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    Okay, Saturday nights on Whitechapel are about venting and screaming. Sunday nights are something else.

    Make a muxtape and link it. Or if you've got the storage, use the "video/mp3" button above to link an mp3.

    Show us a photo you took. Or a video -- Flickr handles short video too, now.

    Show a picture you made, show us your art.

    Show us something you made, or something you dressed up in.

    Play us your music. Or let us listen to your voice.

    Show us a comics page. The cover of a magazine you were in. The cover of a CD you made.

    Link to something you wrote. An essay, fiction, a blog, whatever.

    Tell us an anecdote. Tell us about an event you did, or went to. Tell us about your science. Tell us about your passion. Tell us about your madness.

    The Sunday Stomp is all about showing off and telling people what you like. You're an incredibly creative and smart bunch. Show me.


    -- W
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    I am not a fan of Boris Johnson!
    A Very Special Cat & Cthulhu!
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    I'm about to embarrass myself, but I guess that's what this is for.

    I've wanted to contribute to the Stomp all these many weeks, but I don't do any visual art so I had no photos to show.

    I do like to sing a lot, and I'm not bad as far as total hacks go.

    So I stole my mom's laptop with Garage Band and started hitting 'record' whenever I was singing my little heart out, around the house.

    This turns out to be all the fucking time so I already have nine tracks up at my Club of Mars profile. There are accompanying blog posts to explain what I'm singing and what the weird background noises are. I've been calling them "hax trax" because I am an untrained amateur hack taking advantage of the Internets to post the equivalent of shower singing.

    I like to think I have pretty cool taste in music, so at the very least you can trace back some of the songs I did to find some artists you might not have heard of.

    My secret hope is that some of you real musicians will use some of my hax trax in some kind of actual music. I thirst for collabs.

    I hope you'll give me a shot. At least it's kind of a funny idea. How often do you get to hear someone's private moments of belting out their favourite tunes? I promise it's better than American Idol.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Nothing particularly amazing. Just a bit of narrative nonfiction involving a blowjob and a turkey.

    I've given up on my writing, mostly. Will be going to Mexico soon.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Here are some things that I drew through the week.

    Pig Ridin' Through Space and Time

    Raged Robin and King Mob
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008 edited
    From last Halloween, I once again found myself the only person in my age range willing to get all dressed up. I did my best impersonation of Lon Chaney and used only make up and nose putty to make a fun little ghoulie.

    I also painted a faux finish on my living room walls, just to keep the house from looking like the ghetto ass drug den it's been in the past.

    And what the hell, I'll top it off with a trio of flash fictions I wrote a few months back...
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Last Night at the Procrastinator

    What better way to send out an old venue than with 70's porno and silly string. About 200 students watched Debbie Does Dallas to give the old venue for the Procrastinator Theatre it's moving to the student union next year with a brand new projector. A good time, until the porno started skipping. And some hooligan yelled "This little piggy wants roast beef" when the disc froze on some pork shutters. That hooligan may or may not have been me... Ah well Goodbye procrastinator.

    Some papers I've written for political science classes.

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    Chapter splash for the second chapter of Brawler Land.
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    Today, I have mostly been drunk. This has been in my fucking head for ages, now it's out. Hey ho.

    EDITED: And now it's back in, replaced with something more tasteful - ye gods, inflicting my singing on the world must have meant I was truly obliterated last night. I am scouring the internet for anything else stupid I may have done before blacking out.
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    I'm Gareth. I live in China and take photos.

    There is a thing here worth seeing:

    Beautiful Consciousness

    I've not seen the cut yet (I'm on a phone and the page doesn't want to load), but I have a feeling it'll be interesting. One of my shots made it in - not sure where it comes.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    More comedy-words from me over at Cracked, 9 Devices That Are Clearly Compensating For A Small Penis.

    Looking forward to my next piece for them, on insane/awesome Self-Experimenting Scientists. John Paul Stapp is my new hero.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    working on a song at the mo but really need a mic to complete it.... dunno if i can link from myspace so

    there enjoy!

    or not, whatever you want
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008 edited
    Well, here's a little something I wrote back on Novemer 20, 2007, as part of a bigger LJ post where I also witter on about webcomics and LJ "news." Anyway, I figure this might be of some interest to the people here:

    * A few nights ago whilst rummaging through my closet looking for something I stumbled upon what we who were alive in the pre-digital years called a "demo tape" for a band that I remember buying way back in 1989-90, at the only decent record store in the (Chicago) suburbs that actually carried music I listened to. (It's long since closed down - the owners got popped for possession and dealing out of the back room. Not surprised, the place smelled like either weed, Glade or both pretty much constantly. They tried doing it again in another location and that didn't last long at all. That was back in 1992. Wonder what they've been up to since?)

    The tape in question was for a band out of Rockford, IL, called The Wake RSV, titled Yours Eternally. Bloody typical goth band, sounding like they listened to a lot of Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, the Mission (their name came from a Mission song), whomever were big in the goth subkultur at the time. They never got anywhere, I don't recall ever actually seeing them play out, and I went to a lot of shows back then.

    I tried googling them, and not surprisingly their name mostly brought up hits for lyrics to the Mission song. Even so, I did manage to get two hits for them: a listing for their appearance on a 1990 compilation from Nightbreed Recordings (their song is one of the ones on the demo)(And boy, Nightbreed Recordings looks a bit shite too. Look at their listing and try not to guffaw at some of the titles); and an article from Left of the Dial (web)zine detailing the music scene in Rockford, including some bands I used to listen too/see.

    Two. That's it.

    If they'd waited even 3 more years they were guaranteed at least 20 in a Google search. Now the members, whomever they were, are relegated to 2 mentions on obscure websites.

    It's enough to make you wonder how much longer before things that happened in pre-Google days are forgotten entirely? An entire history of a kultur, a planet, can be re-written based on your hitcount.

    And whose to say which memories are real? The ones commited to grey matter, or the ones etched in electrons on a screen?

    Google says they barely existed. Yet I remember spending $5 on their demo back in high school. Weird.


    Earlier this week, my bar started to carry Monty Python's Holy Grail, and I had some. Not bad, a bit bitter. Not surprising, being from Yorkshire. My natural curiosity caused me to mix it with Guinness a la a black&tan. The resultant? HOLY HAND GRENADE. Good stuff. Yum.


    And here, yet another November flashfic for your enjoyment.

    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel
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    I make and sell these. Every one is hand-made (ok, cut by hand, sewn by sewing machine). They're about 8 inchs high. They're made of fleece. I've made about 200 over the last 4 months. I've probably inhaled 1lb of polyester fluff..

    I really wish there was more to learn and tweak with the process, but we're into diminishing returns on that front.

    Oh, I also took the product pictures. Which I'm strangely proud of.

    [edit] As... the idea of this I suppose is to show off, it might be worth pointing to the place where one can get them.
    I usually put more stock in on a Monday. The Pink ones are going to be delayed as I'm still working through a backlog. This is what cottage industry is about I suppose.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    happymrlocust serious enquirey how/where do i get one. well 3 actually?
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    New raygun prototype, completed yesterday.

    Raygun Prototype

    The plan is to make a handful of these and sell them, but the design isn't quite right. It feels right, though, so I know I'm it's only detail work.
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    @ Alistair - You just needed to check his profile ;)
    You can get them here
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Wrote a 1000 word story about a month back called The Cyclops Executive.

    I don't get to write as much as I'd like. Looking forward to Summer.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008
    Gah! Thanks!