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    Tell me of what you bought this week. I don't want your fucking shopping list. I want to know what you thought of what you read.
    You will divide your purchases into the following two categories.





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    damn it, first again this week....hopefully i will not screw up as the selections from warren appear to involve my own judgment (see last week; still wearing band aid).
    hating any word with ~est in it lets try the following:
    dead space johnston/templesmith; this is getting better and better IMHO
    george r.r. martin's wild cards abraham/battle; not really a finest wine, but not pig shat either.
    the man with no name gage/dias, i know it may be shallow but damn i really like it. continuation of the movie which was interesting.

    secret invasion bendis/yu/morales/martin :: ducking out of the line of fire :: hay, i just don't like it that much. is it pig shat? no, of course not. i will stick with it yet again next month, but i am not holding out for a finest wine reprieve; and i really like bendis!!!!! i just don't get it off on this.
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    The latest issue of MOME (vol. 11) arrived in the mail yesterday, and it's probably the best issue yet. It's got Killoffer's first MOME story, Dash Shaw, Tom Kaczynski, etc. But the real treat here is Al Columbia's strip - it's something unexpected from Columbia, and yet it's totally him. It's really remarkable, and goes very well with the Killoffer story.
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2008
    Glamourpuss, Avengers/ Invaders, Abe Sapien: The Drowning (4/5), Scud (Finale), Omega (8/10), and Cable... I have to say that Scud, Glamorpuss and AS: TD... as well as Omega are the breakouts of this week- Scud actually had me shedding tears of laughter that I have not since the "Don't F*ck with GOD" moment from the Savage Dragon... (#60- ish for those people who will go looking.) Glamorpuss is awesome combining some really disparate ideas and making them excel in an interesting way- not that I tire of reading, but I tend to forget how long went by when I actually finished that issue. The entire Abe Sapien story from start to this day has been vaguely precise in the way it connects to everything in the Hellboy U' so I should say that with killer artwork and a story that has me scratching for more- I am very fond of Abe Sapien. Meanwhile Omega is great in the way Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 describes the imperfection of everything you can love about one thing (the Bard, women & myself well... women, but comic books as well) and one thing can lead to another- so from Omega, on the bottom rung of the 616 to the Avengers/ Invaders crossover (I had to have Ross' cover) it is kind of macabre the way Iron Man obsesses over Cap' in this bit... But I am curious to see if the stark (no pun intended) realism of the WW2 era Invaders will shine thru: things like the frontlines attitude of Cap' and Bucky the unsocialized fervor of the 'foreign potentate' Namor and the chauvinism of the Torches... you know... GEEK QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERIN'

    Also no clue as to the continuity because of Venom being there and supposedly somewhere else right now along with the rest of the Thunderbolts

    Now had you asked me what it was last week I would have said Ultimate Human, a little spin around the Ultimate Universe with Iron Man and HULK... Edward love HULK. And I was so very pleased with the entire bit and parcel, thank you, thank you & thank you.
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2008 edited

    Second trade of Denny O'Neill's run on The Question. Read the floppies religiously when they first came out and I've fallen in love with the comic all over again.

    The Invincible Iron Man - Fine art from Salvador Larocca and in one issue we've got Tony as playboy, Tony as SHIELD director and Tony as futurist, supporting cast is forming up and we've got a new villain. Nice work, Fraction.


    I'm not sure I'd go that far, but Scud was just sort of meh for me. Though the image of a rampaging Yahweh scooping up angels into his maw like Goya's Saturn has a lot going for it.
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    Moon Knight. I like it. Even if I am the only person in America who does. Although at times a bit heavy handed with the split personalities ergo insanity edge, continues to be one of the more interesting semi superhero reads on the racks.

    Boys. Escapism, pure and simple. It is as if Dynamite gave Ennis a great big profanity filled playground for his birthday and when he looked disappointed, they said that he could include corpses that shit themselves before uncontrollably urinating all over the place. and while that was a spoiler, come on.


