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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    Off you go, then.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthordeadhuman
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2008
    why Swordman's still alive?

    Walking Dead
    If he's dead... its THE page of the run.
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    Some amazing fluids I swigged today:

    Casanova 14: Well...Zephyr's identity I didn't see coming. Great closing arc to this volume.

    Invincible Iron Man 1: Fraction? LaRocca? I'd be in regardless of the character.

    NewUniversal : Shockfront 1: Hot Damn! I've been anticipating the return of this book for awhile.

    Captain Britain and M-15 1: I dunno, I didn't really need a "Secret Invasion" tie-in, but Paul Cornell's one of my favorite Dr. Who writers, so I figured I'd scope this out. So, far, I like it enough to stay with it awhile. Plus, a Super-Skrull with the Champions' powers? Awesome.

    Last Defenders 3: So, this team changes it's lineup every friggin' issue. Yep, that's the Defenders, all right.

    Herbal--No thanks

    Tiny Titans 4: Eh, the first few issues were cute enough, and funny in their way, but I think I'm bored with the joke now. Tiny disco-suit Nightwing looks cool, though.
    • CommentAuthorsonofivor
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2008
    the good fluids
    1- abe sapien - the drowning: BPRD is great, antything Mignola rules
    2- House of Mystery: loved the old ones, and the genre
    3- Glamorpuss: looked interesting
    4- Daed space #3: anthony johnson and templesmith.loved wasteland and calamari rising
    5- Ironman - Viva las vegas: Adi Granov is amazing

    herbal - no thanks
    1- avengers/invaders. no Alex Ross art.
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    transhuman hickman/ringuet: this is really a clever well written series, which i am enjoying. has good energy and it is very thoughtful.
    skydoll barbucci/canepa: france comes to america; i want to say it is well written, however i need to see where this goes, but appears to have alot of promise. the artwork is some of the best i have seen. just stunning visually.
    newuniversal shockfront ellis/kurth/hennessy/chuckry: i am so happy this is back!!!!!


    number of the beast beatty/sprouse/story: first 2 issues were pretty good _ this issue was not so good. for me, it sort of bogged down this outing. hopefully it is temporary and will kick back up next month.
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    New Universal Shockfront. This issue actually hooked me deeper than the 1st series, and I liked the first series.

    Thunderbolts. Another solid issue. 1st 2 pages of monologue caused me to walk through the house shirtless and read them aloud to the wife. not sure if she found it amusing, but she is always a sucker for a well placed hitler reference.

    that was it for me. not that i am complaining in the least.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2008

    Batman: RIP -- Satisfies my hook/obsession with the character and Morrison brings out the WTF like a skilled pro. Also, if those are the people that I think they are in the last pages with The Joker...he's definately the most fucked-up version EVER in his history.


    Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas -- Not bad really, but with the hype of the movie I guess I was expecting more. Besides Granov's amazing art, it was a meh, but still workable first issue.
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2008 edited
    AMAZING FLUIDS OF THE GODS.....SKY DOLL#1-french comic from soleil courtesy of marvel. great artwork! i think this is going to be a great story exposing the christian menace for what it really is. it seems that it is going to require a sexy android/doll in outer space to do this. (whatever it takes!) in the coming months marvel is releasing several other soleil books like Universal War One,Scourge Of The Gods,and Samurai. there are previews to all of these in Sky Doll #1. it would be great for other companies to do what marvel has done and open up the world of comics for us! CRECY-another amazing story by our spiritual advisor, mr. ellis. great artwork by raulo caceres who is doing the stunning wraparound covers for the DOKTOR SLEEPLESS books. YOUNG LIARS#3 -vertigo series that has gotten better with each issue. PhotobucketPhotobucketHERBALAX........I WAS KIDNAPPED BY LESBIAN PIRATES FROM OUTER SPACE-no mature theme warning. i should have known better. but there were a few good lines like "please don't shoot me up with that heroin"
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2008
    Zensurfer: I loved Lesbian Pirates--read it when it was a web comic, and it indeed has some awesome lines. I personaly love their literal "Gaydar." :D
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    Thunderbolts Finally! A comic series that can keep the epic-ness on a constant pace. I never liked Swordsman [spoilers!] so I hope he isn't just "unconscious" or "terribly wounded." Dead would be nice.
    Walking Dead When the Walking Dead series amps up the action with people's heads blowing off and zombies mauling important characters, I find myself slightly let down by an issue where little to nothing happens. Thankfully, Kirkman keeps it interesting with good father-son/apocalypse dialogue mixed with intrigue for their most likely bad future.
    New Universal I'm becoming increasingly hooked on the plot and addicted to the characters.


