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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    Off you go, then.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2008 edited
    IT'S ALIVE!! the Doktor Sleepless Manual takes issue #1 to a new level. lots of back matter,clues,and full page paintings and stunning wrap cover by the great Massafera. this series is by far the best of this decade.Mr. Ellis, you have made my week once again. it's late and i have 5 more new comics to read and then i can comment on them tomorrow. peace,garnetPhotobucket
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2008

    Robin #174: This could have been a complete pile of dogshit and I still would have liked it, if only because of Spoiler/Leslie retcon. God, that twist in War Crimes REALLY pissed me off.

    Fantastic Four #557: The final fight scene was kinda obligatory (though the concept of an Anti-Galactus is kinda cool), but the rest is solid. Love Reed and Sue's anneversury dinner at the end--great mix of cool sci-fi and non-cheesy romance.


    Cyborg #1: I kinda don't like putting this as "dead," since I like his character and the end of this issue is something that makes me want to read the next issue, but goddamn this was decompressed as hell. The first issue was just an extended recap of Stone's origin--fine if you're trying to get more attention to the character, but you now only have two issues to tell this story which will now more than likely be rushed as hell.

    Amazing Spider-Man #Whatever: I really should stop reading this at my store. It's just too painful. I would have enjoyed Brand New Day a lot more if they just didn't do One More Day. Sigh.

    My store didn't have the manual so I couldn't get that. :(
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    Things That Should Be Alive

    Dead, She Said- It's got Bernie Wrightson doing pencils and inks. That I enjoyed the story is completely secondary to having proper Bernie Wrightson art. I don't normally buy comics specifically for the artist, what with the whole comics thing being as much about reading as looking, but come on! Bernie Wrightson!

    Whichever Avengers came out this week- I really can't keep them separate in my head any more as to which series is which, seeing as they're both one-shots while the Skrull thing develops, but I've been enjoying Bendis's run and the way it feels like the plot is finally getting somewhere.

    Fantastic Four- It's a fun read, even if the Reed Richards pandering is still going full force. Reed is the ultimate tech nerd and has been little more than an ultimate wish fulfillment for all the nerds reading the series for a few years now, but I'm a total sucker and having a blast anyway.

    I'd also list Old Boy v.3 but haven't had a crack at reading it yet. The first two graphic novels set up an interesting, gritty story that made me want to read more, and I've no reason to believe this doesn't follow through. I just wish that I could get this in the original comic-sized format due to the detailed art. Nausicaa is the only manga I know where the graphic novel was printed at the proper size. For most series it's not a big deal, seeing as the art is so simple, but for stuff like Old Boy and especially Blade of the Immortal, which I haven't bothered to buy due to the crap format more than the ridiculous overpricing, it's frustrating. Big and bold, people!

    Die You Bastards! (or Things That Should Be Dead)

    Nothing this week. I've been cutting crap out of my weekly habit with a vengeance, with the rule being that if I don't read a comic for two issues in a row or, even worse, consider it a task to perform rather than something I actively want to do, then I don't care enough to ever buy it again. I've been enjoying comics much more since I enacted that policy.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    I'm just off to the comic shop now, so will holler back later. For now, I must advise you all to go and download (for free) the first issue of Jamie Grant, Alan Grant and Frank Quitely's new dope-themed comic anthology Wasted. It gave me many laffs. In particular, it contains the ongoing adventures of a group of unemployed Scottish superheroes, the marvelous Black Cape. This is one that is definitely ALIVE! If someone's up for downloading issue 1 and making some comments, I'd be uber-interested to hear what you have to say. 'Mon the Scots!
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    doktor sleepless manual ellis/rodriguez; you have to be kidding!?! the doktor and additional content. yummm!
    bomb queen(#1 of 6) robinson; jim robinson is right behind warren is sheer talent. good, good stuff here. bomb queen is a 'spider-ette' as she states:
    "the city is a fucking madhouse."

