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    @all - No problems with distribution or anything else with Black Summer #6 - except stores just not ordering enough. All orders to stores have been filled, extra copies are on hand with the distributor for immediate re-orders. Just the age-old problem of stores underestimating demand for our books. If a store wants copies, they can have them in a week.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2008
    May be a problem with UK distribution. Went into my local store (Chester Comic Co.) and no sign. Asked Gaz who works there and he said its not in yet.
    Its on my standing order so if they had run out he would have just told me and said it would be on re-order.
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    Favorite issue of the series.

    Why? - because the absurd analysis I want to make on it in blogs when its done is going to be very easy now indeed. So wonderfully political, in such a classic sense.
    And we are getting "another" one too, which makes for mad grins.
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    Sorry - its not a demand issue its a distribution one! Neither TM nor OK Comics here in Leeds had received any copies at all (needless to say its on my 'standing order'). Massively frustrating!
    • CommentAuthorDouglas
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    The flashbacks with Frank and Tom talking... Tom said he would take care of Horus is Horus went nutso. Maybe one of the programs he started before shooting himself with an Abrams tank shell is anti-Frank thing and another is an anti-Horus thing?
    • CommentAuthorzacharius
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    I don't think there's any doubt tom is going to bust a cap in Frank's ass. Actually I have a hunch that frank is headed to laura's grave at the end of this issue, and that's where tom will get him. it's all very conflicted, which I like.

    as for horus... warren's been playing it on the fence as to whether he's nuts or not. I do think as the series has gone on, it's more and more clear that horus is at least as rational as the other guns, if not more so. He keeps wanting to talk, to reason, to look out for his friends, to play the hero, and save the country, but no one will let him. In his mind what he's done is not different than what he's probably been doing all along. it's none of the others who can 'see straight'.

    I'm not sure there's any satisfactory way to resolve this story without dispelling some of the ambiguity, so I'm almost hoping for a kind of open ending. maybe tom and horus realize they're on the same side in the end and are left standing in the rubble of an america that doesn't want to be saved. or, having accepted that superheroes work outside the law, society is now stuck with horus, who's too powerful to be stopped, and operates under the mandate he perceives himself to have. kinda like bush ; )
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    This issue stood out for me in ways the others haven't so far. The "Flashback to Gun recruiting" -- "Gun gets shot and/or killed" was particularly effective. The "Everyone Betrays Everyone;There are no Heros" atmosphere reminds me a lot of John le Carré's early novels.

    I like how every "superhero fight" levels whatever area of the city/landscape they're fighting in.

    As for stupid plot predictions/suppositions, I'm not sure they tried to nuke John. Would Frank sacrifice his tactical guns just to distract John from an impending nuclear strike? Maybe, but it seems more likely the explosion was caused by something John did to wipe out all the threats he was facing, especially given the Oppenheimer/God-Complex comments made earlier. It's also possible the strike wasn't nuclear. If I remember my "Disgruntled Youth into Military Shit" days, mushroom clouds form because the intense heat at the center of explosions push a bunch of super heated gases upwards. Any strong explosions (ex. Daisy Cutter) will produce a mushroom cloud.

    Not much into the Super Hero business, but I'm enjoying this series well enough to keep buying.
    • CommentAuthorzacharius
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    I suspect the flying guns are using some kind of thermobaric weapons, ( also known as a fuel-air explosives) which probably is what laura's gun was. you get a nuclear intensity explosion, lots of heat and smoke, but no radiation in a smaller radius.

    or, the other freaky possibility is an americium bullet

    One concept often thrown around ... is the americium bullet - a certain isotope of americium has a critical mass in the milligram range, and thus an americium-based warhead could conceivably be built in the form of a large-caliber bullet (the ultimate derringer!).

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    My review on Newsarama. In a nutshell: your script is excellent as usual, Warren, but this time Ryp exaggerates. The angle he chose to portray Angela being shot in the leg was hideous, and the layout of that same page was even worse. Fortunately, despite being more worried in looking cool than looking coherent, his art is still very good and "Black Summer" continues to be a brilliant comic. Also, Mark Sweeney deserves a fucking medal for coloring every little detail in Ryp's art and doing it so well.
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    I finally got to read it today (no distribution problems, finals = no books) and all I can say is WOW.

    And a bunch of other stuff that people have already said.