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      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007 edited
    Never saw anything like that before--but, I was probably a bit more sheltered then most of y'all, so I have a bit of an excuse.

    Doesn't bother me, though. I wouldn't consider it, but hey--it's that guy's life, I'm not going to barge into it.
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    Well I was planning on cutting off my left ring finger, though I've kind of decided against it for three reasons:
    1) I'm a total paranoid so the idea that the government could identify me that much easier doesn't appeal (my tattoos are all mostly-covered when I'm dressed in shortsleeve shirt and pants, so they don't bother me).
    2) Typing. I know that sounds weird, but I wonder how long it would take me to rewrite the typing program in my brain.
    3) What if it was addictive? Losing a finger is fine, but I don't want to find myself compelled to cut off a foot in the future. Might sound like a strange point, but anyone who's gotten addicted to tattoos will know what I mean.

    I don't know, I still might do it someday, but I guess I'm just not ready at the moment.

    On to scarification. I plan on getting some scarification done someday but I'd be concerned about how it would heal and I also have no idea what I would want to get done that would look better as a scar than as a tattoo.

    I actually prefer the look of white tattoos as they look like well-healed scars and can be more intricate, but they're supposed to be hard to tattoo in the first place, and then easily wrecked in the future (discolouring in the sun and the like).

    So anyway, as someone with 9 tatts and 9 piercings those are my thoughts on "the next level" of body mods.
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007

    that's.... definately commited.
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2007
    risk of scarification as art: i'd imagine the state could legally fuck with your life if not commit you for deliberately cutting yourself. even if it was for aeshetic purposes and not a warning of suicidal tendencies. i just imagine someone's parents or boss potentially taking advantage of this.
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2007 edited
    @Corey Waits

    I actually prefer the look of white tattoos as they look like well-healed scars

    My next tattoo will be in white for this very reason.
    • CommentAuthorlex
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2007
    I don't really get the limb-cutting thing. I definitely respect the commitment needed to do it, but I would rather add some limbs instead of amputating them...