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    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2008
    nice to see a kindred spirit in here thanks Exmachina
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    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2008

    Secret Invasion #2- I love this event. most events suck, but this one is pretty good. I'd buy it just for Yu's art. he's the fucking man.

    Mighty Avengers #13 - I missed Nick Fury. Nuff said.

    Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #1-#6 - pure fun. pure bloody fun.


    Avengers/Invaders #1 - who let Alex Ross write? HUGE letdown. borefest 3000.
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    Invincible Iron Man #1

    This is the first time Marvel has got something exactly right. The Ultimate books launched a bit too late, and while both were good from the get go - they were not the movies. A primed pump all ready to go, and a not exactly the right fit launch, oh the names were the same, but nobody who saw either film would mistake the books for existing in the same continuity. So, now here we have an in-continuity Iron Man title, lacking the blank slate of the Ultimate books years back, which should be harder to set up exactly right for the post-movie crowd - and Fraction pulls it off in spades. Despite the plot points from the current plot heavy atmosphere of the Marvel Universe (Tony is director of shield, Pepper Potts is actually kinda a super hero now) and the clear distance in "time" from any set-up that looks like the movie - well if you saw the movie, and then bought this book...

    New to comics - you would think the book follows some years after the film, nothing introduced is incompatible or alien to the ideas that were up on the big screen. A young Stane? Why thats probably the son of the dead villain in the movie! (and it is). Tone is head of that Shield group? Well he must become head of it latter on! Tony is an alcoholic ? He did...always seem to have a drink in hand. And there is Pepper...and oh he clearly has "upgraded" his armor somehow since the origin in the movie. And oh, yup there is Rhodes in the silver armor like that scene implied. Its like a great card trick. Fraction has provided a Iron Man book which does double duty for people who might be looking for their first Iron Man book, while at the same time writing what is, without any question, a current continuity book if you know current continuity.

    Its a fun read too. Heroic flawed Tony is nice to see, complete with with his mix of total certainty in his ideas and self doubt in everything else. But, well, for me, its simply the right book at the right time.

    Secret Invasion #2

    Speaking of heavy continuity. This is exactly the issue I expected, issue one was a very fast paced start and keeping up that pace, despite the constant calls of comic fans for rapid fire plot advancement every issue (not the place for it, but thats a trend which exhausts me), we needed a slow down here. House of M started slow and built, SI started fast and now I expect this and probably next issue will rebuilt a bit since it has people's attention. That said, its not a perfect issue, but I think it keeps up the trend that SI is the best event Marvel has has in ages.

    So what did happen - allot of characterization hidden inside a fight scene, quickly establishing the reactions of a number of the Avengers to what is going on and what they are going to have to deal with in terms of identity and uncertainty. I used to read West Coast Avengers in my early to mid teens. And I was certainly reading it 1993 or there abouts when Mockingbird died, though I can't say I recall it with any sort of certainty or emotion. But, hell you all know I am giant geek, so no shock I figured that Bendis, a geek fan on the 1970s-early 1980s versions of these characters himself, would use Mockingbird as the touchstone character for "are they all skrulls?" As an aside, I was amused how quick Skrull Peter died, leaving no question on that issue. Anyway, I found the emotional touchstone part of the narative hit exactly right. Likewise, I enjoyed the characterization of Tony, Carol and oddly Ares - all reacting in fundamental ways to the events at hand. Tony deciding he needs to rebuild his Armour with the technology at hand is a nice touch.

    That said, I am not a big fan of the fetishistic 70s versions of the characters. Its a good joke in some ways, but relies on forgetting that the 1970s super heroes did not "happen" in the marvel universe, and questioning why just 6 years ago all the naturalistic dialog of Bendis would have instead been clinched stiled catch phrases, making it seems less like these are younger versions of the characters and a bit like the ship popped open and Saturday morning licensed Avengers came out. Really its not a major issue except for Luke Cage, but that did throw me a bit each time. Its Bendis having some fun with his childhood cleary, and its not a big enough issue to ruin what worked.
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    wines of some sort:
    -invincible iron man #1
    the sheer wonderful-ness of the movie prompted me to get this, as i'm sure marvel planned for. i've had no interest in the character until civil war, in which event i ended up with nothing but disdain.
    i like this though. it stays out of all the politics brought about by civil war, and manages to tell a story (i feel) is in the same tone, i guess, of the movie.
    i don't think i've even read one of fraction's books before, but i may now.

    -astonishing x-men vol. 3
    just catching up... i'm terrible about jumping on some of these from the start. my favorite volume so far.

