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    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2008
    It is now Sunday Night here, meaning I am exactly one day late. Hell, that means that I'm doing better here than I have with a lot of other things with my life.

    I was far too many months late working out I hated my degree - enough that I was really invested in the friends I'd made, and didn't want to leave them in starting over. That said, I now have awesome friends from university.

    Definitely very late realising I need to actually do stuff with, and by, myself; I've got a trip to America planned in 6 weeks, but as I've been working and saving towards that I've effectively done nothing else with myself. Minimal creativity, hell, even reading took a big hit.

    I feel like I'm late in reassessing my goals in life, and trying to get a game plan for the future together. I could, should have done it months ago, and it was long overdue then.

    But then, so what? I've been late for a while now, but I'm starting to catch up. I'm swimming again tomorrow, as part of my "get fit" idea. Will it work? Knowing me, probably not, but this time I have company for it, so we'll see.

    I haven't quite started writing again, but I've at least gotten what I've written so far back together in a good way, so I shall soon start again.

    I often fear I'm lazy, that I'm a bad person, and that I'm destined to do nothing more than become a 9-5 desk jockey when I could do so much more with myself.

    But then, I look around; and I see that if I'm doing something I actually fucking like, I'll work like a motherfucker at it, and do my best to do it well. I'm not always the best friend/son/relative, but I try, and I'm not bad at not repeating mistakes. And, well, as to the last one, we'll have to wait and see.

    Tonight, the future is hope. Even for the love life, which, well, I'd be flattering if I said had less life than a corpse. A stinky one.

    Oh, and seeing Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie in the Bristol Con, and Warren in Chicago, will likely cure my ills, and I shall be reborn. Please don't be afraid if I try touch the hem of your garments to cleanse myself.
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2008
    It's not saturday, but I feel the need to share this anyways.

    I have a secret, my roommate is a vegan. That's not the secret, because she's very vocal about her food choices. But, she also has some strange aversion to cleaning so when she doesn't help out around our apartment. I sneak meat products into her food. Ultimate passive aggression! Go.

    Now I must go write papers that misuse political theorist's ideas.

    I'm the one in the bunny ears

    I'm the one in the bunny ears.