    1001 arabian nights~the adventures of sinbad wickline/pantalena/ruffino; the art alone is enought to remind me why i put this title on my grab list. story line is just starting to rumble as
    we are looking for the lost sunfury amulet.
    that's ok stuff alright, but just a pleasure to gaze it.

    oh, here i go again:
    indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull adaption by miller/ross/laguna... et. al;
    nothing on the talent and creation of this. it is very well done. i put it here because of me. why god do you allow me to purchase such shamfull things? i know better, however, i just could not help myself. a total indulgence.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    Heading for the hills for the weekend, where I plan on re-reading the last years worth of The Walking Dead. A short list today, I'm trying to narrow my pull list.


    Doktor Sleepless Recap - I bought this to give to someone else. More people need to be reading Doktor Sleepmless IMHO. Loved the splash paintings.

    Ultimate X-Men 94 - Coliete's debut issue nice and full of fighting, this reminded me a loittle bit of Brian K Vaughan's run on UXM. Lots of interseting elements being introduced, from a certain Canadian mutant team to an Ultimate take on the Mutant Growth Hormone ideas that Grant Morrison used so well in his run on New X Men. Always hard to jusdge a first issue, but I enjoyed Mark Brooks cartoonish pencils and the fast-paced feel of the book. A tentative 'Yay!'


    Wolverine Origins 25 - At long last the pointless fight between Deadpool and Wolverine is over. What a sack of shit this arc has been. This book has maybe one issue to win back my love, or its dropped.

    X-Men: Divided We Stand 2 of 2 - Some nice moments with Beast in Carey's story, and some of the art in the Havok section was nice... but most of this felt like a pointless compilation of previews for arcs in books I don't read. A waste of my time, but maybe not yours if you buy a lot of X-books.

    Also bought: Tank Girl: Visions of Booga 1, which looks great, lovely cover by Ashley Wood, and issue 11 of The Programme, which I have enjoyed immensely so far. Will read 'em up north.
    • CommentAuthordeadhuman
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    THE END LEAGUE #3- We don't need the big two anymore, all the super-hero shit you need in one book.

    The fucking ULTIMATE LINE, I blame Jeph Loeb. ;)
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    Skyscrapers of the Midwest Collection: A truly weird book that I just loved as single issues. Dream logic of children, visions of a strange and altered rural landscape filled with gods and robots. Makes the head feel funny in a good way.

    Rex Libris: This book makes me laugh month in and month out. It's witty and smart and it manages to make jokes about Cthulhu and Lovecraft without being tired.

    Grendel-Devil Child: Sick and mean little story in the Grendel canon about his adopted daughter. It's filled with cringe-inducing scenes of sexuality and abuse. It's a good shot of darkness.


    Hardcover comics: Skyscrapers and Grendel were both hardbacks. Just doesn't work for the medium I think.
    • CommentAuthorb_radical
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008 edited
    as i said last week, my store is alittle behind, so i'm just now getting some things.

    newuniversal:shockfront #1- luckily, my store did get me the trade this week as well, so i had i nice reminder of what was going on. solid storytelling, as usual and i'm not just saying that, great art. i loved the football scene. just glad to see this series back.

    THE BOYS #18 - this is without a doubt my favorite on-going right now. this was a good conclusion to this story line, and can't wait to see what happens next.

    DC/Wildstorm DREAMWAR #2 - i had little hope for this book, but giffen pulled it out again, he seems to know where he is going with this.

    THE GOON #24 - i like it when powell does serious stories, but i don't love it. also seemed to be phoning in the art this month, but he does do it all himself, so i guess i can forgive him for one month, but the story really saved this issue.

    AVENGERS:THE INITIATIVE #13 - i'm sad that dan slott has left this book, but i can't complain about christos gage. it seems that gage can just write just about anything. any fat kid can relate to this issues story, which i do, and it's also a good jumping on spot for new readers.

    THE MIGHTY AVENGERS #14 - i really like the sentry. i'm glad bendis is finally using him, yeah it is just using the crazy angle again, but in the middle of secret invasion should make for a shit load more chaos, and who doesn't love seeing a grown-ass man wearing tights and crying in the fettle position?? hmm?


