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    Any Whitehapel cats attending Movement: Detroit's Electronic Fest this year? I'll be in town to play and hit up the super mega awesome extreme eye bursting afterparties and I'd like to meet up for some coffee, lentil tacos, or malt liquor (in the spirit of De-Rot)

    Here's a quick rundown of where I'll be for sure:

    Skymall (Pittsburgh)
    Heartworm (L.A.)
    Xrin Arms (Everywhere)
    Johnny Static (Detroit)
    Traits (Ann Arbor)
    Adon Angel (Ann Arbor)
    Little Mack (Pittsburgh)
    Abstraktikons (Pittsburgh/Ann Arbor)
    Nyarlathotep (Detroit)
    Split Horizon (Detroit)
    Selector Catalogue (Detroit)
    Chem 7 (Detroit)
    Hobert Europe (Detroit)
    Noxious One (Ann Arbor)
    CIII (Ann Arbor)
    DJ Tacopunch! (Chicago)
    DJ Deadlines (Detroit)

    late add of awesome
    Baron Knoxburry (Ann Arbor)

    Friday May 23rd
    @ McCarthy's Pub
    1600 Fort Street
    Detroit, MI 48126

    Saturday May 24 @ the Trumbullplex, 4210 Trumbull

    Benefit show for The Trumbullplex /
    Record release party for Void Tactical Media 001/Massive Support 001

    Heartworm (San Francisco)
    Dimentia (Oakland)
    Vasculator (Pittsburgh)
    Selector Catalog (Ann Arbor)
    Metria (Detroit)
    Johnny Static (Detroit)
    DJ Deadlines (Detroit)
    Marco Polio and the New Vaccines (Detroit)

    Sunday May 25 @ FromTheGut, 1551 Winder 2nd Floor

    From The Gut's 3rd Annual Opposition Party / Record release party for Prometheus Burning

    Hecate (Berlin)
    Baseck (LA)
    Prometheus Burning (Pittsburgh)
    Split Horizon (Detroit)
    Cutups (Pittsburgh)
    Statas (Philadelphia)
    Skymall (Pittsburgh)
    Little Mack (Pittsburgh)