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    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008 edited
    OH fuck you Anthony . It was my fucking birthday party, and you could even be bother to tell me that you couldn;t show up?!? The point isnt that that you didn't show (dispite the fact that tonight was the night that my roommmate and a few of my friends were about to meet this guy I've been seeing for the past few months) but that you didn't even care enough to CALL you say you weren't coming.

    What I'm saying is, for tonight's open mic, I'm drunk, everbody from my paryt has left, and I' ve manged to let one man ruin my birthday. A man who I've only been seeing (fucking) for 2 months.

    I looked so damn good tonight, and you missed it, you dumb fuck.

    Thank God I'm leaving at the end of may to do theatre up in Minnesota for 3 months.

    GOd, I'm drunk, and just getting drunker.

    oh, and here is the picture for Ellis dark and pissed
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Clonozepam is a good drug, when used properly. It does degrade the ability to type though.

    Leave a cremated corpse. All ashes, none of the flesh to revere. The sins in which we lived - unlived - sins committed, forgiven, never forgotten. With the body we can finally lend that last blow to the slights, harms, embarrassments and tragedies of the past. Right?

    But the hurt never stops, really. If there is an afterlife, it will consist of me pressed into ashes, regretting every moment I ever lived wrong, every hurtful thing I said, every heart I broke. That is life in ashes. I can't imagine life undergrons

    There is no afterlife. Live every day the best you can. Give a fuck. Try. Nobody is too good.

    And don't spill nailpolish on your laptop. Trust me. It's the suckums.

    Also, I don't know what undergrons is. I was typing from a scribbling paper and I liked the word.
    • CommentAuthorenui
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    No, furious. I cannot recall another occasion where I wished physical harm to another human being (well, except politicians, but I'm not sure they count as human beings.) Furious with the jerks that are making my mother worry, because they thought that they could take advantage of the fact that we're two women, therefore we are gullible and we wouldn't stand up for our rights. WRONG.
    Sorry if it's confusing, but I'd rather not share the details in a public place, I expect this is going to end up in court.

    Effin' hell, my mother is 75, the worst thing she should worry about is whether the next cake she bake should be orange or chocolate.

    (also: why the hell you cannot find a cooker with oven and external grill in Italy. I'm going to use the damn thing to cook, not to turn my kitchen in an exhibition piece, is that so unusual? )
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008

    What the fuck are you shoving in your mouth!?
    • CommentAuthorDon Kelly
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008 edited
    These are my feet. They are large. I lacked small animals for scale to prove this. That cool looking outside beyond my toes is not my regular view. I am housesitting currently.

    These are my feet

    This photo does not do me justice. But it's well near the crack of dawn, so that's the best you get for now.
    This is me

    This is the face of your new overlord. It sucks your vitals through that straw sewn into its neck. Make your peace with the nonexistent gods for it is coming. Nothing can save you. I will document it all with the camera on my iPhone, so that future generations may say "Wow, what a shitty camera on this thing. But, holy smokes, it gets YouTube."


    I'm getting cranky working the jobs. A long week beckons and it's only Sunday. I intend to brew a pot of coffee, sit out on the deck here, and do the big work. This time.

    I am very tired.

    p.s. Thank you for all the bad jokes. And I just gave the thread a read. My sympathies go out to all who have suffered tragedies and losses this week.
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    DOOM. Chocolatey, purple-frosted birthday DOOM (not mine, a mate's 30th). Unfortunately, I hadn't eaten anything all day and the DOOM was the only thing in range.
    (you may wish to substitute DOOM with CAKE if you find DOOM unpalatable)
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    tonight I put him in his place, and he admitted he deserved it. this is a first.
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    Thought of this last night going to sleep, implemented now....

    Killing cat

    I want my move out of Santa Fe, NM to be done.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    365 day one hundred & three: tah-dah!

    So between seeing Devotchka on Friday night and being on my way to Seattle the next morning, my wallet went missing. My wallet with all my ID, a paycheque, my master phone list of my Important People (tm), and my SIN card. I've been tearing my apartment apart in an effort to find it, but so far, no dice. This is a Problem. My trip, needless to say, has been cancelled. Which is especially suck, as it turned out that the house-party I was going to was a surprise early birthday party, complete with Welcome home J banner and a birthday cake. I actually cried a bit when I found out, everyone was so nice. I've never had anything like that before. So they put me on speaker phone, sang happy birthday, and had me virtually blow out the candles.

    The good news is that when I was just hitting that I hate The World Wall when it came to trying and failing to find my wallet, a fellow who I had quite brazenly approached in a restaurant the night before looked me up on facebook, and came out to meet me for coffee. Coffee turned into a tour of his neighborhood, which he is new to, but where I know all the secrets, and then dinner, then, well.. he's coming over this evening for soup, so I seem to very suddenly have found myself in a kind, loving sort of relationship thing. It's been a bloody year since the last one, so it seems about time.
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    Sorry to read about the wallet, trip and surprise party - that sucks.

    Nice picture, and good luck with new fellow.
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    @Don Kelly: One of my cats had to get stitches like that too. Hopefully the fur will grow back the same color and length for your cat.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008

    No, no, I find DOOM to be quite palatable, now that you mention it...
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    name; miguel.
    It's monday morning.I'm drunk. thinking about this girl. We hanged out saturday night. me, her, friend, her boyfriend. It was fun.
    but thats not it. As soon as her bf went to get drinks, she grabs my thigh. I almost...yeah. He comes back, she lets go. All through the night shes like this. reaching out for me, wanting to hold on to me, touch me. I wanted her to. we may have been with other people but the night and the world was her and I.
    We talked about this tonight on aim. I am soo new to aim. anyways. I told her i wanted her and she replied that she wants me too. but she has a boy friend of five years. Shit...
    was life this hard for you warren at twenty two?