    INCREDIBLE HERCULES #117 - i like the angle greg pak is taking with secret invasion, this is actually a good issue, but i hate the fact that hercules is b-list, possibly a-list again. it's a waste of greg pak's talent. hercules is effing boring. thats why ares is a mighty avenger and NOT him!

    i also got the messiah complex hardcover, which is a great crossover, and only goes to prove that mike carey is only a good writer when someone else plots the story for him.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008

    Loveless: It pains me that all my issues of this are not in the same country as I'd love to get it together one sunny day this summer and read it all in one. This was cool, read as well as an issue of Criminal, with added phonetic dialogue - which is pretty high praise.

    Mighty Avengers: Being utterly ignorant of skrulls bar the 60s F4 cartoon - as Gaeilge no less - I'm really enjoying this Invasion buzz and the twist with
    the Sentry
    gave me a chuckle. Also love
    evil Jarvis
    he amuses me.

    Captain America: Just going with it, and its spy thriller action goodness - really solid genre fiction in my box once a month.


    Checkmate: Ugh. Yep just ugh - Outsider Crossover strike one. Fall of the wall: Home Run. The baby snakes, very easily stopped really really stupid world domination plan, Strike 2. This muck - bye bye. I shall miss the moments of truly great mixing of the capes and espionage, but its just become too much of a craps shoot. Emphasis on the crap.

    Neither truly dead nor truly alive they exist in a terrible half life somewhere betwixt the two:

    ULTIMATE F4: Carey has seemed a little adrift without Pasqual Ferry which made for a simply sublime team up on the first Thanos go round and this was a bit tready of the waters - but googling Agatha Harkness led me to the fact that she's a witch so this really could be fun, Carey has a lot of stock in my mind after Lucifer. But the art was a bit Liefield or Turner for my tastes.

    Fantastic 4: I'm just not digging the execution as much as the ideas and the more intimate moments which are pretty awesome. Then he showed up so I'll keep picking it off the shelf for at least another month.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    LIVING.....ECHO #3...this is nothing like STRANGERS IN PARADISE except for the way TERRY MOORE puts that real life drama into his work. this is about a female photographer that witnesses an explosion that rains fallout. she ends up with a chrome bra attached to her that turns out to be liquid metal as a result of the fallout. the metal is plutonium thus making her a walking atomic bomb. the characters look like that walked out of an issue of SIP. i am still enjoying this story a lot.Photobucket
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    SHOULD LIVE...this week i have enjoyed 2 books that have great writer-artist collaborations... WAR IS HELL #3 writer-GARTH ENNIS and artist HOWARD CHAYKIN. man what a combo! DEAD,SHE SAID #1 is written by STEVE NILES and artwork by the great BERNIE WRIGHTSON. you just can't go wrong with that. BERNIE'S BACK MAN!!...DARK IVORY #2-this story is really getting good. as always LINSNER'S art and coloring is stunning. EVA HOPKINS helped with the writing and the color. only 2 installments left after this one. i hope there will be another arc. SHOULD DIE.....1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS #2...after 2 issues i am disappointed to say the least. ZENESCOPE books have really gone down hill in the last year relying on there sexy art and not putting much thought into the writing. lately the art has not been as good as it was in the past........................the following image is not the cover of DARK IVORY #2 but my favorite drawing so far from the series. peace,garnet Photobucket
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    COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY: havent read the rest of this, only picked up for the four-way steve gerber twist. cool book, neat way to pay tribute in a small way. gail's part is sad and hopeful in a strange way that touched me.

    FLASH: thank fuck this book is good again.

    will someone please use that as a cover blurb?!?!?!

    JSA- layers upon layers. interesting-definitely didnt see the way this is going telegraphed before hand. " I WANT TO DRIVE A CAR!!!"-best dialogue of the week for me.

    END LEAGUE- art is spotty, looks great in some areas and, uh, not so great in others. beside that, this reads like an elseworlds crossover that is darker than you expexted it to be. the writing is sharp and the characters have weight to them. if that makes sense.

    THE INITIATIVE-seriously, this book is so much better than 95% of marvels output. this one is a done in one about a unique kid with a shitty situation. also: genuinely funny in some parts.

