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    Issue 4 preview. Out in a week or two.
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    Thank you for the preview.
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    I'm thrilled that the series is ending with this issue since Jamie's artwork is getting so much better with every issue that I'm terrified that it would simply vaporize me were he to extend the series.

    Seriously though man, your layouts are rocking socks.
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    Thanks, Andrew!
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2008

    I may have missed this along the way, but do you have anything written/drawn/planned for a second volume of SG stories, or are you going to give it some time before you start working with these characters again?
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    I'll be starting on Phonogram 2 soon, and then I'll probably come back to SG. But it's definitely one I've got several plans for.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2008
    Late to the party - just to say that Phonogram was like the inside of my head circa '94 come to life (2D at least) on the page. Brilliant.

    I've enjoyed Suburban Glamour as well, although the pacing of the story seems a little too fast. But who am I to say how quickly a young lady would adjust to being the child of faeries?
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    whoooooa, phonogram 2 is real? i thought keiron was just making jokes when he posted a little snide remark about it on an older thread ( or maybe this one). wow- i am s extremely excited for that. dont get me wrong, i like SG a lot, but PHONOGRAM is like the most accurate record/music scene nerd comic ever.
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    Thom - Don't forget about a week or so passes between issues 2 and 3 of SG.

    Joe - Yeah, we've got a bunch of stuff planned for Phonogram, don't worry. :)
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    never enough McKelvie out there
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    Issue #4 ships next week.

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    Yep, the final issue in time for my NYCC visit!
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    Issue #4 out today -- who picked it up?
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008

    It's sitting in my box at my LCS, awaiting purchase. I'm quite excited to see how Jamie finishes off the miniseries.
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    In my box, and should be brought home today, if the husband wishes to remain breathing.
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    Ooooo.... so glad I am passing through Nottingham on Saturday so I'll be able to get my comics. Anna Mercury #1 is waiting for me there too.

    This is going to be a good few weeks comics to read. I've hardly read any that have came out in the last couple of months yet due to being hideously busy but for this, Doktor Sleepless #4 and Anna Mercury #1 I shall make an exception and read as soon as I'm home.

    I'm a bit annoyed I can't make it until Saturday really. I need to move to Nottingham. Then I can get my comics every Thursday.