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    • CommentAuthorthephoenix
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008 edited
    People love Steampunk for the same reason they love mash-ups: it’s a mix of the modern with the Victorian, the retro with the futuristic, and the DIY with the corporate. In “Steam Dream,” the Boston Phoenix’s Sharon Steel chronicles the creative outputs of Steampunk, a subculture on the fringe that’s about to burst into mainstream consciousness. Here, the Industrial Revolution, Victoriana, and the 21st-century collide in a world where DIY tinkerers breath new life into modern devices, live post-civilized lives, and create music and art out of of a fabulous junkyard of ideas that’s been left behind until now. But Steampunk is more than an aesthetic and a scene. It has, for some, become a thrilling revolt against the evils of mass-production and the subsequent commercialization and commodification of every last inch of our lives.

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