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    I'm beyond swamped AGAIN this week, so let's get this done: this is your weekly thread for discussing the comics you may have just bought. I don't want shopping lists -- I want to know what you thought about what you bought.

    Use the Hide button for spoilers if you can, as people are now using this thread to decide what to buy on the weekends.

    Please divide your purchases into the following CATEGORIES:




    Let's see who can spot what's what, and what volume you bought them in this week.

    I thank you.

    -- W
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    I may be totally wrong, but i do not believe i picked up any 'CREATOR-OWNED' which is sad.

    In what should be the highest profile week of the year ~free comic book day~ being saturday, i was somewhat taken aback and was rather underwhelmed by the selections available. here goes;

    from avatar, i picked up #6 of black summer ellis/ryp. loved it!
    damn them all; drop the bomb!

    mr. ellis; i do apologize if you do in fact own this property. i plead ignorance.

    two from marvel, i got ultimate human #4. ellis/nord/stewart; thanks warren for making the hulk fun to read....i am not a big super hero fan.
    now, the exception to my statement above, a one off from marvel, thor ages of thunder fraction/zircher/chung/evans/olazaba/djurdjevic; if not for thor's harem, i may give him up soon. ahhhh where is spider jerusalem when i need him.

    two very exciting books i picked up from radical comics were caliber first cannon of justice sarkar/gastonny and hercules the thracian wars, moore/wijaya. yes, it's hercules, but at least his strength is his own. both were issues # 1; both well written and drawn very good as well. at least this company stepped up to the plate and issued something other than a movie this week. (sorry, but i am almost sick of the iron man/hulk hype already and it's not friday yet; and, yes, i will go see it, just hate the bombardment on my brain)

    rather a so-so week for me other than nectar from warren.
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    Ha. Right away, we have a winner. I own BLACK SUMMER.
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    @warrenellis damn; good for you as i had no clue on that one.
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    Creator owned

    Black Summer- The only thing that seemed appealing this week, which is saddly happening alot to my favorite books. Going home with one single book is saddening. On the plus side... completely blown away by this book right in the first five pages... just... so raw!

    "Frank Blacksmith says hello, you piece of shit."
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    creator owned: black summer, i also got 4 back issues of doktor sleepless i had ordered with the incredible wrap covers done by raulo caceres! this is the best series i have read in a long,long time! company owned: kabuki reflections,witchblade/devi,glamourpuss,buddah/story of enlightenment,i was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space,ramayan 3392 a.d. reloaded as for the new comics i purchased black summer is by far the superior book! peace,garnet
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    Kabuki and Glamourpuss would both be creator-owned.
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    company owned: kabuki reflections,witchblade/devi,glamourpuss,buddah/story of enlightenment

    I don't know what buddah/story of enlightenment is, but KABUKI and GLAMOURPUSS are creator-owned works.
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    Glamourpuss 1-

    ....the fuck. I got into comics because of Cerebus, read it from when I was in High School until it ended. I think Sim's a madman, but gifted creator. This was...seriously, I just don't know. It's going to piss some people off, just the form and shape of it alone. It's beautful, really strange and more than a little nuts.

    Life Sucks-

    Jessica Abel's New graphic novel, co-written with some gent. It's solidly done, the art is clean and simple. It's just a bit flat on execution. The panel pacing feels off, like it's taking 5 panels to tell you something 2 would have done just as easily. The ending
    comes far to suddenly and mostly happens off stage and then does a bit of a disservice by adding a twist to the main character's personality that does not work at all with the preceding 180 odd pages
    . The book is a flawed work, but there's some very strong character work and great moments of humor.

    Local 11-
    Ryan Kelly and Brian Wood just keep on serving up better comics than we deserve. This one is jarring, as Megan faces her past in a very awkward way. I just love Ryan Kelly's art so damn much. I bought some off him a while back. The conveys complex emotion in his work, nuanced and subtle but devastating too. He's sly in his composition, smart in his pacing. Wood delivers is serving up slices of young adulthood that just get better and better. I'm sad the next issue is the last on.

    The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch-
    More for Zulli's work than Gaiman's story here actually, though they compliment each other so perfectly. There's a looseness to Michael Zulli's pencils, a roughness up close that is really smooth as you pull back. He's brilliant and at turns the story is really beautiful.

    Black Summer-
    Have not read yet. Good god is it a mean and nasty looking issue though.


    DC Universe Zero-
    My store was giving this away in every bag.

    I guess this is supposed to bring new readers into the story. As one of those potential new readers I can say I had absolutely no clue what was going on and found most of the story titles like "THE DAY EVIL WON" kind of funny.

