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    I can't be the only Euro-fan on board. For the Americans who haven't been educated it's a contest between European (although the terms and conditions can get pretty thinly stretched) countries, each competing with a song their public has voted on. It's a contest where inter-country politics do come in play to a ridiculous degree and the focus is more on the gay performances than the songs themselves. There's no better way to spend a drunken TV evening with your friends. :)

    the semi-finals kick-off today with the first batch of countries, including Greece and our Britney-wannabe Greek-Smerican teen idol: Kalomoira

    feel free to post your countries' entries and your faves :)
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    Okay, I admit it. We often watch the final.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Eurovision, with friends and booze, is a great experience. If confusing. I don't even know if I'm around for the final this year though...
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Finland is in with this one:

    Teräsbetoni: Missä miehet ratsastaa

    Personally I'm slightly allergic to the whole contest (or music competitions in general), but I must admin getting a weird kick out of Lordi's win a few years back.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    I loved Lordi's victory, it was weird and very funny.

    Who won last year? All I can remember about last year's final was France's performance. Good God.

    I have no idea who's running for Ireland this year, we're never entertaining, last year's was horrid.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008

    May the lord have mercy on our souls...
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Okay, I admit it. We often watch the final.

    I'd say that's a fairly common admission - especially for those of us who enjoy a drink.

    Then of course the homeland has decided to foist a heretofore private joke on the continent.

    He is pretty hilarious if you're from Dublin and grew up with Zig and Zag on your children's telly with their very off the wall humour.
    But I gaurantee it will not translate.

    I will hopefully be getting horribly messed up around a camp fire in a beautiful scottish valley this Saturday if the weather holds a bit, that said it may be on in a nearby pub so I discount nothing.
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    I adore Eurovision. Last years winner was Serbia, with a pretty mawkish ballad. This year I'm praying someone's crazy enough to torrent the whole thing as I'm stuck out here in Japan. Can I stream it I wonder...?
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    I love watching eurovision PURELY for terry wogan's commentary. he hates it all, which makes it such a joy to listen to...
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    The best bits are the hilarious 'let's meet the singers in their native habitat' segments. Every country is beautiful, every city is clean and smiley faces all around. It's like they gave Richard Curtis some acid and a camera.
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    i would vote for this.

    my lovely horse

    also, is there a way to watch this in the states? my fiancee watched it here in the uk last year and loved it 'cause it's mental. but now she's back in the states see...
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    we can look forward to an x-factor contestant singing a pseudo rick astley circa 1987 pwl song and get 1 point from the irish jury.
    meanwhile, all the other countries will vote for their neighbours like they do every year and the songs that the contestants sing could be la la la shooby dooby doo for all they care.

    and relax.

    i'll be watching it, as I do every year.
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    hmm, finally finished watching all 19 of tonight's semi-final. not thoroughly impressed

    quick critiques

    My final Top Five:

    1. Greece
    2. Moldova
    3. Bosnia Herzegovina
    4. Ireland
    5. Armenia

    still can't get my head around how weird Ireland is :o
      CommentAuthorWill Couper
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008 edited
    I think I may be missing the Eurovision final this year. Mainly because I'm with someone who doesn't appreciate how much of a comedy spectacle it is.

    Last year's was a bit of a let down after the sheer joy that Lordi brought to it with their win.

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    finland's entry this year is vaguely metal too... no awesome costumes though.
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    Most annoying thing about Eurovision this year?

    It delays Steve Moffat's Doctor Who episode for a week!
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2008
    Can't beat 1980's.

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    Yeah, it seems like the Eurovision contest has been gaining notoriety here in Australia over the last couple of years.

    I watched some of the final last year and I think it hurt my head.

    I'll have to find out when it's on and if I'm not doing anything better I might get a case of beer and watch it with my girlfriend.
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    Wouldn't the old European way of hashing out cultural superiority be better?

    (though the death metal guys were FANTASTIC)
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    Thought this was going to be a soccer thread for a second... should've known better.