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    Millar's work is not generally to my taste, but I did more or less get what he was doing with the Ultimates.

    The number of good ole' lefty super hero writers who specialize in satirizing the right wing nature of allot of super hero comics, while at the same time getting applauded by the conservative militaristic comic fan who can't see the joke, is not a large number. And thats what The Ultimates was, and really its why it had to end with Millar, become closer to the older versions, or find another writer who can play that game.

    Otherwise it is going to be a self parody of what was already satire, and I do not think Loeb is a good choice in light of that.
    • CommentAuthorNecros
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2007
    All I can say is we'll see...
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    Paul O'Brien explains up my reaction to this issue far better than I ever could. The muddy colors. The bad pacing. Millar's Club of Subtlety replaced by the Club of No Subtlety. Replacing the team with generic superheroes, albeit tortured angsty superheroes. Shouting the plot at each other. The confused storytelling. My total lack of caring about anything at all in the entire issue, made all the worse by the fact that the original Ultimates is the one thing of Millar's I've ever really loved and looked forward to.

    And the way he sums it up:
    Reading this issue, I couldn't help imagining people in the Marvel offices gathering around the pages in horrified silence, with a clock ticking ominously in the background. They must know. They surely can't have deluded themselves into thinking this is any good.
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    @ Ian: I think Countdown (can someone explain the point of it to me, please?).

    You know, I tried looking at U3 #1 without thinking about the previous installments, but even as a "regular universe" Avengers story it didn't come off that well (IMO).

    When did Valkyrie get actual powers?
    Why was Thor speaking more like his 616 counterpart?
    Why is Pym back with the Ultimates?

    Was there some sort of bridge between U2 &3, or is it actually as disjointed as it looks?
    • CommentAuthorMusiM
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2007
    I think my only problem with Ultimates #3 is Janet wasn't Asian anymore.
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    I didn't read the book, but I did pick it up and look through it for other reasons - I'd heard about how badly the colors 'looked'. The print job on this book was utterly abominable. I've seen the original color files, and the printed job. The difference is night and day. Basically, someone took Chris' coloring work and shat on it during the press run. The printer wasn't even able to match their own color proofs on that job... if they couldn't do that, the colors are fucked, no matter who colored it, or what they did.