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  1.  (2004.1)
    Okay, Saturday nights on Whitechapel are about venting and screaming. Sunday nights are something else.

    Make a muxtape and link it. Or if you've got the storage, use the "video/mp3" button above to link an mp3.

    Show us a photo you took. Or a video -- Flickr handles short video too, now.

    Show a picture you made, show us your art.

    Show us something you made, or something you dressed up in.

    Play us your music. Or let us listen to your voice.

    Show us a comics page. The cover of a magazine you were in. The cover of a CD you made.

    Link to something you wrote. An essay, fiction, a blog, whatever.

    Tell us an anecdote. Tell us about an event you did, or went to. Tell us about your science. Tell us about your passion. Tell us about your madness.

    The Sunday Stomp is all about showing off and telling people what you like. You're an incredibly creative and smart bunch.


    -- W
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    The Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show, Xian
    The Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show, Xian
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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2008
    Link to something I've wrote:

    Link to something I've made:
  2.  (2004.4)
    Micro Fic -- Cool Hunters' Morning. A short detective piece.
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2008
    I'm still fixated on macro photos - anything that holds still long enough will have a macro shot taken of it.

    Macro: In the Park

    That was yesterday; a litre of white wine from Borough market, in the park.
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    here's a flier

    my bands first show on wednesday.

    dear god, i am hungover, and evidently narowly avoided getting my ass kicked badly las tnight. i think i have a problem.
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    A t-shirt I made a couple of years ago. The transfer is a bit crusty now.
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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2008
    Here's a piece I was noodling around with a year or two ago:
  4.  (2004.9)

    Soon to be available here:
  5.  (2004.10)
    Cyanide and Happiness
  6.  (2004.11)
    Here is a muxtape I made! Lots of nerdcore made it on. I wanted to make something fun to dance to.
  7.  (2004.12)
    I am by no means an artist, but I do enjoy doodling and making colages a lot.


    This is something I drew during a particularly boring Anthropology class.
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    Trapped as I am building a throne to dehumanizing activities, papering it with resume and embellishing it with cover letters, I have accomplished very little this week.

    So here's basically a redux of last week with different content:

    An excerpt from my creative non-fiction journal, Dreampepper, a mixture of wonder, pointlessness, isolation, and community where I talk about life, love, art, technology, and try not to hate the world:

    My eyes slip across the street, noting where sand collected in what used to be rain puddles. I think if this moment could be collected, I have friends who I would like to send it to, who might understand the feeling of weight my blood carries in my body. Everything is heavy, even while curled on a couch, resting my head on a pile of silk pillows, my dreams full of choreographed shouting, difficult and lonely. A sheathed short sword in my hand, taken from a shelf, held in my hand, jabbed in the air for emphasis. If we're going to do this, we're going to do it my way, thick with mythology, mired in darkness, as pregnant with promise that only mystery can be. The tip of the black bamboo case held at his throat, keeping him still, an implied threat. Any minute I could drop it, any second, I could put it down, and wait for his hands on me. A pass, forensic, you are healed, lightning coming down layer by layer, impressed upon the landscape like a gravestone rubbing, rain falling without regret, reminding the grass to be green.

    Behind my eyes, I rewind, reposition him, the stairs, the way I might reposition a tea-cup for a photograph. I attempt to find a configuration that has nothing to do with frustration or anger. I rewind, reposition, I suggest lines to the scene as if to an actor. My body lies perfectly still, except for a frown, one tiny crease. Why can't I be dreaming of cat strange eyes? I am sent to the river. Washed of glory, he walks down the stairs again. I again gesture, upset, incontrovertible. It is a loop, queerly criminal, taken out of time as if it were stolen. My footsteps are silent, but his are not. There is no wall where I want one.

    Above all, I require grace. I said it out loud in the shower the next days, the words like soap bubbles, clean, beautiful, a renewed realization of what keeps me clear.

    And though I've been scratching out a living as a writer for the past year, I've started getting paid reasonable money to take pictures, even though I mostly take self portraits.

    365 day one hundred & eight: have a nice day
    complicated faith regarding her
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    My girlfriend made me be her dummy for a stop-motion video she's done for school.

    The audio is a hastily chopped up version of our goof-around techno project, Picturestore:

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    I've started doing these "one sheet" stories:

    she took all the money & ammo.
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    So, here's two pieces I wrote for undergrad work. I don't think highly of my work, but grad school folk commented highly on them, so I guess they're acceptable.

    More Than heroes - a piece on superheroes and how they get reinvented time and time again. Pretty much just a lit review of the topic.

    The Virtual Real - a piece on how MMOs have returned gaming the arcade style of play. Mainly a lit review piece.

    I also have a blog with penn state at: Penn State Altoona Blogs

    annnnnnd That's it for now.
  9.  (2004.18)
    Red Mountain, Estepona

    Storm, Andalucia


    Spain, round Christmas.

    Music also.
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    I don't have much, but I'm thinking of starting a Muxtape blog to cross-post here each week, but that's still a week from fruition at least.

    Until then, there are two Che-parody shirts that I've designed but have not made because of fear of copyright infringement and common decency to the creators. Maybe some day I'll make one of each for myself, and that'll be done.

    I'm terrible with color pallets and things, so I hate the shades of color on the glasses. Otherwise I like it.

    And, of course, I drink your milkshake.
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2008
    He doesn't seem really happy nowadays, he thinks I should write more.