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    So what are you listening to right now?

    New week's releases are up at - just choose a genre from left and click "magic mix" to stream excerpts from the new releases.
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    My Last.Fm

    Right now, it's Clint Mansell's beautiful score to The Fountain.
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    Mathieu Chedid. Good duet with Sean Lennon....

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    Sonny Sharrock's "Ask the Ages".

    ... which just shifted to Stina Nordenstam's "The World is Saved".
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    Currently: Alibi Tom -- the Fire single is a fun, clappy little sunrise song.
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    Warp stuff: the new Clark, Turning Dragon, which is less melodic than his previous work, but satisfyingly crunchy. Revisiting Squarepusher's Ultravisitor, which is an incredible album.

    Got this new Mike Patton soundtrack thing, A Perfect Place, in the post this morning. Certainly enjoyable, will require further listening. Will have to watch the DVD at some point, too.

    Also been queueing up all my Deftones stuff and hitting shuffle. What a bloody brilliant band.
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    monday morning...and i am out of fucking coffee.

    i'm simultanesously listening to diamanda galas's "litanies of satan" and "masque of red death" and it's just not loud enough.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    the complete sounds of katamari and katamari wa damacy, because i'm a nerd who love video games about nothing.
    also, found the working tapes from elvis costello and paul mccartney's writing sessions on a torrent, so i'm curious to listen to that.
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    no morning jammzzzzz, as my head is still ringing from the audio pounding (and head kicks) i received last night from CONVERGE and GENGHIS TRON+ flying straight edge kids everywhere. i spent pretty much my whole day at shows yesterday, and i am paying for it dearly today.
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    Messhuggah - Obzen: I haven't bought a metal album in a long time. So....I went with the one that has Maynard doing yoga on it. I'm very picky with my metal choices. Avenged Sevenfold and their wannabe Crue shenanigans can kiss my fucking grits. I caught these guys by chance a couple years back and was impressed. It's kind of a bummer to hear most metal drummers use a midi trigger with their bass drums because now it's obvious on everything I hear. I won't hold that against them though because this is the album I played when I leveled my Orc in Warcracft. It was cool. Pink Folyd/Wizard of Oz cool.

    Battles - Battles: My friends raved the shit out of these guys a year or so back so I had to give these guys a listen and I've been fascinated ever since. I'm really mad I haven't seen these guys yet. It's no wonder their drummer left Helmet. These guys murder them. This isn't as cool as their newer release, Mirror, but I like it's interesting background music for when your reading.

    Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple: I'm sorry. I like these guys. C-Lo has some pipes on him and Danger Mouse can do innovative soul without doing throwbacks like Amy Winehouse. He's a damn good producer and these guys clearly have a lot of fun with their music. Plus, their darker songs are Johnny Cash dark. I approve.

    The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group - Please Heat This Eventually: This shit is weird. If you don't like The Mars Volta, this album by guitarist Omar will probably trigger a "suicide by combustion" sequence in the deepest parts of your brain. I'm convinced friends of the Volta were all on mushrooms, just casually hanging out when they recorded this and offered it to their label afterwards. But at 25 minutes for $2 as a Mars Volta fan, how are you going to argue?

    The Black Keys - Attack & Release: As far as contemporary blues rock duos go, these guys wipe their boots on the white stripes. Strange Times is my favorite song. It's hard to describe what it is I like about this band other than that they just fill that solid rock void in my musical appetite. I can already tell this stuff is going to be great for snowboarding down Mammoth.

    Rollins Band - Life Time: This is the first Rollins Band record I've heard in a long time that reminds me of Black Flag. There's a lot of those not-quite-right-but-that's-why-they're-right guitar riffs. It's still got that Rollins Band flare to it, but that hasn't been anything to brag about since the Weight album. 9 new studio songs and 4 live tracks.

    MGMT - Oracular Spectacular: The album was only $6 and even though it's kind of poppy, I like the Time To Pretend single. This album probably won't go on ye olde iPod, but I'm glad to have it in rotation on the computer.