    Ok, "PRIME EVIL" made me laugh out loud. Sounds like a James Patterson novel.
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    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2008

    Local 11: Wow the art was so great, the story telling just shines for pages without a single word said. It's amazing there's only one more issue left. I would pick up a new Local anytime they chose to release one. Instead I will be buying my first Minx book since they are working on it. Megan has become a complete person from just hints towards the whole in each issue, the art show and the explanation of the exibit felt like an overview of the series and worked perfectly. The back essays made me realise this is it, one more til closing time. Which means reading the whole series from beginning to end for the first time!

    Glamourpuss 1: Haven't read it yet will reply again once I have.

    Company owned (and then some):

    DC Universe Zero. Was worth 50 cents but was just a big ad, did make me want the next issue of Batman more and already was going to pick up Final Crisis because of Morrison, so it achieved in selling me nothing I wasn't already going to buy. But what do you expect it was 50 cents.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2008
    Creator Owned -

    Black Summer #6 - Fantastic, Frank's not a little scared of John, oh no, not at all, and doing the flashbacks in B&W was a nice touch.

    Local #11 - Finally! Another fantastic issue, glad that Ryan's still in fine form after his troubles, and Brian's writing is excellent as always. Megan played things pretty cool here, I can picture her completely going off on the girl if it had been at an earlier point in her life, perhaps how it would have turned out if it'd been written without these delays(solid essays/goodbyes there in the back). One more to go, and I'll certainly miss it afterwards.

    Company Owned -

    DC Universe 0 - The Batman/Joker pages were nice, and I'm a bit curious to see what happens with the integration of Sparta... err, the Manazons. @orwellseyes - Not sure if it was intended for new readers at all, more of a bridge from Countdown over to Final Crisis that also happens to weave in some of the other storylines that'll be involved.

    Exiles v7 - More scans-into-sales backlog purchasing, hooray for Blink coming back.

    Immortal Iron Fist #14 - Meaty issue here for all the punching and stabbing, can't wait to see what the Weapons do in their new home. Only two more issues of Fraction/Brubaker goodness to go, maybe a one-shot and then setting the stage for the new team?

    Ultimate Human #4 - And that's that, solid little closer with excellent Hulk dialogue/expressions/smashing. And orifices.

    X-Force #3 - Missed this last week, getting used to the art finally and that last page looks like something that should prove amusing in future issues.

    Not much offhand catching my eye for FCBD this year, may grab All-Star Superman to see what the fuss is about, but otherwise I'm probably coming home with more trades than floppies.
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    Company Owned-

    Either New or Mighty Avengers, it's a stand-alone story so I honestly can't remember. I'm enjoying Bendis's Skrull invasion, though. Make fun of me if you must.

    Creator Owned-

    Black Summer #6. This issue kicked ass, but I felt a bit annoyed off that Horus and General(?) Grant got interrupted. The adults were talking, saying interesting things, and I wanted to know where it was going to go.

    Glamourpuss #1. Damn but I loved reading this, it's great to have Dave Sim back in comics. His art was gorgeous and the monologue made for some great reading. The fashion rag send-up was a lot of fun, especially interspersed with his reflections on photo-realistic art.

    That's it, three comics. It was a slow week but I'm pretty happy with the quality.
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    Creator Owned

    Black Summer #6
    "The don't get to be right just because there's more of them and they have guns."


    Glamourpuss #1

    I'm finding my opinion of Dave Sim as a misogynist, gay-hating lunatic is torpedoing my ability to enjoy his work. I'm not even close to an objective judge of his work at this point, but I feel guilty giving him my money. This is probably a decently put together piece of work, but for the above two reasons, I doubt I'll be getting another. Does anybody else have this issue? Anybody successfully dealing with similar qualms?

    Company Owned-

    Ultimate Human #4
    Hmmm. Mixed feelings. Another tangent here, but I seem to remember Mr. Ellis declaring, sometime around his initial Iron Man run, that the average fan of a company-owned superhero didn't want any new ideas. If I'm horribly misinterpreting you, sir, let me know; I admit to not remembering exactly where this idea came from. But that's what this felt like. Another Iron Man/Hulk story. A well-told Iron Man and Hulk story with great dialogue and some clever character bits, but still the same shit in a fancy new dress. The writing was about as good as it could have been, but the plot smelled like a cynical movie tie-in. I invite any savage rebuttals that people would care to offer
    And maybe I'm a bad judge, because I think I may be done with company owned work for a bit now.
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    I'm finding my opinion of Dave Sim as a misogynist, gay-hating lunatic is torpedoing my ability to enjoy his work.

