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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2008
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    loki- that shit is really gorgeous. after going to two wack ass weddings today, i can say that i would much rather have photos like yours than the ones i was involved in. seriously awesome.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2008 edited
    Congratulations, Loki! My complements to the photographer!

    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week.

    Mostly just the people around me who are too content to be happy. The kind of people who only listen to one kind of music, who only draw in one style, who only read one kind of book, who only wear one kind of color. Who are too scared to get a really big smile on their face for one ungodly reason.

    What also pisses me off if is my tendency to be like that on my bad days.

    Tell me your ambitions.

    Currently, to get my script picked up. I know the story's good, I'm just not sure if it's good enough for the folks I'm sending them off to. One of them is Avatar - Maybe I can tell them I, once, gave Warren Ellis a cool idea (the idea of bringing back Scientifiction - yeah, it never really worked, but all well). Or maybe I can just market myself as best I can - that'll probably work better.

    Eventually, I'd like to complete the full deck of Tarot Cards I'm working on. The Major Arcana are going to be for class and a gallery showing, but I'd like them all for my own, and my friends', uses.

    Tell me one thing you want to have done by year's end.

    By school year's end, I'd really love to eke out two As. That would be a wonderful thing, for my GPA and my self-esteem. And for once, I think I've got a fair chance of pulling it off.

    Tell me... hell, tell me what your favourite clothes are, what you're listening to right now, tell me anything you want me to know. Get something off your chest, make me laugh, or simply touch yourself furtively in the dark.

    Black jeans from the late '90s, fruit-of-the-loom featureless T-shirts, black jacket. Conversely, black slacks and white button-up. Depends on my mood. Either way, dark gray wool cabbie hat.

    Currently listening to 99 Luftballoons, probably one of the best damn Cold War songs ever.

    I want you to know that in the space of four hours today, I quoted Transmetropolitan, Orbiter, and the cop from Hellblazer: Haunted. Two people got the references. This must be changed - the Ellis Ebola must be spread via sanguine vomit.

    Mostly I want to get my shirt off my chest, so that I can run up the street half-naked and howling at the clouds (the moon's hiding).

    Fuck you, Warren, I'm supposed to make you laugh?

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me, creatures of the night.

    I'm sad to say I don't have many of these that aren't rather pedestrian or petty.

    OK, here's one. I have found myself a girlfriend who not only allows, but asks me, to read cyberpunk literature to her every night before bed. I will be recording audiobooks for her of Gibson's Bridge Trilogy over the summer, to send to her via mp3.

    OK, here's one. I had an almost irresistible urge to grab someone by the shoulders, hang them over a balcony, and yell "QUIT PISSING ME OFF" earlier today. Didn't do it, of course. But it's a rush getting that pissed, as I'm sure the vitriolic folks here know very well.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 3500 of you.

    I, too, am mostly reduced to Photobooth, but it would appear from the two directly previous that I'm in rather pleasant company.

    The Man, the Legend, The Lurker

    I'm having a drink now. Join me.

    I'll raise my glass to this forum, to the people here, and the ideas, and the jokes, and anger, and the little loves, and the pretty girls, the words and lyrics and photos and scribblings.

    To Whitechapel. May our blood always stain the streets.
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    I raise my happy prescription pill bottle to everyone, and no, you can't have any. Get your own. And get me a beer, while you're at it. Now shut me up before I get all sappy and huggy and "like I totally love you guys" and start posting unfortunate pictures of my boobs.

    Also, can my blood just stain like, part of the sidewalk? I haven't got a whole lot of it, and I get woozy when too much of it falls out of me.

    On the other hand, copious amounts of other fluids have been known to pour from me with great effect, so perhaps there can be an even-steven substitution?

    Edit: Artemis, that is one hell of a beard. Kudos!
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2008
    Thank you kindly! It used to be muttonchops, but I think this looks better anyway.

    And we'll take any fluids anyone feels like contributing!
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    Pissed? Not this week. A little defeated, but getting back on top again.

    One thing done by year’s end? I’ve had a storage unit in my hometown for the past 8 years and really need to move it out to where I live now.

    Currently, my favorite clothes are a red corduroy flouncy skirt, a soft grey t-shift that has a blue bicycle with the words ‘winged steel’ on it, and knee high brown leather lace up 3inch heeled boots – but wearing them all together doesn’t seem to work.

    Anything I want to you to know – Thank you for giving us this place. It’s really nice, and I enjoy being here.

    @Artemis *Clink* I mis-read 'sheets' instead of 'streets' for a second there. It's late for me. Cheers.
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    Still in San Francisco/Oakland. Artist-in-residency vacation at The Family Ghost collective is ten million stars of fun.

    Puppet under construction:


    "Pissing Me Off":

    Last open mic I can remember, I previewed two videos for a "viral" advertisement series commissioned by a news website. Never mind the fact that I explained people traditionally don't enjoy sitting through commercials, and viral video can't be manufactured (and companies have fallen on their face trying). They bought three on a pitch, paid me for one, and threw around a lot of phrases like "complete creative control" and "make them weirder." I knew that last one was a minefield, but I'd been paid on time for the first entry, so I figured making two more in the same vein was pretty safe. Meanwhile, they dragged their feet on the paperwork, and I was running out of time before I left the state, so this whole deal ended up being on a handshake.

    So, now, perhaps predictably, despite no radical departure in content, they've decided they don't care for the latest two installments and are withholding payment. Among their reasoning: "The video makes [them] look bad" because it portrays Barack Obama "as dumb, when he's actually smart."

    (It's actually gentle satire, portraying him as sweetly naive, and I explained that I not only support Obama, but volunteered to make phone calls to Red States at the Chicago headquarters. These people, for all their "weirdness" have apparently not heard of Saturday Night Live, Mad Magazine, The Onion, etc.).

    The clients' solution: "we discussed many other angles that could have been taken – showing how [our news website] is what made him smart."

    I'm trying to be accommodating, because these people have contacted me about future work, but besides violating our agreement, as an actual Obama supporter I have an obvious problem with the notion that it's wrong to portray him as dumb, but ethical to portray him as a Flowers-for-Algernon-type made eloquent by browsing a little-known news start-up.

    We'll see what happens. This might just get chalked up in the "valuable lesson" column.

    The rest of the universe is beautiful though, The Family Ghost are remarkable persons, and I've met a few others as well (hi).

    Rocking RX shades in the City:

    RX shades

    See you some of you when I get back. Others when you find me.
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    Lost my job (caricature artist at the Excalibur), blew too much money the day prior thinking I'd have a job to go to the next day to make up for it, also am leaking money like a sieve because of me funding my first feature film (literally just finished funding the most expensive part) and hosting a now-weekly Drink and Draw event, and finally, wrote a MUCH longer version of this post a minute ago and accidentally hit one of the links I had embedded while reviewing, thus losing the whole damned thing.

    Here's a Luc Besson inspired scream now:

    Well, at least now I have time enough to finish the liner art for Necrophiliac's Hearse and finish my Zuda submission.

    P.S. Also, noticed that picture of Vanessa and... Pulse racing now, must remember to breathe... Look at the relaxed sensuality. She doesn't even need to try...