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    An MetropolisMag article pick some "engineering wonders" made by the men world wide. It's interesting and the first one wonder, of course, is Hagia Sophia, this incredible building at Istambul. The article's description of the building is remarkable:

    building was constructed of masonry, which shifted constantly during construction and thereafter. Today we use “switch-on gravity analysis,” where we imagine a structure built on the Moon and then digitally move it over to the Earth in a fraction of a second, and suddenly it’s loaded. But a structure like this changed its characteristics during construction, almost minute by minute. I can’t image how people could have had the courage to construct it.

    Some photos:

    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    Definitely on my list of things to see before I die; I can't even imagine the photographic potential in a place like that until I'm there. I love taking high-dynamic range shots of churches; religious or not, it's damned inspiring.

    My camera is drooling already.
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    I forgot the original link with the other nine members of top ten list. Mea culpa.
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    It is said that Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian the Great inaugurated the new basilica on December 27, 537 by riding his white horse up the stairs to the gallery, where he exclaimed "Salomon, I have surpassed you!"