    Had I seen any misogyny or gay hatred in here I'd be 100% with you, but seeing as these elements were completely absent I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Too many otherwise-excellent writers don't stand up to public scrutiny, so I read what I can and don't sweat what they don't bring to the page.
    • CommentAuthorMorphrob
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2008
    Do graphic novels qualify for discussion? I've stopped buying the monthly titles 'cos it meant a trip to Forbidden Planet every week. So I've started buying re prints, compilations, trades etc.

    So on the subject of creator or company owned I've bought Paul Grist's Jack Staff Reprints.
    I believe that this was originally published by Grist himself and was then snapped up by Image. Making it creator and then company owned.
    Anyway, I'm wallowing/floating in nostalgia at present.
    I may traipse up town for DC universe 0? But how long can DC drag the Infinite Crisis out for
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    Do graphic novels qualify for discussion?

    Of course. If you bought it this week, it counts. Doesn't have to be new.
    • CommentAuthorMorphrob
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2008
    I've also been tucking into the recent Meltzer Justice League's and 52 volumes 1-4.
    I thought 52 was great. Though some of the Black Adam as middle eastern power was a little heavy handed as a metaphor. The Chinese superheroes were a fantastic creation and worth the price of entry alone.
    Though of Grant Morrison's recent stuff I preferred All Star Superman. It harked back to the Superman I remember reading as a kid . Another nostalgia trip.
    Meltzer I'm not so sure about. I enjoyed Identity Crisis as a stand alone thriller, despite it's ramifications, but the Tornado's Path left me a bit cold.
    And yes I have read them all this week. Not sure if my girlfriend is talking to me anymore though....
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2008

    Black Summer #6 - Wow... that was a vicious, nasty issue. And I really liked it. I'm definitely looking forward to the next (and final?) issue to see how everything wraps up.

    Jack of Fables - is this creator owned? I think it is, but honestly I'm not sure. Whatever the case, it's a western this time around and tells of Jack's first (or close to first?) meeting with Bigby. I really enjoy this series, and I really enjoy FABLES... though I buy FABLES in trade.


    Ultraforce/Avengers - because I was in the mood for some Perez art, and it didn't hurt that some young upstart named Warren Ellis wrote it. I wasn't reading comics at the time this came out, but I'd been familiar with Ultraforce from when it started up (again, because Perez was drawing it). Definitely an interesting little item.

    DC Universe #0 - hey.. more Perez art (along with some other artists too). Definitely worth the fifty cents, and it managed to pique my interest about the Woman Woman storyline (this ... is... THEMYSCIRA! or something like that). Aside from Brave & the Bold (which I recently dropped) I don't read much of the cape stuff, so DCU #0 may have succeeded in getting me to give WW a try. I'll definitely be picking up Legion of Three Worlds because it's Perez art.. and I used to like the Legion.

    SOLO #6 (I think it's #6) feature Jordi Bernet - Bernet's artwork is gorgeous and I feel like a fool for not discovering it sooner. I really discovered him because of his recent work on THE SPIRIT, so now I have to track down his TORPEDO stuff.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2008
    I haven't hit the store yet for this week's comics, so I'll holler back at you...

    Just thought I'd chuck in my 2cents on an 'old' book - I bought Ultimate Fantastic Four Vols 1-5 and thoroughly enjoyed the Ellis / Carey parts. The volume (2) drawn by Stuart Immonen was particularly immense. Interesting to see how his style has evolved from this work into Nextwave, a personal favourite of mine.
    • CommentAuthorzacharius
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2008
    company owned-

    CALIBER; I presume this is a company owned property that will get licenced out by radical comics. I see there's already a film in the works. it's a fun concept and smarter than it really ought to be. the french/indian 'merlin' is hilarious.

    DC universe #0; God. I mean they were practically giving this away, and it's a good thing. the problem with the dc universe is that apparently only grant morrison understands it, with geoff johns a close second. that company is like a mystery religion with GM as it's high priest. I'll buy, or at least try, anything he writes, but farming his ideas out to lesser talents only results in rubbish as far as I can tell. I'll be buying final crisis and leaving again right after, I expect. Dc needs to get it's head around the idea that their universe constitutes a myth cycle and that it needs progression and resolution every few years or it turns to garbage. If they consciously planned out each cycle and it's ending, they'd be a lot farther ahead.

    creator owned-

    Black Summer #6; I litteraly cannot say enough about this book, so I'll leave it for the proper thread.