    Secret Invasion. #1 had a great WTF moment. #2 did as well, when i wondered WTF i was doing reading the second issue.
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    {Edited by Ariana: Shopping lists will be deleted no matter how many times you post them. Tell Warren what you thought of what you read.}
    • CommentAuthorchris g
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    IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS: Yay! Adi is back on interiors! I didn't even notice it was 3.99 until i got home. I don't care. All that hard work he puts in, it should be higher. But yeah, Tony is Tony, and the art is sooo elegant and the use of the movie design is hot and should become the new standard suit in my book. Oh, and Ellie Bloodstone is fuckin' back!!

    INVINVIBLE IRON MAN #1: More Tony. This one had a smidge more action in it than Viva Las Vegas. I believe in Fraction and trust him to make this a fun new Iron Man run.

    ANGEL AFTER THE FALL #7 - This is the one book I need EVERY month, ON the street date. If you followed the show, and are also following the Buffy comic then the revelations in this one keep coming at you. And keep me wanting it more. the in house ad says we can expect a double dose in June, MMMMMM!!!
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2008
    i grew up on the Teen Titans (sometimes i feel like it's out of vogue to read DC, but i'm a loyalist) and TT Year One has been very refreshing. good art. fresh, but faithful story. and updates them so that they're not set in the sixties. fine wine? eh... not by any expert's standards, but it's really tastey with my dinner so i dont care.

    and i just got the first issue of Black Summer. i don't know why i did it. i avoided it. i tried not to. cause i knew what would happen. i even tried to tell myself it'd be another self aware post-superhero post-modern post-watchmen post-whatever story. kept picking it up and putting it back for weeks.
    but it went down soooooo good.
    ellis, why do you hate my wallet so much? now i have to get into this series. dammit.

    it was free comic book day and my shop opened up some back issue bins. sure... take a look. why this Ultimate Adventures #6 from marvel might be interesting. never heard of that one. reads.
    good lord, did a pig just shit in my head?
    thank god it was free.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008
    BLACK SUMMER #6, which I haven't read yet, as I just moved and need to dig up #0-#5 and re-read first. With some books, like DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, I read the new issue, then go back and re-read. But BS is such a tight, fast-paced book that I need to start at the beginning before getting to the latest chapter. It's a fine wine based on previous issues.
    THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST: THE LAST IRON FIST STORY, which was as good as I'd heard. The art was a pleasant surprise, as I'm not that familiar with Aja's work. What was not surprising is that Bru and Fraction BRING IT.

    DC UNIVERSE #0. What? Why are you looking at me like that? It was $0.50.
    Though I have to say, when I want to see the trailer for a film, it's free online. So no matter how cheap packaging the comic version of 4-5 trailers into one book may be, I think I was overcharged.
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    Finest Wines:

    House of Mystery #1: At least 3 panels in here made me do a double take. I love a good bit of weird in my comic diet and Templesmith can only draw so fast.

    Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin: Bought almost entirely because Eric Canete is one of my favorite artists. He draws Iron man as this barrel chested brawler type. The story is quite clever too. I'm completely unfamiliar with the characters outside of this run, so it's new to me.

    Suburban Glamour Tpb: I bought the singles, the trade is for the girlfriend. She wants tattoos of McKelvie's art. 10 bucks for a sweet little book, worth it at twice the price.

    Pig Shit:

    Buffy: The humor felt really forced and the art is very uneven. Maybe it's following after Brian K. Vaughn that makes Goddard's writing seem a bit creeky. I could see alot of the book working as a screenplay, but panel to panel it's awkward.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008

    Logan #3 - Waited so long--but so worth it. This series has been gracefully and beautifully told since the first panel. It makes me like Wolverine again, and there's something to be said for that.

    Abe Sapien: The Drowning #4 - Jason Shawn Alexander does Abe extremely, extremely well. Beautifully drawn, but not 'pretty', his moods are fantastic, and his shadows and detailing is fantastic (even if the inks are a bit goopy sometimes.)
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008 edited
    Fine wine:

    Angel #7: Worth it for the delicious Wesley-Fred vignette — lots of interesting implications and questions. The other stories were sorta bland — not bad but not memorably tasty.