    Vertigo First Issue Sampler Though this book of collected issues of Vertigo series has some good comics, like Scalped, it's marred by the bizzare and relatively uninteresting Crossing Midnight and the laughably awful Army @ Love. Maybe I need to give it a second run, because Rick Veitch's Can't Get No was awesome. But this comic is barely held together with awful dialgoue that may be an attempt at tongue and cheek war humor, but comes off as just an excuse to talk about guns and show us boobs.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008 edited
    BATMAN #676 - Rivetting beginning to the epic Batman R.I.P. arc. Morrison wasn't kidding when he said he wanted his new version of the Joker to be the most disturbing yet. The only thing I'm concerned with is the R.I.P. checklist. I'm hoping those Bat-family books don't play in heavily to the main storyline, because I don't feel like buying them.

    CASANOVA #14 - Yeah...this is the book of the year. The only other book that has a chance to touch this issue will be the conclusion to All Star Superman. I hope Fraction creates a Muxtape (or two) as he promised, otherwise I'm going to have to search the interwebs for half the songs listed in this issue.

    NEWUNIVERSAL SHOCKFRONT #1 - Glad this one is back. This was the second book I started buying when I got back into comics at the end of 2006. I do believe I like Steve Kurth's pencils over Larroca's.

    THUNDERBOLTS #120 - This issue was Normie's time to shine, and shine he did. Warren and Grant are the best at writing for batshit crazy characters. I second the idea for Warren to write a Norman-Osborn-running-for-president story. And goddamnit, he better win.

    WOLVERINE #65 - Excellent conclusion to Aaron's arc. It ended about the best it could, I would imagine.

    YOUNG LIARS #3 - I'm one of the ones that love this book, and the love continues with issue number three. I liked Sadie's enthusiasm in this issue, especially.

    Will read tonight, but surely are SWIG AMAZING FLUIDS:
    PUNISHER #57
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    Casanova #14: Well yeah, that's a big swig of NEW. Casanova deserves all the effusive praise and then some. This is Luther Arkwright for the new millenium, which is about as high a compliment as I can give.

    Ultimate Human/Newuniversal:Shockfront Putting these together because there's something you did here that I really dug. The captions. On NewUniversal there's a "voice" to the captions that feels removed, like a computer reading data. The lettering style fits perfectly. In Ultimate Human the captions are almost a character unto themselves, at times it's a smartass character too such as "IT EXPLODES FUEL". Two very different narrative voices which both add another level to the work. Made me think of the fun you seemed to be having on Nextwave with the captions.

    Batman: Rip Well, Grant Morrison is clearly having a blast with Batman. I don't follow any Crises or Invasion or whatever, I just like the way he writes these mad, mad characters and their deeply strange strories.


    This is more superhero than I've had in a good long time. But I'm following the writers not the characters.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008
    First up just to say that I have dropped Batman. Screw the whole Batman RIP thing and screw Morrison, I am NOT, repeat NOT reading Robin. Ever. Okay, maybe I'll buy the softcover trade if orwellseyes and others continue to say good things but am I gonna put Robin on my pull list? Hell no. And you can keep your Final Crisis jizzbag uselessness too. Man crossovers bug the hell out of me. It's without doubt the worst thing about Summer.

    Also, my girlfriend wants to express her annoyance that I now go buy my comics on a Thursday while she's at work, so I can talk about them here on Whitechapel. She misses her trips to Deadhead Comics at the weekends. But can't complain because I buy her comics for her, even when it's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. Which is more awesome than I thought it would be, if homoerotic goth stuff is your bag. And sometimes, to my shame, it's mine.

    On to the AMAZING FLUIDS:

    The Walking Dead 49: Issue 48's conclusion made me spit tea all over the place. But I think this series needed the swift boot up the arse that Kirkman has delivered. Here at 49, we're back to the survivors, now just Rick and Carl, searching derelict buildings and holing up for one night at a time. And killing zombies with axes. Good to see Michonne is still alive and kicking too. I like the idea that Kirkman is perhaps going to follow several groups of characters - Michonne, the other guys who escaped, and the Woodbury crew. After a few years reading this title, it's like an old friend - totally above reproach. Can't say that about any other specific book. Ellis may keep me happy with his multifarious work on both his own and other people's creations, but Kirkman delivers the goods regularly just on this one title. For this alone, I consider him a godlike genius - and I love that this title has a proper letters page too, I miss those, especially the Vertigo ones. Ah well, don't need them anymore - I have you guys... does anyone know where Charles J Sperling went? I digress.

