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    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2008

    Ex Machina #36
    Another great issue with some hillarious undertones. Mitchells attempts at speech writing are quite humorous and the reveal of
    a new potential foil for the Great Machine does nothing but interest me in the next issue. Always a good sign.

    Black Summer #6
    Another round of Appaulse for Mr. Ellis. This book is amazing and I've suggested it to everyone I meet. the action is eye-popping and the last panel had me looking for my Jaw on the floor. Snappy dialogue and more Seven Guns Past sequences make the time fly by with another outstanding read.

    Usagi Yojimbo #111
    A fun issue with some comedy and light action involved. The dialogue and petty bickering between gen and Usagi is amusing
    and a decent set-up for the next issue, a fair read.


    DC Universe #0
    An interesting set-up for Final Crisis. The only things I truly enjoyed were the batman pages and issues surprise reveal. I've not really
    followed everything DC puts out as I'm not rich so I'm unsure what some of the other plot lines are derived from but enjoyed the ride none the less. Libra's revision looks like a great addition to the DC Universe Mythos.

    Avengers Initiative #12
    A great issue dealing with the aftermath of the KIA storyline. A splinter group leaves the initiative as well as a key player in it's management.
    Changing up the status quo and leaving the fate of the first line of recruits ending on a bittersweet note, it's a great read and Slott never dissapoints.

    New Warriors #11
    I'm still on the fence about this title, I do enjoy it for the most part but some of the dialogue bothers me. i'm not sure why but i can't get my finger on it. Still a good issue and suspense builder for the next one. I'm liking it for the most part and will continue to buy.

    Ultimate Human #4
    A solid finish to a great storyline. The ending of all the plot lines synch well and a bit of the old Hulk Smash is always fun. Ellis's Hulk seems immortal and that makes it seem even sadder with the last page. If comics could play music "The Lonely man" theme from the original hulk television show would have been appropriate.