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    Hannibal ad portas!

    Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your fears!

    HANNIBAL GOES TO ROME, the webcomic I wrote for the exceptionally awesome Mauro Vargas to draw, has been picked to compete in this month's Zuda challenge!

    Like Hannibal himself, we undertake a difficult endeavor this spring. But whereas he killed and pillaged thousands of Romans, we're just making fun of that, with a little education dashed in the corners.

    I want YOU for Hannibal's army! This is one of the few comic boards I hang out on, because there's a lot of brain matter, diverse subjects, and good wit. I hope our shared sensibilities extend to this entry we concocted. If you liked CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, you'll find a similar vein of history and humor in HANNIBAL GOES TO ROME.

    I'd be grateful if you'd visit to read the strip. HANNIBAL advances on a mix of page views, votes and comments, as these are all factored into whether we win. Mauro and I worked hard on this strip, and while the other contestants did too, ours has togas. If you like it, please tell two friends.

    Join. Read. Laugh. Vote. Comment. Conquer.

    This May, Hannibal is at the gates.
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    We're tenuously in first place at the moment, so thank you to everybody who voted. Action, Ohio is creeping up on us in page views, and already has the lead in favorites, though, so I'm getting pretty knock-kneed.
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    And so begins the last week. If anybody has yet to check out the strip, my first question is why do you hate history? And my second is would you mind checking us out and voicing your honest opinion? We're thick-skinned, and welcome to any rational criticism.

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    I imagine you and the other Zuda entrants have noticed that Whitechapel really isn't a useful place for this. You should surely be working the crowd.

    -- W