    -x-factor: quick and the dead
    my boyfriend's purchase. i don't follow x-factor, so i didn't follow the plot so well, but i like david's storytelling.

    -cable #3
    another boyfriend buy. not so much interested in what's happening now, but more of what might happen in the future.

    pig shit or something:
    -secret invasion #2
    boyfriend's. it's not so much that i hate it, it's just that i can't get myself to care.
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    Ultimate X Men 93 - The internet may hate on Kirkman's UXM run but I have to say I disagree. I thought the Sinister / Apocalypse storyline was nicely paced, and a good spin on trad Marvel continuity. Particularly liked this concluding issue, with Phoenix battling Apocalypse brought to muscular life by Harvey Tolibao. A satisfying finish to a run I have enjoyed immensely.

    The Exterminators 29 - Nice to see the awesome Tony Moore back on pencils, although halfway through year 2 of this title, I'm unsure whether Simon Oliver is planning a really long build to a big reveal, or has lost his way somewhat. Nonetheless, a clever and enjoyable title, Oliver's allegorical comparisons of man and bug consistently entertain

    Logan (Mini) 3 - Beautiful panels from Risso, Vaughan uncharecteristically understated... a book that I think will really bear re-reading. The cover of 3 in particular is exquisite. The kind of story you just don't see Wolverine any more - he has one bad guy to fight, and you definitely feel like the bad guy could beat him. I really dug this whole mini. Last splas page also exquisite. Risso is the bomb.

    The Boys 18 - Man, Ennis is just having a laugh with this title. But I'm cool with that. Enough about the Hamster already though, let's get to some fighting again... I loved the previous Mother Russia arc, hopefully Ennis is building to something similarly epic and ridiculous. This issue was slow paced, but I'll take Ennis on filler issues over most writers on their best days.

    Black Summer 6
    - FINALLY! This series is intense on so many levels - the art by Ryp is insanely detailed, with the splash pages taking several minutes to 'read' even without dialogue. Seriously, I stared at pages 2-3 for a good ten minutes. I like the way Warren is exploring the different reasons that the characters joined the Enhancile programme... the big mystery of course is John Horus, I can't wait for the issue that goes further into hsi background. Solid awesome.

    The Invincible Iron Man 1 - Picked up on a whim, after seeing the (kick-ass) movie. Really enjoyed this, and it worked very well for me as a jumping on point - I avoided Civil War but read Extremis, so this book was perfectly pitched for me. Close enough to the tone of the movie to please the Marvel Bosses too, I expect. Whether I'd stick with this (or any) Iron man title without a writer like Fraction on board is doubtful though, he just doesn't interest me that much as a character by himself - I think Iron Man works best in team-ups.

    Midnighter 19 - I love Giffen's work on this, he has nailed the character. Great conclusion to this arc; not only can Giffen write one hell of a brawl but he is great at keeping chatter to a minimum where necessary. His clipped, elliptical dialogue suits this title perfectly. I hope Wildstorm keep Giffen on this title for a while, his is the best run since Ennis' bash at killing Hitler in 1-6. Wildstorm actually produces several of my favourite books, hate me if you must.


    Detective Comics 844 - Dini seems to have lost the noir-lite touch which made his early Batman run so enjoyable. The last few issues have been a weird mix of supernatural, celebrity gossip and overly-complicated mob drama... Like the Sopranos with Ally McBeal solving spooky crimes. (?!?) Basically I don't think Dini has a grip on Zatanna, and his fixation with the Ventriloquist is stretched over too many issues. I'm going to drop this title (and Morrison's Batman) as it goes into Summer crossover mode with Batman RIP... As I have said elsewhere, fuck crossovers, there ain't no way I'm buying an issue of Robin. Back to Detective for a sec - Nguyen's pencils were cool.

    SPEAKING OF PIG SHAT... with the exception of All Star Superman, what the fuck is DC up to? IMHO, nothing worth buying....
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    Also just occurred to me that the Fingers of Ellis were hovering over both Iron man and Midnighter.... neither of these titles would have been the same without his work. And even the best bits of the Iron Man movie were direct lifts from Extremis. It feels like the zeitgeist is coming round to realising what we all know - that Warren is a godlike genius... the potential of an OCEAN movie has me very excited indeed...
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    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2008 edited
    Finest wine -
    Back Summer #6: I would have to go back and read them all again to say for sure but this is probably my favourite issue so far. I like backstory, especially when shown between sections of such excellent violence. For some reason I rather like the General who talks to John. Art's as good as ever too, and works even in black and white. It's the second issue I've been unable to find the wrap cover for, will have to check ebay.