    New Universal: Shockfront 1: It took me a while to warm to this title's original run - I felt there was something understated about it, although the mythos of an alternate world where Lennon lived and McCartney died was tantalising. It seems the pace is going to pick up in this second arc, so bravo to all concerned. Liked the mix of art styles / inking styles / lettering styles too. Bigup for bringing Manhua into the plot too, tell me more of your crazy Chinese comics.

    Wolverine 65 - A good if predictable ending to Aaron's run; to be honest I'm right glad he didn't bump off Mystique. Mainly in the FLUIDS pile because of the bit where Mystique vomits on Wolverine's headshot face. That was cool.

    The Goon 24 - A kind of half issue... the story told in silent panels and black and white for the most part. Nice and dark and cannibal-y... Need to go back and re-read some of the last few issues to figure out where the plot is headed though. The backup story was kind of pointless. But If Powell's gonna keep putting Goon out monthly, I'll accept the odd Peaches Valentine moment. Dave Stewart's colours really work for me on this book too, great decision by Powell to bring him onboard.

    Thunderbolts 120
    - Have made a few comments on this on the specific thread. So won't go into much detail. Just to reiterate, GOBLIN! GOBLIN! GOBLIN! Pure, unadulterated immense-ness.... both art, story and dialogue blew me away. Arguably Ellis' best non-creator-owned title. If you have missed this run, pick up the gorgeous hardback trade. Pick of the week, humans!
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008


    X Men 211 - Seems less directionless than last month, but I think anyone trying to pick this up since the end of Messiah Complex and read an X-Men story that is self-contained might well weep tears of frustration. Carey - my patience is wearing thin. My love of your Castor novels and the X-Men in general is keeping me hanging on here, but if all you're doing is remixing the X-Men history then I may blow this particular popsicle stand soon. I get enough of that in the Ultimates line, thanks. More fighting please - we like fighting.

    X-Men: Origins - Colossus - Pointless. Didn't add anything to my knowledge of, or love for, the Colossus character. Scrappily written. Threat of KGB weaponizing Piotr magicked away by some obvious Xavier-ex-machina. Fuck this comic, what a waste of money. My comic guy knows of my Xfetish and definitely saw me coming with this one. But I forgive him.

    Lost Boys: The Frog Brothers 1 - Kind of lame but I enjoyed it anyway, I hope that's meant to be Kiefer Sutherland at the end. Making the English Army vampires was a nice touch. Who am I kidding though, this comic is not for the discerning Whitechapel audience, but for dupes like me who buy tie-ins.


    Wolverine One-Shot - Think this was re-prints, am leaving it in the bathroom for when the urge for a particularly heavy dump takes me. What can I say, the only Wolverine title I don't read is that First Class gubbins...

    Serenity 3 of 3 - Whedon's storytelling techniques and particularly jarring use of compression mean I have to read the preceding issues every time a new one comes out. Undecided as to whether this is good or bad. But it is nice to see Jayne and everyone back, and although I haven't forgiven Whedon for killing Wash in the movie, it's also nice to read a story about the whole crew... Glad he didn't opt for a straight up movie sequel as comic, that would have sucked.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008
    Ok, my bad, just read the Wolverine one-shot and it's 3 short one-shots by David Lapham and various artists. Pick it up - AMAZING FLUIDS. Nice carnival / freakshow themes and a minimal amount of Marvel continuity. More please, Lapham rocks.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008

    Transhuman #2 - still hooked on the Hickman. It's verbally dense, and seems almost moreso than Nightly News, but overall I likes it. Nice nod to Morrison/Quitely and We3.

    Newuniversal Shockfront #1 - I like where this story is going. A good ol' Ellis twist in there. I think this guy might know how to write.

    Fall of Cthulu #10 - somehow I missed this book the week it released, and my wife mentioned it to me. A good capper to the arc it... um... caps. I especially love the last two pages or so.


    More for the fact that I just don't have enough time to read the TPBs I picked up this week, and work, and play with my daughter, and play video games. Guess the work will have to suffer. Seriously, though, I'll probably work my way through most of them this week and get some notes up by Tuesday. (Transmet vols 3 & 4, Casanova vol.1, and Invisibles vol. 2, for those interested. They all LOOK hot... My wife giggled inanely at Transmet, so that's sort of a review, right?)
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008

    Batman #676
    Another stronng issue with adrenaline inducing actions that leave me agonizing for the next issue. It's no secret I'm a huge narc
    for Grant Morrison and this issue proves why. Nice story progression and a fun chat between Alfred and Robin. This issue is a perfect starting point for the uber crossover that is BATMAN R.I.P. The Black Glove are an interesting Cabal and the Jokers demented visions and his subsequent offer are superb. Daniels art at first I thought was sparse but have grown to really like.
    The most disturbing version of the Joker yet an excellent read.

