything seems to be in proper working order. honestly, though, i think the story can be summarized better because if it keeps going like that its gonna get very cramped on that page.

    if anyone wants to give that a go, be my guest. I am DONE, for awhile. (actually I might put in thumbnails of the characters next to their names)
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2008
    I don't really think that a story summary is necessary to be honest. A brief description of what the comic is about is enough. If that story section keeps getting added to it won't be long before someone tags it as being too long. Anyway, you should leave some things for people to find out when they read the comic....