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig! Lazarus Dig!: I almost forget to grab this album. I've always had Nick Cave music lying around, but he never really got into my system and taken over like he has in the past year or so. I'm loving the title track. Even figured out the chord progression on the acoustic guitar and jammed out. Fun stuff.
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    I too have just picked up the A Perfect Place soundtrack, but I've yet to listen to it - it got beaten to the chase by Neon Neon's Stainless Style. Gruff Rhys' involvement with a project is usually a sign of quality for me, and this is no exception. Face melting melodies, slick production, and interesting beats, with Gruff's trademark nonsense/genius lyrics. That said, I need to give it a few more listens to assess how much longer I'm likely to be listening to it - feels more like an album to put on before you go out than one to get lost inside for months.

    Also, still listening to The Mars Volta's The Bedlam In Goliath. Frankly, I think I'm starting to develop a rather unhealthy relationship with that album.
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    Guitar Wolf - Golden Black
    Apocalyptica - Cult
    Nick Cave - First Born is Dead & Good Son

    Also: listening to the main file server running like a hair dryer on a taiko drumhead behind me, 'cause the damn building maintenance can't be arsed to fix the cooling in the electrical closet. Feh.
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    Also, still listening to The Mars Volta's The Bedlam In Goliath. Frankly, I think I'm starting to develop a rather unhealthy relationship with that album.

    seriously. get a lil greenery in me, put me in a car going through the mountains near my house and my mind starts to hear new parts of this record. it sounds like the dumbest hippie cliche, but its actually pretty true.
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    Damn straight - I find it almost geologically layered. I've thus far avoided listening to this album while high, and I think I'll keep it that way. I don't disbelieve the whole 'haunted/cursed/possessed album' backstory quite enough to not get freaked out and paranoid - that way madness lies.

    *edit* I've now heard enough of the A Perfect Place soundtrack to confirm that Mike Patton is still a feckin' genius.
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    Having been in bed ill for an week,my assistant has been bothering the teeny boppers at work in my stead: Walk into work @ 8.30. 8.46 my assistant introduces me to 'The Number Twelve Looks Like You'

    Brain in ecstatic, but pulpy grindcore mess on floor by 9am.

    Being in bed for a week, I was accompanied by the new Spiritualized album, the Sunshine soundtrack (still), and all my favourite Muse songs.
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    number 12 are a funny funny lot live- not in a good way either. pretentious fashion kids brushing their hair (seriously) in between songs.
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    @joe.distort: Thats not what I wanted to hear. Promise me you'll hunt me down if I say I'm going to see them live.

    Actually, I think I'd die if I went to a Grindcore show. But what the hell, the music was good. Another band on the 'Scres the Teenyboppers' list. Even made my boss ask us to turn it off, and he knows that he's not supposed to come near the stereo...
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    i think we talked about this before....the tight pants brigade isnt really grindcore. its kinda just spazzy third or fourth generation metalcore.

    im not judging or being a jerk about it, im just a very picky music snob :).
    i think i previously subjected you to KUNG FU RICK, correct? check out HATRED SURGE, too if you still want some brutality.

    oh, and NUMBER 12 isnt too bad musically live, its just a funny experience. we went to see them in phoenix play with some friends, and were kinda confused at pretty boys making such a racket.

    and many people die at every grind show. hahaha
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    well now....
    DEATH IS YOUR LANGUAGE/WAIFLE split 7" (gruff HC vs emoviolence)
    JOHNNY X AND THE GROADIES/GIFT OF GOATS/ CORPSE FUCKS CORPSE/GET GET GO 4-way split 12" (uhhh, a lot of different weird fucked upedness)
    DESPISE YOU/SUPPRESION split 7" (power violence)
    TRANZMITORS lp (power pop a la "hey joe, where did this record come from, the 50s?!)
    GENGHIS TRON-board up the house cdr (yesyesyes electrogrind)
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    - "Steady Diet of Nothing" - Fugazi
    - "Untrue" - Burial
    - "Missa Mexicana" - Andrew Lawrence-King and The Harp Consort (another great record by Harmonia Mundi)
    - "Nada!" - Death in June
    - "Colorloss Record" - Belong