    Walking Dead#49
    Not too shabby. A little bit of a let down after last issue. It was a really fast read. It toke literally a minute and a half to read this. It handled the stories continuation well and some of the horror of their situation can really be felt on those wordless panels. all and all I'll take a swig.

    Amazing Spider-Man #559
    A fun read. Marcos was born to draw spider-man and did an astounding job. not a huge fan of screwball's character design but a very interesting twist for a villian especially in today's age of the internet. Paper doll was quite menancing and is also a very interesting addition to Spidey's rogues gallery. Good story interesting plot set up another fun filled dan slott written issue.

    Newuniversal: Shockfront #1
    Like coming home again this title was a great wake-up from the hiatus of the previous run. Nice to see kickers inc. joining the fold if anyone could make their place in the new universe make sense it's Ellis. Solid dialogue and action. I hope we have a new antagonist introduced here because I'd like to see a villain step forward whose powered and not with the government. The police types were a nice addition as well.

    Thunderbolts #120
    In my opinion the best single issue of this series so far. Warren Ellis nails the voice of Osborn and some hillarious dialogue and action. An excellent read and another Ellis Classic. When I read Warren's mainstream stuff sometimes I can hear in my head what he would REALLYwrite if he had no restrictions, and my head was saying that the pig wouldn't have coughed out mr strucker.

    Twelve #5
    Still not as great as I was hoping but all and all pretty good. You really feel for the time displaced heroes and the speech that Dynamic Man gives on the future they never recieved was chilling. This title is getting better and better and although some
    of the dialogue feels contrived it's still a good read.

    The Boys #18
    A great finish, Ennis is the voice of violence and the dark nature of human existance. Bravo
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    wow, this week was huge on the radness!!

    BATMAN- cryptic and brutal- it is all in the timing.

    BOOSTER GOLD- fun ridiculousness, this is the book that i want to give to people that complain about comics that "dont matter". seriously? its fiction, shut the fuck up.

    NUMBER OF THE BEAST- i am still liking this- a concept that may be of interest to the ANNA MERCURY fans and stormwatch continuity nerds is at work here. i seriously hope you are still getting paid for this warren- it all stems from you anyway.

    YOUNG LIARS-more subdued (read: nothing as brutal as last months ending), but more informative of the current situation. lapham is fucking firing on all cylinders again and i am loving it- the flashbacks are crucial and the concept of the pinkertons is crazy fucked up.
    CASANOVA- holy shit- thats what has been going on??? this book was so good. do i need to really gush MORE praise on what is my favorite-est comic of the past 5 or so years????

    TRANSHUMAN- kind of odd to read it after the action fistfuck of CAS, but this book is a whole different beast. in fact, its nothing like any comic i have ever read. i have an odd feeling it wouldve read better as one OGN though. give it to someone who doesnt read comics and listen to them describe it back to you.

    TBOLTS- this is my favorite issue of the run so far. the madness, the out loud monologue, the violence-its beautiful. THIS is what i was hoping for when ellis was announced as writer.

    DEATH GRUB- a neat 24 hour comic from ryan ottley that kinda skipped under the radar. cool idea, nicely done in one day. the final caption had me laughing out loud alone in my apartment.

    ASM- i havent bought a spidey comic since....well i dont even know. i saw that it was slott and marcos martin, and ah, what the hell. it was fun and a good read.


    GLC- ok, are they really basing a whole issue off of the black mercy plant that alan moore came up with 20+ years ago-with THAT as the ending? i
  8.  (2230.19)

    i forgot the REX ogn from dan zezelj. the stark b+w art is so thick, it looks heavy. this is some serious gorgeousness. see also: like getting hit in the face.
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008
    Swig Amazing Fluids

    Guardians of the Galaxy #1: Frankly, I'm surprised no one's mentioned this one. Abnett and Lanning already have an amazing solo cosmic book, now they have an amazing team book too. I could go without the debrief log bits, but they had some funny parts, so I suppose they're fine, so long as they're not a permanent feature of the series. Plus, the team line-up is about my favorite ever.

    The only thing left that I want from Marvel Cosmic is a Super Skrull monthly.