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    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    Melvins - Nude with Boots

    Motorpsycho - Little Lucid Moments

    MC 900ft Jesus - Welcome to My Dream

    Lento - Earthen
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008 edited
    @Old Moon Face I knw what you mean. I'd probably stop listening to it tomorrow if the music wasn't so damn good. Magicians Apprentice is the prime example, the way every verse the music becomes more distorted just gives me shivers.

    A friend has already text me, after listening to it with the words 'Poets aren't rappers. Peace.' (this is a reference to a t-shirt I used to own that stated 'DJ's aren't musicians!').

    As for my 'jammmz' the past couple of days: Two different versions of 'Rush Hour' and Snow Patrol's 'How to be Dead'

    @Skeet: Babylon Zoo made my night last night. Row with the wife after letting a friend crash on the sofa. Said friend and I played this lastg night, full of whiskey. Good times. Will be taking his place on the sofa tonight...
    • CommentAuthorHarlotbug3
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008 edited
    So far I've seen someone say the Dresden Dolls aren't worth a 25$ ticket and someone say they have to be in the right mood for them.

    They are worth more.

    They are prone to change the mood you're in (from ___ to joyful)

    My fourth show was last night, and I still can't understand (apart from stubbornness) why people who can buy alcohol aren't buying their records.
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    So far I've seen someone say the Dresden Dolls aren't worth a 25$ ticket

    not technically true- i go to shows constantly (5-10 a month), and 95% of them cost $8 or less. i also hate big (1000 people) shows, so the overall night is not worth spending that. also the other times i have seen them, the crowd was a LOT of retarded fashionable kids. i love the dresden dolls, its just that i think that there are about 4 bands TOTAL that i would be happy to pay that much to see.

    SHUTDOWN- the judged ep (NYHC)
    VICIOUS-alienated LP ( punk)
    pageninetynine- document 3 7" (emoviolence)
    TRANZMITORS- s/t LP (powerpop)
    HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE- the parallel universe of HFOS LP (garage)
    HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH- diagnosis: delicious 7" (powerviolence)- i WILL be seeing this band tomorrow, hell yes!! dumb nam, brutal tunes.
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    haha, that always happens. i think they are going to be in phx soon, possibly with boris? i dont really feel like checking right now.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    Stopped at the shop on Tuesday, picked up:

    Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd
    Copped it on the strength of Drivin Down the Block; it's loverly. Really good for... well Drivin Down the Block

    Sy Smith - Conflict
    My guy at the store hooked me up with her last album, so I got this one too. Very good. Sy knows how to experiment without going too far. She pushes the boundaries, but she doesn't break them.

    Eric Roberson - Esoteric
    Picking up some older work basically. Left was one of the best albums of last year and the quality of Roberson's work on other projects that I've heard keeps me looking to hear more from him.

    Kev Brown and LMNO - Selective Listening
    Hadn't really heard too much about this album, but I like Kev Brown a lot, so I picked this up to see what was up. So far so meh. Not bad by any stretch, but so far LMNO is not the kind of MC I usually like.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2008
    Melvins - Nude with Boots

    Motorpsycho - Little Lucid Moments
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    Last night the dj played 'beautiful day' by the levellers and it made me cry
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    Just discovered Juliana Barwick
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    Since it's getting sunny & warm... It's Jobim... Plus I've been listening to Moon River, an old vinyl single by Andy Williams.

    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    new Ladytron. on repeat
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    Camille - Music Box
    Various Jaques Brel songs
    David Bowie - Heathen
    Bat for Lashes - Fur and Gold
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    i got the new HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH 5" and split 10" last night at the show...cant listen to them yet. balls.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    I'm having a hard time with anything coming out lately. I think the last CD I really liked from beginning to end is 10,000 Days by Tool. It truly is a brilliant CD and definitely their best yet. I used to like The White Stripes but they have been losing my interest.

    Trent's latest freebie has a feel similar to his older offerings.

    I miss the days when you could buy a CD and like at least three quarters of it.

    Here's some old "Teenage Head". What a great name!

    Frankie Venom of Teenage Head
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    Just spent three hours playing 'Rock Band' and singing Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' and Pixies 'Wave of Mutilation' so I'm listening to them both right now.
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    Currently listening intently to a leak of The Hold Steady's new album, Stay Positive. It sounds like a teen hangout scene filled with summering seniors, all bound for college and finally slowing down enough to realize what they've done.
    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2008
    Nin - The Slip - Yeah, not so impressed. There is some good stuff on there but a lot of stuff that's filler.
    Shihad - Beautiful Machine - Sadly disappointed. They went waaaay too pop for my liking. There are a couple of good tracks but mostly too radio friendly. I mean, The Pacifier album was radio-single all the way, but it still had guts to it.
    REM - Accelerate - Pleasantly surprised. After the last terrible album, this has some good rocking tracks to it. Half and half with Jackknife Lee producing. Sounds almost like something off of their earlier IRS releases, which some could say is a good thing.
    MGMT - I like it, kinda a mix of The Sleepy Jackson's vocals with The Presets.
    Cavalera Conspiracy - Good album. Getting Max and Igor back together is a great idea, without the BS, the guest stars or experiments. Just a straight ahead, GOOD metal album.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2008
    Shihad still exist? Haven't heard of them for years ...

    currently listening to

    JESU - "Silver EP" - I just like the kind of "apathic" mood about this.
    NOSTROMO - "Ecce Lex" - this was a swiss Band doing something like an own mixture of grindcore, noiserock, mathcore, progressive Metal and stuff like that. Even today still a unique band in the field of brutal stuff.
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    Korpiklanni - Korven Kuningas

    Someone at work mentioned a "weird CD" they'd found - "Scandinavian Metal with Accordion" was their description... I turned away from the spreadsheet I am eternally working on there, and told her I had to hear that... Right NOW!!!

    It's very entertaining, though not as extreme as I'd hoped - not unlike a Finnish Pogues, with a more "Metal" sound. Folkier than I expected, but I like Finnish folk music.

    Besides, the accordion is the instrument God plays when she's bored with the bagpipe.