    AMAZING SPIDERMAN- if you actually read these, you remember that i got ASM last week for the first time in about 200 issues, and liked it enough to finish the arc. thats it though-slott and marcos martin together is the only reason this is good.

    KILL IT:

    FANTASTIC FOUR- the best of the run so far, still not enough. gone.

    ULTIMATE FF- used to be great, now it looks like i can drop the last of my ultimate books. gone. oh, outsourcing art chores to top cow? why???


    JLA- all i wanted was the character bits with the human flame and libra and the injustice gang. the rest was blahhhh. half dead, half alive.

    TANGENT SUPERMAN-ideas are awesome, actual writing is only so-so. this book is really hit or miss, this one being more hit than miss. i think the inker may be the worst that DC has right now though, as two very talented pencillers work looks like ASS in the course of this series so far.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008 edited
    <em>I really should stop reading this at my store. It's just too painful.</em>

    (plus it's kind of unfair to the store to read it and put it back without purchasing it)
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008

    Batman #676 - And so it begins. Quite the crew that Morrison's come up with to go against Batman here, but there's a part of me that wants this story to revolve a bit more around his traditional stable of villains rather than a (mostly) new crew.
    Detective Comics #844 - Scarface stories are always fun, and a good job on paying attention to the continuity in creating the new Ventriloquist, throw in more Zatanna and some great art and it couldn't be better.
    DMZ #31 - Looks great, reads great, but for some reason I'm not particularly twigging on the story itself this arc. Quite the last page though, will definitely have to see what's up with that.
    Green Arrow-Black Canary #8 - My, we seem to be doing everything but getting answers here. The book seems be getting cornier and cornier as it goes, but I'm finding that I'm enjoying it regardless.
    Huntress: Year One #1 - Really liked the art in here, and I enjoyed the back and forth about gender-specific titles ending as it did.
    Justice League #21 - Not a bad start to things, really like that secret meeting room, reasonable action, but in the end, let's get the story into gear.
    newuniversal: Shockfront #1 - Well done, particularly enjoyed the introduction of the new powers and Justice's bit of dialogue/location.
    Transhuman #2 - A bit bummed that there were no test monkeys this time, but I'm really enjoying the documentary format of the thing. Also dug the short comic in the back as I'm always up for some symbolic storytelling.
    Young Liars #3 - Now we're talking, a fair bit of meat here as the story moves forward while fleshing out some more of the past, with good action and the nice twist there at the end.

    Doktor Sleepless Manual - Don't get me wrong, story's still great, just didn't find the added material to be worth buying it again(and no update to the note at the end? still referencing The Engine).
    Final Crisis Sketchbook - Grant's giving us a sentai team? Don't know what I think about that. Again though, not enough meat for the cover price and I should probably have known better.
    New Exiles #6 - Hmm, been a while since Morph's really gotten to be Morph and act out like that, or seems that way anyhow, definitely a good thing. Still, I'm itching for more of the older cast to return, so its wait and see for now.
    Young X-Men #2 - Quickly sinking, Hellion's been the most interesting thus far, I'll give it to the end of the arc to decide whether or not I'll keep following it.

    UNREAD - Madame Mirage #6, Sky Doll #1, Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2008
    (plus it's kind of unfair to the store to read it and put it back without purchasing it)

    I asked them before if it's alright to read them here and they said it was cool. Plus I'm a regular customer and buy a trade or a single issue there every week (this week I got the first trade of Millar's MK Spider-Man title).
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008

    Well, if they're fine with it, it's cool. Sorry to kind of lash out like that; I work at a shop and it's a pet peeve.

    Millar's Spider-Man is pretty great, though, for what it is. 12 issues of indulgent Millar Spider-Man.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    I liked it, really--the "new Venom" kinda sucked, but I think it's a whole lot better than most of the 616 stuff at that time or today.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    Godland #23 Whoa, what the fuck happened? The world seems to have gone topsy-turvy on Adam Archer. Is he trapped in an illusion or is this a parallel universe? What's gonna become of Neela? another great issue from Casey and Scioli, whose art just blows me away.


    The Programme #11 Nothing can save this series...