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    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    Am I the only person who doesn't find him funny?

    yay or nay.....
    • CommentAuthor___________
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008 edited
    nay. seconded.
    (that is I don't find him amusing in the slightest)
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    I hate him! He is terribly annoying, completely unfunny. And yet everyone loves him. Like Ricky Gervais
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    I like the stuff he's written better than his performances. BUt he's one of those people who'll always play himself when acting.

    Although, I actually loved the new St Trinians film that he was in and felt it really captured the nihilistic and sadistic tone of the original Searle cartoons.
    • CommentAuthorjona
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    Not a huge fan of his, he has his moments.

    In the St Trinians film I thought it was Russell Brand being Ricky Gervais even down to the accent. weird. He was not as good as George Cole in the original films.
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    Performance wise was much more amusing when on smack on MTV talking to equally off their face clubbers.
    Some of his written stuff has given me a chortle though.
  1.  (1947.7)
    He's in the same category in my mind as Catherine Tate. I just don't find him funny.

  2.  (1947.8)
    I think he was funny when Rod Stewart threatened to twat him, but guess that's laughing at, not with him.
    • CommentAuthorCraig Shaw
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    Like all other comedians not all his material is good. His stand-up is a mixed bag and his portrayal, both of himself and by others, is at times v. annoying; he's passed being a parody of himself. On the other hand his BBC Radio show is hilarious.
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    I used to hate his stuff, but a summer of Big Brother's Big Mouth turned it for me.
    Craig's right though, he is patchy in stand-up, and I totally see how he could annoy. But then, I find Harry Hill mostly annoying, although TVBurp's funny in places.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.