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    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    Just defending the honour of my Audi's six disc changer. If it has a shuffle feature, I don't know about it, and don't want to know.

    - Z
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    @Joe - Sorry. I meant it was obscure for somebody like me. :D

    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    Probably a 60/40 split between buying CD's and copying whatever good stuff my friends have. I award major bonus points to artists that make an effort with sleeve design - Mike Patton's releases on Ipecac are usually pretty special. The Peeping Tom package is probably my favourite packaging for anything ever.

    If I copy something I really like, I'll pay for it. As for listening, it's either at home sat at the computer, listening to stuff as background music while I go about my business, or having a 'deep listen' while I'm travelling with my MP3 player. One thing I really like about listening to headphones in the city is the way random street noise can seep in and transform whatever you're listening to into a different song entirely, if only for a moment.
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    I'll take music anyway I can ram it down my ears and wrap my brain parts around it. I have a couple big boxes of vinyl left from my days working in record shops (anyone interested in buying? mail me for a list if you like 12" for mixing), a couple hundred CD's that are mostly older stuff interspersed with newer albums I couldn't get elsewhere, a few hundred CD singles and even a box of cassette tapes. These days it's mostly mp3s via various site stores (never iTunes though, no idea why), freebie downloads and some torrents. I lapse in and out of trawling myspace or lastfm for interesting stuff too.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    I've actually got a TON of cassettes. It took me far too long to make the switch to CDs -- I didn't want to buy the same album again when I had a perfectly good tape, and I rode that out until you just couldn't get tapes anymore. I think the last one I bought was NIN's The Fragile in 1999, and then Kid Koala's Scratchscratchscratch a few years ago at a show. But aside from those, I've got a ridiculous amount of CDs and mp3s.

    For me, it's important to have the actual, physical product. I like the artwork, and I like the way it looks in the collection. I use mp3s mostly to preview the music before I decide to buy it. And I'll always try to buy a band's CDs at a show if I can afford to. Most of my listening is done in the car, on the commute to work (with me singing along the whole time). The car stereo is a CD and mp3 player, but when you flip down the panel: cassette deck. Some things just never die, I guess.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    I do a mix of downloads and hardcopy. I listen to mp3s 90% of the time - at home, I have my laptop going constantly and I'm never far from my headphones etc. when I'm out the house (partly because I commute and earphones mean I can drown out the crazy when they sit next to me on the bus) but I tend to buy the CD if I like what I've downloaded and then replace the download with the mp3s I've ripped myself.

    I like buying cds at gigs and picking up tiny homeburned demos when I can and occasionally I go poke about in Fopp and buy a stack of stuff that looks interesting/I need to replace my copy/etc. I also get a cd a month from Rough Trade's Album of the Month club, which is generally pretty good for stuff that I wouldn't otherwise pick up. Mp3-wise, I snag free tracks where ever I can (, myspace, blogs, friends and family) and will buy them occasionally from places.

    I've got a couple pieces of vinyl floating around, I try restrict my purchases to special editions because damn, that stuff is addictive but I have a few singles as well, mostly purchased because they caught my eye design-wise.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    I've been feeling very anti-ones and zeros of late.

    so Vinyl it is!
    I'm pretty precious when it comes to music, I have vintage Bose 901's and a vintage amplifier, and a (lonely) DJ turntable which makes me do bad things, lol

    But I have enough MP3s on my computer to choke a virtual elephant, so that's a pretty prevalent force in my life as well, obviously. can't play records in the car, you know how it goes.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    If I like something, I always want to have it on CD. I can't deal with having things only on computer, if I don't have it in physical form then I don't own it as far as I'm concerned, with the exception of maybe a few online-only releases.

    I have a few LPs, only of favourite bands though, mostly NIN and Opeth. I do consider giving up on them and selling them because I never use them.

    I download stuff to check it out (or sometimes, sometimes, if it's leaked early), and if I like it then I buy it. I never get round to listening to stuff more than once unless I have a physical CD to remind me of it. There are a few things that I have on mp3 because I sometimes listen to them, but I don't like them enough to buy them, or occasionally even stuff that I really dislike, but have listened to just to know who a certain band are and what they sound like.
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    I buy only CDs, I've got a few thousands I think. But I also rip them and listen to the mp3 at work, and sometimes on the laptop. And I've got (well, I had before some damn burglar stole it) an 80 gig ipod which is a very good way to have hundreds of albums in one pocket. I also regularly download mp3, either on the artist' site or with torrents/etc., but I usually buy the CDs (in "real" shops) when I like what I heard.
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    I'm mostly MP3 these days, because I love portability, but some albums benefit from a specific medium.

    I own copies of Nation of Ulysses' Plays Pretty For Baby and 13 Point Program to Destroy America on cassette because I'm old, vinyl because I have some awesome speakers my dad built, CD because I didn't always have an iPod and MP3 because now I do. I'll part from my New Bomb Turks' Destroy Oh Boy! on vinyl when I'm dead and not a second sooner, but I don't even know where the CD went.

    I used to do local radio and still play in a band, so I have my weight in local bands' CDs and 7"s. I gave up being precious about CDs though. Good cover art is so rare that I basically gave up on it. I'll gladly pick up some vinyl though... or will again as soon as I buy a new turntable.

    edited to say: I have never regretted, since they started, my eMusic membership... well except for that one time when a bug in their system kept me from renewing. About half of my music over the last few years came from there.
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    It has revealed a new world of music to me.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
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    There is some kind of specific equilibrium at my audio collection. There are many MP3 to feed my iPod Shuffle (HP version) and many CDs, some of them converted to MP3 as well. And nowadays, some alien nostalgia move me in vinyl direction: when I saw the beautiful package of Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation", started at my mind a remembrance things past about the middle 80's, when I pick any coin to buy my albuns. But this technological tricks changes the vinyl stuff too, and the cheap albuns of my teenager years would be transformed in this expensive pleasures of the present. It's a pity.
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    It's been years since I bought a CD - ever since I got my first iPod. Since then, if I buy,I get it from iTunes, eMusic, or Bleep. Sometimes I steal it off the Inter Nets.
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    I'll part from my New Bomb Turks' Destroy Oh Boy! on vinyl when I'm dead and not a second sooner

    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    I like Deezer.

    Especially at work!
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    CDs and mp3s...mainly mp3s lately, on either the pc or the ipod, because I'm really busy.
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    I have a bunch of stuff on vinyl, but it seldom gets played; most of it is terminally damaged by dust, abuse, spilled alcohol and in some cases, vomit.

    I love to have CDs, mentally, I can't get used to the idea of buying digital files, would rather have a physical CD. However most of my collection is ripped to various hard drives - my car has a 40gb drive attached so I don't have to clutter it with discs. Have a bunch of tapes and minidiscs too which I want to transfer at some point, but haven't the time or inclination.
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    Definitely a CD person; don't even have anything on which I can play vinyl atm. Our CD player is old though--it was old when we moved, and we've lived here seven years or thereabouts. Marantz, if anyone cares :D.
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     (1886.40) and itunes is where I get most of my music. As for listening, Pandora is a lovely thing, but around here the internet goes out about once a month and I hate having my music player dependant on the whims of Comcast. I occasionally buy CDs, but only to immediately rip and then set aside. Mix CDs are better for driving around anyway, which is the only situation in which a CD player is available. For all other music consumption (which is most of the day) I listen on itunes or my ipod.