    Invincible Iron Man #1: I only knew to look for this because people mentioned it in here. It's a good introduction for people who've just started reading because of the movie and the story it started is interesting. I liked the thing with the fingers.

    The Boys #18: For me this series is unlikely to top the 'timing problem' of #17. This arc has felt more like characterisation and moving the overall plot along slightly, and I think it's done that well. It's taken me a while to warm to Darick Robertson's art (I didn't even like it much when i first read through Transmet) but I have warmed to it, and he does draw faces very well. Especially angry faces.

    DC Universe 0: Good scene-setting for Final Crisis. I'd probably have appreciated it more if I'd read any of the other Crisis stories or knew who most of the characters featured were, but never mind that. Grant Morrison is always good, and it was an almost full sized (was it full sized? I don't know is '32pgs' includes adverts or not) for 30p.

    Scud #21-24: I would not have bought this if not for edward's mentioning it (see, this forum has power over me. argh.) There is nothing about any of these four issues that is not awesome.

    Buffy #14: More fine wine than pig shit I guess. Nothing really to say about it except that I liked the twist. Well I didn't think the twist was particularly special but I liked that somehow I didn't see it coming if that makes sense. Now I need to lie down.

    No pig shit this week - hurrah!

    edit: @heil_brittanica re: Matt Fraction you want to read Casanova. Seriously. It's wonderful.
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    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2008
    Fine Wine

    I'll continue to echo the praise for the new Invincible Ironman #1, it does work well as a jumping on point for new readers, but also acts as a straight continuation of the arc started in 'The Order' which isn't easy to do without making it too confusing for new readers. Picked up Ironman: Viva Las Vegas #1 as well, which hasn't really done a great deal yet so it's too early to say much about it. Although the reaction of the people on the plane to the heroics was comedy gold.

    The Effluent of Pigs

    I'm a little behind on a few comics, so I've only just got around to X-Factor #30. It seems to be a bit lost at the moment, it's clearly running a filler story to take them from the end of Messiah Complex to the beginning of the new Mutant Status Quo we'll have once Secret Invasion is done with, and it's just not working for me. It seems to have lost a lot of it's charm. They need to get Layla back in there really.

    And while we're on X-Factor, I bought the Quick and the Dead one-shot as well, which seems to exist purely to reboot a whole bunch of what's happened in the last year or so of X-Factor. As someone mentioned earlier, it would've worked better just fed into the main book rather than as a separate story.
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    I'm unsure whether Simon Oliver is planning a really long build to a big reveal, or has lost his way somewhat

    im pretty sure that book is cancelled, so the long build is pretty unlikely.
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    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2008

    Action Comics Annual 11 - the story and art are good, but the ending is contradictory to the last YEAR or so of Action Comics which followed the storyline this issue is finally wrapping up.

    Rann-Thanagar Holy War: Look, it's the same Adam Strange/Animal Man/Starfire story you read last year, and the year before that! Only Again! Guest starring Spiderman as Captain Comet.

    Washed out my mouth with an amusing glimpse of Frank Castle's day-to-day life in Punisher War Journal, exceedingly purdy art in Iron Man Viva Las Vegas, and the intense, cinematic first issue of Iron Man. Geez, look at me, I'm turning into a Marvel Zombie. Good thing I didn't save the last bullet for myself.
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    i have found myself reading a lot more marvel stuff than i have before, i think its partially fractions fault as he adds like four books a month that i grab. add ellis on to that and you can start to see where the ball is rolling...
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2008
    @ joe.distort: heavy. ah well, it has had a good run.... just not convinced all plots will be reolved by the time it vanishes. Anyone who hasnt read the first two trades of Exterminators tho, I heartily recommend them.
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    A Nice Chardonney - The Vinyl Underground. A cover that must surely resonate with those of us who lived in London in the early 80s, eyeball grabbing images from the Gherkin-to-Eye compressed skyline silhouette to skeletal cunnilingus and a disturbing storyline that adds its own 08 zing to the time honoured mix of Blake with murder. Cracking stuff!
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    Invincible Iron Man #1 by Fraction was a delight, feels like more of a successor to Extremis than the main book has been (although I have been enjoying the Director of SHIELD series too) and Fraction can have my babies. Kick Ass #2 was a fun, fun book, Millar can come over and mind the kids anytime. And Iron Fist #14 (?) was badass as usual, although I miss David Aja.
    Picked up Punisher Max Vol 2, which was a stonking headbutt to my Irish ballsack, enjoyable and visceral as always, and I finally got around to picking up volume one of Ex Machina, which is a very nice read altogether.


    Right now, because due to a clerical error, I was scheduled for an 8am start at work, and I don't start until 10am.