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    Alright, here are some great trailers for some great films....some obscure, some not so much (warriors was agreat one by the way, i was looking for that when i saw the thread)

    Zatoichi VS Yojimbo(Two Icons of Japanese cinema clash, not the best Zatoichi film in the 26 film series from the 1960's and 70's, but signifigant becasue of Mifune reprising his Yojimbo persona and Shinator Katsu as Zatocihi)

    Another one of the many Classic Zatoichi (Blind Swordsman films)

    While on the samurai films theme, anyone here thast a Kurosawa or japanese cinema fan should track down a more obscure director : Hideo Gosha, who made some of the best samurai action dramas (jidai-geki) All of the trailers i put here have DVDs of the filsm out that are subbed in english.

    This film below Samurai Wolf, is one of my favorite samurai films, and has killer trailer and score and action

    More Hideo Gosha : Three OutLaw Samurai (his First Film)

    and Tange Sazen : Secret of the Urn

    Most of Gosha's films are available in the US and in France as well, but another great place to find good samurai films that may never be released is or
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    Also for American film trailers, this trailer and this movie..., who needs X-files, part of me wonders how close to the truth its really is.

    and the most perfect Sci-fi, horror suspense film....

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    New stuff? We often have trailers running at work - this struck me as being fun: