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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008
    You could actually go mad and do San Diego Comic Con by driving down from Vegas to San Diego via Highway 15.
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    New Orleans. Way too many good places to eat here. But really, for some great music, hit Frenchmen St. It across from the Quarter but lots of great music clubs there such as Snug Harbor and DBA and other little joints. In the Quarter I would recommend The Coffee Pot to eat or Central Grocery with beignets at Cafe Du Monde afterwards. Street Car line is back open and where The St. Charles line meets with Carrolton there is a great bar called Cooter Brown's and some other good places to eat such as Camelia Grill. I would recommend hitting St. Louis Cathedral as well as the Cabildo (Louisiana History Museum). Also check out the D-Day Museum in the Warehouse District.

    Also while here, keep a lookout for yellow signs with arrows. Those would be location signs pointing the way to the various films going on here.

    And if you can wrangle it, its worth it to get a drive through either the Lakeview area or the lower 9th Ward to see the two ares where the levees failed and had the most damage from Katrina.

    In Austin I am more fan of Chuey's and their Mexican/Texas martini's. Hit up a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse as well, especially if you can get into the downtown one. And definately go to Antone's.
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    Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota should be worth your time, if for nothing else than a good place to see the Mississippi River(possibly from the Stone Arch Bridge where you can see the only waterfall along its course). Coming to the Cities will also give you opportunity to check out the monster known as the Mall of America, catch a concert at the historic First Avenue, or a show at The Guthrie (or one of the downtown theatres). We've also got the Walker Art Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Art(next to Ryan Kelly's day job at MCAD), among others, that are well worth checking out. If you feel so inclined, wandering the skyway system in downtown Minneapolis might be a novel exercise, just for the sake of how ridiculously interconnected it is. Spending a day or three in the wilds of Northern Minnesota could be something else to do, I'd recommend traveling up the North Shore of Lake Superior to Trail's End on the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais if you do.

    Having been there twice, I'm heartily seconding Arjan's sentiments on DC as well, some phenomenal architecture and it absolutely oozes history. The Science Nerd in me says Air & Space, but the History Nerd says the National Mall area, with the Vietnam and Lincoln Memorials, as the places to go, but really, its all good. The National Cathedral is also quite well worth the time, even being the dirty pagan that I am. It also puts you reasonably close to the aforementioned Antietam and Gettysburg battlefields for a good does of US Civil War history.
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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008
    More Austin, TX places to hit --
    (First, please note that Austin is extremely different from the rest of Texas - it's quite liberal and weird.)

    The bats at Congress Bridge - every night, 1.5 million bats fly out from under the bridge. I believe it's the largest urban bat colony. It's worth seeing (unless bats creep you out).

    Texas BBQ is amazing, and the best place to get it is The Salt Lick. It's about 45 outside of Austin and absolutely worth the drive.

    Flip Happy Crepes: Eating French crepes outdoors, served to you from a vintage Airstream-style trailer by a small army of cute women who own and operate the place.

    If there are any movies you want to see while in the states, go to the Alamo Drafthouse - it's considered one of the best theaters in America for all the events they put on (and you can drink beer while watching movies!).

    Austin has tons of live music. Certainly check out Antones if you can, as someone mentioned. If you want some to hear some amazing gospel during Hippy Church, go to Maria's Taco Xpress on a Sunday morning.

    I've never been, but I hear the Cathedral of Junk is pretty amazing.

    Also, try to meet Leslie if you can. He usually hangs around downtown.

    And, if you are going through Tucson, AZ, stay to watch the sunset. It is absolutely breathtaking.
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    If you go through Mississippi (other than the coast), come visit Oxford. The students are all but gone this time of year, so the locals come out. Go to the City Grocery bar and sit on the porch to watch the people go by on The Square. Take a break from drinking there to walk across the street to the Blind Pig and have a drink or a sandwich. Then, walk down the block a ways to Ajax Diner and hang out at the bar, have a shrimp po-boy or some meatloaf and veggies. If you hit there around dinner, make sure you get the Catfish Carly. If you're lucky, Carly herself will serve it to you.

    Sorry, but the best bar in Oxford, the Longshot, closed. The Jubilee will have to do. It's around the corner and down the block from Ajax, and you can have a Jubilee Jack (the perfect combination of coffee and booze) and perk yourself up for the live music, and of course, tomfoolery in the photo booth that was relocated from the Longshot.

    Oh, and some guy named Faulkner wrote some can visit his grave in St. Peter's cemetery, or swing by his house, Rowan Oak. (Please keep in mind the map and images on this link are very old).

    If you don't make it there, you can go to some of my favorite bars in New Orleans: Snake & Jakes (7612 Oak St, I think you can tell when it's open because the christmas lights come on. This is the epitome of a dark, dingy, hole-in-the wall. The beer's cold, the bartenders only look mean, and I have never made it any further into the place than the front corner of the bar) and The Saint (961 St. Mary St -- they also have a great photo booth, and really nice bartenders). You could also go by Parasol's at Constance and Third for a roast beef po-boy the size of your head and really cold beer. St. Joe's bar makes a good Mojito, but it's been really crowded every time I've gone.
    There's ridiculously good food all over New Orleans, so eat up, drink up, have fun.
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    If you come through Memphis TN, you should swing by A. Schwab's store. It's the oldest continuous establishment on Beale Street; they sell voodoo oil among many, many other things, and you will find more interesting souvenirs there than could be found in any of the more touristy shops in town. The place is a genuine old style southern dry goods store, and the same family's run it since 1876 (which is ancient history here in the land of short memories). We also have the rest of Beale Street, the Civil Rights Museum and Sun Studio, of course, which need no elaboration. I'm certainly forgetting things, but each of these came readily to mind.

    For barbeque, people will tell you to go to The Rendezvous and that's fine, but The Bar-B-Que Shop (1782 Madison Ave) is better for a good old pulled pork (or beef if you prefer) sandwich and fries. Put your cole slaw on top of the meat in your sandwich, by the way. That's how it's done round here, and it's real tasty (though a little messy). For beer, go to Boscos (2120 Madison). It's a good microbrewery, and you can get barbeque pizza, one of the most brilliant culinary combinations ever. Get your catfish at Soulfish Cafe (862 South Cooper).

    Go ahead and ride a riverboat if you're here, too. Yeah, it's a little touristy, but it's on those boats that Mark Twain built a mind for writing, and as far as Finding America, the Mississippi River is not a bad place to look.

    And if you absolutely must, Graceland's around here somewhere, too.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2008
    This thread is making me want to go on a roadtrip.

    I'd complain about gas prices here, but Warren is English and would slap me the eff down.
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    racingpenguins: i'll come early for the bats and bring a pile of dark knight for the waiting hours! - we don't get bats in tons i denmark...
    ctanguis: Snake & Jakes it is then... can't argue with that description

    This thread is fantastic - a big thanks to all of you who took your time to scrape through your minds and picked out that american feeling.
    Our homepage is now online but not with much content yet - the video and blog will be in danish and sounds like clown language but the photos hopefully will give you some idea of where we went.


    Ægte kærlighed from the group of traveling danes