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    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008 edited
    I'm developing a film festival that starts this year in Portland, Oregon, September 12th-14th. It will also have a virtual world presence in SL at some point in the near future. For the full run down and some linkage visit:

    Here's the brief version:
    "Trajectory celebrates the exploration of innovative thought, technology & progressive cultural views in all mediums, from film & literature to virtual worlds & real world research.

    Beginning with our film festival in Portland, Oregon (September 12th-14th) we'll be showing a hand picked selection of scifi feature films, shorts & machinima. Authors of contemporary science fiction will be invited, along with technology researchers & futurists, to speak with our audience."

    Its all still in early development but I figure that getting some early input and feedback here might help me fine tune it all.

    Whats some good progressive scifi that you're into now? I define it as very forward thinking stuff, can be contemporary or not but can't talk down to the audience. Its also not just action or horror with a quick coating of scifi theme, although those genres are fine if they make an intelligent script even more entertaining. Last it can't be fear mongering stuff about fearing the future or possibilities of tech, but instead promotes the advancement of tech to help humanity. A few movies/shows I'd say fit this (loosely) are:

    Code 46
    Immortal Ad Vitam
    A Scanner Darkly

    Maybe even the new Appleseed or Renaissance although that last one has some strange anti-radical life extension sentiments that bother me.

    In addition who are some contemporary writers & futurists who you'd want to see talk at the fest, either live or streaming live on the big screen?
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    ... some contemporary writers & futurists who you'd want to see talk at the fest ...

    Get Jamais Cascio, if you can. Dude's a sharp cookie.
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    Alright, somehow I put in the wrong dates above but have adjusted the post to the right ones. Atleast I got it right on the facebook event posting the first time around:
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2008
    Primer and Code 46 are both fine choices, in my opinion. Primer got some time in the sun, but Code 46 is underappreciated and underexposed, to be sure. Would that I were in Portland.