    Buffy #14: Dracula bringing the funny. Stakes are upped (pun intended). This series feels more and more like the TV show. Can't wait for next month's issue.

    Not pig shite, more like cheap table-wine:

    Abe Sapien #4: I appreciate that this miniseries is finally beginning to make sense, and the artwork is at last telling a discernible story, but it seems unfortunate that coherence arrives in the second-to-last issue.
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    rather than list everything and go through it, i will asy that the dollar bin copy of brendan mccarthy's SOLO is probably the best thing i have read all month. i had no idea this guy was THIS good. blown away.

    also. i love reading people complain about DCU #0 not being free. haha, guess what? COMICS ARENT MOVIES. it wouldve been nice if it was free, but get over it. you probably bought $40 worth of fucking shit books in the past month alone- i think you can handle fifty cents.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008
    First off, I found my new LCS, Free Time Comics. You've gotta love a shop that pre-bags all of their comics. It's on my way to work, too, which is awesome.


    INVINVIBLE IRON MAN #1: Wow, Larocca is in top form, I don't think I've ever seen art this good from him. Stark (heh) contrast from the old X-Treme X-Men comics I was reading the other day. And Stane going to that board meeting (before he fried everyone) reminded me of something Fraction once said on his blog (or somewhere) about never dressing up for meetings when he was with MK12. Anyway, it's a hit.

    SECRET INVASION #2: I'm just a huge fan of Leinil Yu, and the writing wasn't bad either.

    That's all I bought, because I only had enough money for two comics and a pack of smokes. I have priorities.
    • CommentAuthorMitchB
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008

    LOCAL #11 - Missed this last week unfortunately. As always, worth the wait. I'll miss Megan when she's gone after #12 :(

    INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 - Fraction rocks my world, what can I say? Best Iron Man since Extremis.

    SECRET INVASION #2 - I really didn't expect to enjoy SI as much as I have been but this was very solid, entertaining superhero comics. Nothing mindblowing but still a lot of fun. And Lenil's art has never looked better than in this series.

    GLAMOURPUSS #1 - I dug it a lot. The artwork's beautiful and always interesting to read about craft. My girlfriend, a budding illustrator who had never heard of Dave Sim adored it...until I told her more about Sim lol

    MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS #8 - Awesome as usual.


    MIGHTY AVENGERS #13 - Meh and more meh. Thought I'd be more excited by the return of Fury but this fell really flat. I'm about as excited about the new Howling Commandos or whatever they are as I am about my upcoming root canal.

    X-FACTOR: QUICK AND THE DEAD - Not sure what to think about this one. X-FACTOR's been losing a lot of steam since Messiah Complex and I can't really see what the point of this one-shot was. Quicksilver has powers again for some unknown reason and hallucinates a lot. Nothing that couldn't have been gone over in the main series. Hopefully Stroman can bring some life back to this one.

    HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1 - Didn't really do much for me I'm afraid, though I was on a ton of painkillers when I got to this thign last night so maybe I'll come back to it and give it a re-read later, but like so many Vertigo #1's recently I've felt quite unmoved on initial read-through.

    On a side note, wish I'd had enough cash for the AZTEK and QUESTION VOL 2 trades. Next time perhaps...
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    Drifting Classroom - actually have very mixed feelings about this but more positive than negative. A Japanese school is somehow transported to the far future which is unremittingly hostile. Its completely merciless with almost no pity or sentiment and the relentless pace conveys a sense of breathless claustrophobia and panic. But that same pace becomes tiring after a while as there is just no variation and a lack of tension. I like character to drive story but here the story is all and the characters merely ciphers and their deaths and suffering have no emotional impact. Brutal and disturbing but monotone and stretches a bit thin over this many books. A comic I admire but can't warm to.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2008 edited

    American Splendour #2
    Another interesting romp into the life of Mr. Pekar. The stories are never strong but they are still intriguing and some of his observations
    are clever and o0ffer everyone something to relate too.

