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    It would generate 50 gigawatts of what Hanekamp and colleagues call "heliohydroelectric" power. It works by allowing the sun to lower the water level inside the dam through evaporation. Water allowed back into the closed sea then turns turbines to generate electricity, says Hanekamp.

    The project would transform the Red Sea into a briny pool, reducing the 450,000 km2 sea by one third after 50 years and by two thirds after nearly 300 years, according to the study.

    Furthermore, by keeping water from the world’s oceans from flowing into the Red Sea – effectively reducing the area of the world’s oceans by 450,000 km2 – global sea levels would rise by 12 cm over the project’s first 50 years and by 30 cm after 291 years.

    That 12 cm increase is equal to 20 years'-worth of sea level rise due to global warming based on the current rate of increase.
    Energy production wouldn’t start for 50 years, after the closed off sea dropped by 100 metres, at which time the project would yield 18 or 19 GW of energy. To reach peak power production, engineers would have to wait 291 years, until the sea’s water level had dropped by 611 metres, before reintroducing ocean water.

    Allowing water back into the Red Sea for power generation would not be enough to refill the sea and ships would no longer be able to ply its waters as a shortcut between Europe and Asia.

    So you shut down one of the busiest sea-lanes in the world, forcing ships to travel much longer distances and produce far more pollution than currently.

    You cause sea levels to rise in order to generate power to ... prevent sea-levels rising?

    Oh and there's no way in the world the economies of the region could use even a fraction of the energy generated - not even 50 years from now.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2007
    I would try to find a more polite way to say it, but it's hours before I'm supposed to get up for work, I'm sick, and haven't taken a sip of my coffee
    that's just plain fucked up.

    there are soooo many other ways to produce energy without this many negative marks against it...