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    If I may be indulged, after a lay off with a fractured ankle I have just collected four months worth of comics from GOSH and nearly killed myself carrying them home. Reviews of most to follow but I just the anticipation of looking at this list:

    Essential Power Man and Iron Fist 1
    Essential Avengers 6
    Essential Defenders 3
    Crossing Midnight tbk 2
    Powers tbk 11
    Rex Mundi tbk 4
    Marvel Zombies
    League of Gentleman - Black Dossier
    Drifting Classroom - 3 issues
    Samurai Deeper Kyo - 3 issues
    Hellblazer - 6 issues
    Fallen Angel - 4 issues
    Astro City - one off
    Sucide Squad - 5 issues
    Cerebus tbk 3


    The Irredeemable Ant-Man: Smalled Minded. Kirkland takes the basic premise of what would happen if the average idiot got hold of a super powered costume and has a lot of fun with it. Nothing profound or radical, just comic books as fun. Some cheap shots (using his shrinking powers to spy on Ms Marvel in the showers), some belly laughs (Ant Man being snorted up the Hulk's nose) and some pathos, well, bathos really as our relentlessly mediocre lead can't escape his own wretchedness. What I think is appealing about the character and the book is the realisation that this the kind of "hero" most of us would be, blundering from one crisis to the next, mainly fucking up but doing the odd accidental good thing. And learning the tinest of truths about ourselves.
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2008
    A bit late but here it is:

    The Programme #10 I still feel that this should have been a longer series. It feels rushed and awkward.

    Godland #22 One of my favourite titles at the moment. This issue was cool as usual. The spectacular return of Neela Archer and the death of Maxim made for a cool ending. Scioli's art in this issue is breathtaking, but theen I'm a sucker for cosmic Kirbiesque strangeness...

    MPD Psycho vol 4 Awesome volume! I am really glad that Dark Horse started publishing this title. It's unpredictable, timely and completely engrossing. This volume focuses on one-eyed gonzo reporter Kikuo Toguchi, one of the seemingly minor characters so far, as he creates his live, on-line, killing spree performance art show and reveals a lot about the background to the story.