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    • CommentAuthoreggzoomin
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    Tom's way too cool to have bought the farm - I thought the point was that of all the Guns he was the really smart one? Still, I've been wrong before. I really, really dig this book... as mentioned by many others elsewhere on this board, Avatar really does own the Big Two right now.
    • CommentAuthorDouglas
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2007
    Such a good issue. Totally worth the wait. There is so much going on, almost every page! The level of detail is incredible. Look at the spread on 4 and 5. Really look at it. I did not see Zoe in more than one place until the second or third look.

    Man, the Guns tore up that army (pmc?) that was attacking them. There was so much destruction and an insane amount of detail. So much glass, all smashed into a million little pieces! The tread and the bolts on the tires... just crazy amount of superdetail.

    John's vaguely defined force-field thingy and floating eye-spheres of doom kicked some serious butt this issue. Cool to finally see him again. Ryp actually draws the reflections on really shiny things. Every reflection on every little shiny thing. Awe-inspiring to see him in action. If Tom is not dead, things are going to get really ugly with John. "Tom, who I kept out of this because he's lost enough already."

    Ryp is amazing. I can't believe he crams so much into a book every month.

    I'm not really sure how I feel about Tom's death scene. We do not see any pink mist. Would there be pink mist if one person was directly hit with a tank shell? I almost with he is still alive just because his costume was my favorite and I want to see more of it!
    • CommentAuthorDouglas
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2007
    Way back in issue 1, when Tom is fighting Vince, he armors his right arm. When he punches Vince, there was some kind of electrical-looking discharge. What other abilities does he have aside from HACKING WITH HIS MIND?
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    I enjoyed it. Still waiting for Dok Sleepless #4, but I can deal with this.

    As a side note, I lent my brother the first three issues of Sleepless while he was in town visiting. He didn't really like it (felt too 1984-ish for him), but he found my copy of Black Summer #0 sitting out, and has been pestering me for weeks to read the rest. He'll be getting them for Christmas.
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    Between Ryp's amazing art and Warren's break-neck story, I have to drink two shots after reading so I can calm down enough to get any useful work done.
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    As for the Tom's dead/not dead thing...I don't know if I'm way off here or not, but just before Tom gets shot by the tank (issue #3), doesn't he take control of it somehow? Tom's 'thought box' clearly said "remote control of unit 7-Delta-99 achieved." And then the tank id's itself as 7-Delta-99 shortly there after. Of course Tom's not dead, he set it all up! But I don't think it was supposed to be a hidden thing. Warren put it right out there for I wrong?
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    Black Summer is excellent, Warren. You and Garth are turning Avatar into my favorite publisher. Titles like 303, Blackgas, Wolfskin, Doktor Sleepless and Chronicles of Wormwood are the reason I read comics.

    The fourth installment is very intense. It's almost completely fights, but since Juan Jose Ryp's art is simply amazing, absolutely no complaints there. The level of detail is astonishing, the visual narrative is incredible. Also, very good coloring by Mark Sweeney, he nails the tones for each scene. As for your writing: good dialog, very well-written action sequences and some good individual moments, like the CNN guy evading the massive tank through the window. But this issue was clearly Ryp's show.

    As for Tom Noir, I'm not going to assume anything. He might be alive, or he might be dead, in which case all that sequence of Tom doing his computer-thingy was you fucking with us so we would all keep saying he's alive just to find out he's fucking dead and we've all been fooled. So, I'll do as I usually do, and not assume anything so I don't get to wear the dumb hat in case I'm wrong.

    I'm loving Black Summer.
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2008
    A black block with "To Be Continued" blinking up at, I was blinking rapidly at it...I knew you weren't joking but I had to leaf beyond just because I...I just didn't want it to end there...and no matter how hard I tried, no new pages magically appeared, either. Argh! How much longer until #5?!?!?!
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    Kim - #5 off to press this week, should be in stores in a couple weeks.
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    Kim - #5 off to press this week, should be in stores in a couple weeks.

    Ah, sweet. Thanks for the info, Will. And thanks to Garth for giving an excuse for Warren and Mike to write Gravel too.

    I'll never understand how Warren can write so many good books at the same time consistently.
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    The main reason that Tom Noir cannot be dead is because it would be bad story telling. Tom Noir provided the backstory for the comic. If there is no Tom Noir who can John Horus argue with?. Who can Frank Blacksmith argue with? Without Tom Noir, then the last few issues of Black Summer is just one big long fight. Very boring.

    Additionally, no one has mention that one of the things that Tom did before "dying" was to locate Frank Blacksmith, do you really think that Tom would allow the man who killed his lover to just walk away.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2008
    Just read this yesterday (I get my comics shipped from Chicago to my home in Cali so I'm always behind).

    simply put, FUCKING AMAZING. I cannot wait to see the tactical team go online.
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2008
    Did anyone else piss themselves laughing that after all the CNN reports it is FOX NEWS who reports that the military is in retreat? Brilliant.
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2008
    Loved it.

    I agree that Tom Noir is 99.9% likely to be Not Dead. He clearly had something in mind, and had activated some programs to go off on time delays. If he IS dead, then I would expect to see a "If you are hearing this message, then I am dead" parlor-room reveal, where he conveys some sort of critical information that he'd recorded before walking in front of the tank.

    I find myself very curious about what the story behind "Laura's Gun, that thing scared even ME" to be.

    "Guitar Solo" is a nice way to put the art -- beautiful shots, great fight-pose-shoot-pose-POSE stuff. Lots of fun just to look at.

    Is this set at six issues, or is it planned to go longer?

    - Isaac!
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    Black Summer ends at issue 7, so 8 issues altogether (including the must have issue #0.)