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    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2008
    Well, another long day in boring work and yet another day with no internet connection at my house has led to some quite extensive WikiSafari. What I have spent the past two days reading up on (yes, there really is that much) is Miracleman and the legal troubles surrounding it.

    Now, after such a long, deep reading of all I could find on the subject, I still have to admit I am quite confused. I'm the first to admit that the legal system in general confuses me often, but this case seems particularly mindboggling.

    Can anyone tell me, after McFarlane's multiple failed sues, countersues and appeals, why Mircleman is still mired in legal trouble?

    This, naturally, led me to wonder about creator's rights. For example, even the sharing out of rights by Moore, Leach et al. boggles me, and as a creator myself, releasing his first published comic work later this year, I do find myself a bit more concerned.

    I wondered if any of the creator types that flit around these pages may be able to share experiences, or impart hints and tips in regards to creators rights, or feelings there-on?

    Has anyone on here had trouble with their rights?

    Also, on a complete aside, I read that Gaiman, if and when the legal issues are resolved, would want to finish his stint on Miracleman, with Marvel, who will also republish (finally) the whole series. However, he would also wish to revert the name back to Marvelman. I personally prefer Miracleman myself...thoughts?

    (P.S. I really do think this is suitable for here, after all I am more concerned with the rights aspect than the specific comic (and I only mention this as nearly every discussion I start gets closed in, like, five minutes flat))
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    Sorry, but this should be taken to Panel & Pixel. Which is, after all, where the comics creators are.