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    The girlfriend of the guy building Cellar contacted me the other day. Apparently, the shit-ton of sexballs littering the place are "some of her toys" that she "left laying around," and that Cellar/Cellar Proper are not sex sims. She also said that the builder, Outy Banjo, doesn't expect to have the built completed until this time next year.
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    Ah. Well then, that's good news. I'll be curious to see its evolution. The library within the school was a great space and the details on the gears and rigging for the basketball goals in the gym were really well done.
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2007
    I rather like urban decay sex sims, but oh well. I haven't even been arsed to go check out Cellar yet, so I have no room to talk about what I'd prefer.