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    • CommentAuthorwellsy
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008 edited
    In my opinion the best band ever. Discuss???
  1.  (1979.2)
    the most over-hyped (at the time) re-hash of things that had gone before with attention seeking stupidity in evidence from it's members.
    oh look at me, I can write my name in my forearm with a razor blade.

    i read the hype, then saw them on snub tv. they sounded like the jam. only worse. a bad jam tribute band.

    *and breath out*
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    I'd really like to know why you think they're great cause I know a lot of people do but I really don't.

    Why? I don't think they're anything special - either as musicians or song writers.

    Why do they connect with you?
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    Ahh. Highly refined discourse I see.

    Unless "Manic Street Preachers" is the welsh spelling of "Nickelback", I'm afraid you are completely wrong.

    Drive-By Truckers are/is he best band ever-- complete metaphysical certitude. You can set your atomic clocks to the sheer reliability of their best band ever coefficient.
    • CommentAuthorwellsy
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    They are nothing like the jam. Two different styles for a start. Jam=mod's, Manics=rockers.

    He didn't carve his name into his arm, he wrote "4REAL" after the bands credibility was questioned. I don't think Richies actions reflected the entire band anyway.

    I relate to them coz they arent afraid to speak thier minds. They will often be the first to question themselves then go through a reinvention. They write songs and music for themselves and the fans not for critics,otherbands and record labels.

    The Holy Bible is a greatest reinvention after a weak 2nd album. It showcases thought provoking lyrics, puts out thier political opinion and is packed with excellent guitar riffs and banging drums.
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    • CommentAuthorWinther
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    Close/Sink in 3...2...1...
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    I love the Avalanches remix of MSP's "Why So Sad?"

    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    Never cared for the Manics.

    I did appreciate the references in Phonogram though.
  2.  (1979.10)
    Looks like you need some moral support here. So I'll go for "best and most important British band of the 90s."

    Evidence for the prosecution:

    Motorcycle Emptiness - a glorious pop classic that raises teenage angst to an art form and always leaves me dizzy.

    The Holy Bible - a truly terrifying record, a deep pit of nihilism and loathing that showed an ambition way beyond any of their peers. Played it hundreds of times and it smacks me in the head every time.

    What more do you want from a band? Angry, pretty, insanely opininated, fiercely intelligent, never afraid to make fall flat on their faces, a towering ambition, a dreadful hunger.
    • CommentAuthorDracko
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Oh God, why must fans do this? :(
  3.  (1979.12)
    Dear Internet Jesus, dear Internet Shiva, Goddess of Death, please close this thread.
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2008 edited
    Dear Internet Jesus, dear Internet Shiva, Goddess of Death, please close this thread.
    I'm pretty sure none of them are around right now -- unless I've been upgraded to Goddess of Death. Which would be fun for a while, I suppose, but I'm pretty sure going around doing Death Goddess... stuff... all the time is going to cut into my Mechanicking time.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    I loved the running gag in Phonogram involving Kula Shaker, since I'm probably one of the only people in the world that actually enjoyed that band.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    they were once relevant but stopped being so
    i love them up to a point
    their music got flabby
    symm is possibly the worst song after bon jovi's tokyo road to ever be recorded
  4.  (1979.16)
    MSP appealed when they first arrived and I did enjoy seeing them live, but they got a little flabby (as musehick said) and self important in my eyes.
    Kula Shaker? Worst live experience I ever had. Badbadbad.
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    they were good to a point - once they started playing nothing but Arena gigs it all got a bit silly...
    I saw them a good few times in the early to mid 90's and they were a decent bunch of blokes, very open to meeting the fans and general banter etc but things change and life moves on...
    First 3 albums were a bit of a rollercoaster, after that it all began to get a bit flat - all mid-tones and not much light and shade.

    Getting hammered with JDB at a secret Therapy? gig in Manc in '95 was interesting, though! He's a top bloke
    • CommentAuthorAnanzitusq
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    really, The Holy Bible was the only album that mattered to me. Then again, I got into them by way of a completely psycho girlfriend at the time, so it all comes together.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    Worst live experience I had was Oasis. Liam was being such a bloody prima donna the whole time.

    Best gig I've ever attended was Broken Social Scene, followed by the Beastie Boys and the Aussie band Regurgitator.

    I think I've officially strayed off topic...
    • CommentAuthorwellsy
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    Maybe your all just to scared to appreciate a political rock band. And your all happy listening to the bands who conform.