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    I don't really get what is meant by 'science itself' being the monster.

    Well, it was just a title thread. But I do think there's this underlying notion of "SCIENCE GOES TOO FAR" as if the science itself is out there doing this and these innocent scientists are just along for the ride. Beakers with minds of their own and what not.

    It's ridiculous because all these investigators are using scientific methods to track down the bad guys/plagues/evil or what have you. You don't see them cracking out ouija boards and sacrificing chickens for clues.

    Though that could be really funny if they did.
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    @ orwellseyes.

    Yeah the world TOTALLY needs more chicken sacrificing crime fighters. :)
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    Beyond snark (in that country from which no traveller hath returned) the BPRD in Hellboy is singularly entertaining because they combine weirdo occult logic with science firepower. I.E. a gun that shoots bullets filled with garlic and silver to kill vampires and the like.

    I'd kill to see David Caruso whip off his sunglasses and pick up a voodoo doll.

    "I's time...we get to...the point"
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    As others have said, I think there's more nuance to it than 'science is evil'. What fascinates me, about the Fringe trailer in particular, is the clear implication that this is a show which is entirely about the old line from Jurassic Park about how 'you were so concerned with whether you could, you never stopped to consider whether you should'.
    And I think that distrust of scientists, rather than science, is part of the growing cynicism towards any form of authority, any form of government that's steadily making it's way into popular drama. In this case, it's like the embodiment of the old story that the breakthroughs that are released to the public are actually five years behind what's been done. Or to put it another way, the future's five years old way before we get our hands on it.

    Oh and @orwellseyes. I would pay good money, my good money to see the CSI: Miami Voodo Special.
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    Jurassic Park had to resort to contrived circumstances for the Science Gone Wrong to happen...I mean, you had to have an inside man effectively destroy all safeguards, with almost no other staff around, during a veritable monsoon, to let the dinosaurs go free. And the dinos had to be as smart as chimpanzees to be really threatening. Where were the zoologists, who apparently didn't notice the sudden sexual dimorphism and breeding going on? And yet, it was the creation of the dinosaurs that was the disaster in the movie, apparently. The line "nature always finds a way" was silly, since it seemed to say nature itself caused the disaster in some sort of karmic conjunction.

    Long-winded, but I guess I'd like to see science-as-monster actually face the realistic pitfalls and consequences of the science. Then again, Little Johnnie gets cancer from his engineered pancreas isn't as flashy as Little Johnnie turns evil and eats his parents due to his sublimed pancreas-being.
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    The Voodoo angle might account for zombie-Caruso's delivery.
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    Little Johnnie turns evil and eats his parents due to his sublimed pancreas-being.

    I'd watch that.
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    The Twilight Zone, anyone?

    This show is THE STANDARD when it comes to SciFi.

    There have been a thousand SciFi shows on the air across the planet since this show that've been excellent, but this show?

    This show is SIMPLY THE BEST.

    As far as I am concerned, it can never be topped.


    Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.