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    142/365 best fifty cents i ever spent

    i did not participate last night because i was attending the nebula awards... which was pretty freaking amazing. i was the youngest (and most tattooed) person there, but i was practically raised by science-fiction writers so i knew a lot of the presenters. michael moorcock got the 25th grand masters award last night and gave an incredible speech telling stories about fighting for sci-fi to be accepted as a mainstream form of literature and how tolkien wondered if he was sci-fi enough to join sfwa. michael chabon told me he liked my tattoo. j.k. rowling wasn't there so i didn't get to ask her if she was dianna wynne jones, as per my evil plan. i drank too much free beer at the afterparty.

    so i'm floating on a fangirl cloud nine right now and have nothing to rant about.
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    dancing like a nerve-damage case

    Done! It was a good night, Saturday.