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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008 edited

    Good Day All,

    My name is Randy (I go by the name of Photomagex on line) and I live about 80 km north of Toronto, Canada. I strive to be more creative than I am and I am frustrated by my perceived lack of creativity. I still try to show my work via facebook, myspace, flicker etc. I enjoy pen and ink and photography then transferring to the PC and playing with it in Photoshop I am becoming more and more interested in sequential art every day.

    Some of my favourite writers works are Matt Wagner's Sandman, Mike Mignola's Hellboy, anything by Chester Brown, Alan Moore's Watchmen, Warren Ellis' Fell & Authority, Kirkman's Walking Dead, Lapham's Stray Bullets, Burns' Black Hole, Bendis' Daredevil, Brubeker's Criminal and Brian Wood's Local to name a few. I dabble in creating my own comics for fun.

    I stumbled upon Freakangels while looking for some new Warren Ellis books to buy and was immediately intrigued by the story idea (I just gobble up this post apocalyptic stuff) and all for free. I just finished reading up until chapter 14 and I'll continue coming back as long as new pages are added.

    Warren, your stories, character, settings, situations are brilliant. I find your writing very fresh and I never seem to know where it is that you are going until you tell me. This new United Kingdom seems almost inviting. I've never been to the current one but it always looks a bit dreary, in photos and film anyway. Yours is full of sunshine, hope and, dare I say, a better life? !

    Anyhow, keep up the great work and thank you for taking me to places I never dream't I would go.
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    And this is what my head looks like.

    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2008
    Hello, I am mono.

    I've been here pretty much from the start but recently discovered that I'd never actually created an account when I tried to comment on something for, presumably, the first time. This confused me to no end. I have since forgotten what I was going to comment on. Things like that seem to happen a lot.

    I was introduced to Warren many years ago through Lazarus Churchyard, who I will always defend as being the greatest plastic-formed protagonist ever to appear in comics. Then came Transmetropolitan which I'm guessing you've all probably heard of by now. There's many others, but I'm particularly glad to have read Carnage: Mindbomb and Nextwave. Oh, and of course Crooked Little Vein, which I can never recommend to anyone without a disclaimer.

    About me... My main interests are noises, wires, (un)dead things & B-movies. 'I make noises using various things' is kind of accurate. I also DJ as 'opai' on Radio KoL (which is on the internet, not in real) where I mainly try to play things people haven't heard before, but actually just play things that aren't awful (which is debatable). I mainly like post-punk, bleepy electronic music and drone metal, plus most things contained in between. I piss all over the vagueness of genre boundaries really.

    I am in several places:
    Second Life

    Uh, thank you for your time.
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    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2008

    Hey there everybody i am Manaf from India.Just like every modern Indian stereo type i am in IT.But the thing is i have studied to be IT but never worked as such.I am 26 and so far i have done-Assistant audio editor,Television program info research,Call center agent and now Book sales rep.

    My hobbies are Graphic Novels mainly and Books,Movies,Music BLAH BLAH ETC.Mostly read Sci fi and horror in books.Read every graphic Novel by Warren Ellis,Garth Ennis,Alan Moore,Frank Miller,Brian Vaughn,Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison.But the favorite is of course warren.

    to read my thoughts checkout:-

    to see my pics checkout:-

    to hear my musical taste checkout:-

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    to view my taste in movies checkout:-
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    I'm Linn, 19, Norwegian/Canadian, and have been meaning to join Whitechapel since it started, but never really got around to it before now. The internet took over my life long ago, to the point where it's my most likely-looking career path, but apparently I "don't look like one of those techie-people"? Whatever, I disguise it well.

    The only project I'm involved in with any kind of longevity and regular updates is this minizine. The rest of the (relatively) dead stuff is over at my website.

    I'll be going back to lurking now, cheers.
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    Other than working too much, at a job that requires less than work, I find myself educating myself through reading. Although I find myself in financial difficulty which prohibits my return to the college life, it will soon become a reality for me once again. It's amazing what a little drive can get you in this world; what a little focus can turn into when you're willing to be a little selfish and cutthroat.

    Sooner or later, life takes hold of everyone...responsibilities mount, and money needs to be made, but until that happens to me, my plan is to become increasingly more aware of what it means to live life and more understanding of the niche sections of thought in the world. I may never think the same as others, but I will hopefully be able to understand how they CAN think that way.

    Nice to meet you all,

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    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    Hi everyone, my name's Andrew. I used to be on the Engine, though I lurked more than anything else, and I've been lurking here for at least a month. I decided to de-lurk to post a comment about this week's Freakangels, and I figured I should post here too.

    So anyway. I am 32 years old and live in Richmond, VA (USA). I work in a bookstore that specializes in mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We also have an extensive selection of graphic novels. Anyway, that's what I do to pay the bills. I grew up in the hardcore/emo scene and spent much of my 20s playing in bands and attending basement shows. I still have one foot in that world but don't currently play music. These days I'm also much more likely to be listening to 60s-era freakbeat/psych/garage-rock than anything hardcore-related. I don't get paid to write, but writing is nonetheless my avocation, and I do a lot of it. I blog here, mostly about music but at least occasionally about comics, books, movies, and other facets of pop culture. I also write fiction, but I've never even tried to submit any of it anywhere. I'm currently working on some stuff I really like, and plan to at least attempt to get it published, hopefully before the year is out. We'll see what happens with that.

    Here is a picture of me:

    It's from last Halloween. I was dressed as a member of the Hives. I do not normally dress like that.
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008

    i'm mrghosty. currently in Winnipeg, MB, CA.

    psp hacker, optical theremin tinkerer, would be writer, lover of vintage electronics and hand held devices, postulator of post-humanity. listener of boards of canada. drinker of organic wines. i would like to add slayer of zombies to the list, but as of yet that's just a flight of fancy.

    ooh and owner of Jack Kirby Cosmic 3D GLASSES!
    • CommentAuthorWizardAZ
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2008
    Hi All,

    One of these days I'll get around to posting a picture of me, but since I'm not all that photogenic don't be surprised if it takes a while.

    I'm (currently) the Wizard of AZ, because I used to just be the Wizard, and now I've been in AZ for a while and it stuck. I've been studying/working in Tucson at UA for almost 4 years now, I'm starting work on my masters next year, and as for what I'm studying its more than can possibly be healthy for me.

    I code, I systems admin, I play with chemistry and living things, and cancer, and the occasional disease, and make spiffy things with biological agents. I also study, read, love wine and music, play console games for the first time since I was a teenager this year. I currently work on the Phoenix mission (to mars) which involves me having a really interesting schedule and spending a lot of time talking shop with some truly strange and interesting individuals, and having consumed far more planters peanuts lately than are good for me. I write on rare occasion, whether short stories, poetry, or something or other else but I don't publish it. Oh, I am not married, very happily single, and I managed to wander here (believe it or not) from the blog of an old friend, so we'll see how things go.

    Congretations of strange and interesting people are always to be appreciated.