    Amazing Spider-man #558
    Not shall I say it....amazing....but ok none the less. Advances the plot threads fine but I'm hoping they'll wrap up alot of this menace, freak stuff soon as it's getting boring . Still a decent read with some villianous fighting and the funny dialogue, not bad at all but not great and since this thread is black or white it makes it into the finest wine.

    Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #3
    Another interesting tale. The characters way of speaking has finally grown on me and the dark and otherwordlyness of it is enthralling.
    Jae Lee's art as always is spectaculaur, his dark and forboding tone meshes well with the story. I'm surprised he hasn't done an Ellis book yet,
    or at least one I haven't heard of...

    Nova #13
    Another fun space faring issue. I'm guessing the end of the last issue tied directly into Annhilation: Conquest and being how I'm not buying it I guess I'll never know how it played out. We start with a new storyline
    of Nova trying to ferry the people of a planet being consumed by Galactus off world before it's destroyed. With little time left he tries to reason with the devourer of worlds...
    A cool concept and fun banter with the worldmind. A silvery guest star enters the scene in a great way which should lead to an excellent next issue.

    Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness
    I normally dislike these filler issue by Gage, I feel the tone of them is completley different from the tone of the regulaur book and find it hard to accept these are the same characters. This issue surprised me by giving me snappy dialogue and situations that truly felt like the regulaur book.
    I hope the secret invasion arc hes doing to follow is as good as this.

    Madman Atomic Comics #8
    A good catch up issue for anyone who hasn't read the previous stories. Fun and whimiscal it catches the reader right up with minimal complications.
    Enough new material to keep the vested reader interested but still just a catch up issue none the less.

    JLA Presents: Aztek TPB
    Another fun Morrison and Millar collaboration. Interesting premise and the town of Vanity seems like a character unto itself. A fun new hero for hte ages and it saddens me that he's still not around. Suggested Read For All

    Transmetropoliton: Spiders Thrash TPB
    Wow thats all I can say. I'm lending this to a friend and he's floored by how amazing this series was. I'm almost finished catching up to this definitive Ellis masterpiece but I can't suggest it enough, Ellis is in my brain and i think i like it.

    Tom Strong Vol 2. TPB
    A fun read but I found all the short stories slightly underwhelming I missed the longer tales and wished for a more definitive seemingly important story. I gotthat with the Tom Strange issues and still think its a great read but not as fun as the first volume.

    The Invisibles: Bloody Hell in America TPB
    Once again another Morrison Jem. The progression of the story take sosme nice twists and the characters all seem to have grown immensly especially king mob. A great read and amazing series highly suggested to all.

    Planatery Vol 3. TPB
    I feel as though this series was born when Mr. Ellis entered my brain found all the wonderful things about all the different genres I enjoy and wrote them all into one amazing title. This is his forum so i'm sure everyone's already read it but I felt some "props" were in order. This book is in my top 10 as the funniest, jaw dropping and surreal series I've ever read.


    Secret Invasion #2
    Nothing but a place holder issue that does nothing to advance the story and spends an entire issue doing what a few pages could have done.
    The next issue looks somewhat decent and I've already signed on so unfortunately I'm in for the long haul but this issue is nothing but filler.

    I didn't get the boys this week and just noticed it was solicted for this past wednesday, was it delayed?....did anyone else get it?
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2008 edited

    My store got in the Boys #18 on Wednesday, and I purchased it. It was a good ending to this arc. I hope Ennis can keep this momentum moving into the next arc (the momentum of this book actually being good).
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    I was going to post my list, but Andre absolutely nailed my opinion of the recent comics. Secret Invasion #2 was a cocktease. Fighting sort of half-started, but never came down to the serious nitty-gritty. And anything interesting wasn't paid attention to for very long. Like the skrull Spiderman.