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    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    CAPTAIN AMERICA #38 – Yet another damn fine showing by Bru and company. If I outright stopped purchasing Marvel floppies (an idea I’ve humored as of late), this book would be the one exception. I cannot wait for #39 (though I can say that every month about the next issue).

    GRENDEL: BEHOLD THE DEVIL #7 - This issue was a little light on content and a little heavy on double splash pages, but when it’s Matt Wagner penciling them, you won’t hear a complaint from me.


    WAR IS HELL: FIRST FLIGHT OF PHANTOM EAGLE #3 – I really enjoy how Ennis has been writing the protagonist. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill war story. And Chaykin is a much better fit with this material than he is on PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL.

    X-FACTOR #31 – Another good issue with Pablo Raimondi on pencils. What I would give to have Raimondi penciling every month on this book.

    FANTASTIC FOUR #557 – All and well, I suppose, but I guess I want more from Millar and Hitch. Something just feels off. I think I’ll give them another month, at the minimum, because as PyD mentioned in his above post, “he showed up.” Millar and McNiven better fucking kill with their WOLVERINE run next month, though.

    Nothing DEAD this week. Luckily, I usually don't buy an outright bad floppie. Last one I can remember picking up was ULTIMATES 3 #1, and I most certainly learned my lesson after the craptasticness of that book.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008

    Amazing Spider-Man #560
    Marcos Martin should never leave this title. His fun filled style is perfect for spidey. As much as I disliked the whole One More Day debackle the current series is quite entertaining with Dan Slott's issues being by far the best. The new villain Paper doll is a welcome addition and seeing ol pete make some bad personal choices reminds me of the glory days. A great Spidey Issue also the return of
    Mary Jane
    was a welcome sight and should make for a real interesting next issue.

    Avengers Initiative #13
    When I read Dan Slott was going to be co-writing with Gage I wasn't overly excited. Gage is good but I felt I would reserve judgement for this in-between issue he wrote alone. I'm definately glad he's on board. A great Issue with a group of likeable new recruits. Boulder or Butterball was a hoot and Taskmaster and Constricter were written very well. All in all a solid issue and great starting point for new readers.

    War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #3
    Another great issue. I can really feel the seriousness of war affecting or hero. Issue by issue he loses a little more innocence
    and by hillarious or sad circumstances he's becoming a soldier and leaving the boy hood merriment behind. The true aspects of war aren't glamourized and the reality of life in war times is a great history leasson and fun read.

    Captain America #38
    Another solid issue. Although i hit this title late I'm enjoying the two fisted fighting and espionage like undertones. The red Skull is a dark threatening reminder of how one man pulling the strings can bring down an entire country and the reveal of the second captain america as
    "The Grand Director".
    was interesting but I'm glad they added the history lesson because I had no idea who he was. Seeing bucky and the Falcon as a team was fun and it's rewarding seeing mr Barnes slide into his new role.


    The Spirit #17 Sorry Sergio I'm still not enjoying this, the mystery was lackluster and fairly easy to discern and the Spirits costume is leaning more towards black i'm guessing to coincide with the new film which I feel is a mistake. The fun of the Cookes version and Eisners original were the flashy colors not a drab film noir style . I thought the dialogue was pretty lacking and the story for the most part absurd or maybe just not done well enough to suspend my disbelief. As much as I loved Cooke's run I'm afraid this has fallen off my list.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2008
    It lives:

    JSA: It's been about a thousand times better than JLA, that's for sure. I thought we were in trouble when they announced the whole Kingdom Come story, but it's actually really good. Johns is in his place with this book, and every issue has something to like, as well as enough story not to feel gipped.

    Die in a fire:

    Ultimate X-Men: If you like Alpha Flight and performance enhancing drugs, you'll like it. Well, you'll also have to like jarring and unexplained changes of the status quo of the book. This is a sad thing to say, but Kirkman's run was better than this, and Kirkman didn't do a single thing I liked, I don't think.

    Dying in a fire:

    Fantastic Four: Everything that was kind of fun about Ultimates, but nothing that actually made it substantial. Millar's already had half the Marvel U in the book. Where do you go from there? I'm interested in the next arc for Doom, but only for Doom.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2008
    Only the one comic for me this week:

    Signs of Life:

    X-Factor #31: After a couple of weak issues this one is a good return to form, with the team actually getting to be heroes for once, and an ending that bodes. I think we go into a Secret Invasion crossover with this one next, and then we find out where the team is relocating to (as part of the whole 'move the X-men to somewhere else in the states' thing). Still needs Layla back though.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2008
    yes, i am quite poor, and willing to cut down on the important things. like comics.

    living and whatnot:
    suburban glamour tpb- been meaning to look into this for some time, just never got around to it. until i saw that this was only $9.99. love the art, and the story is fun.

    wolverine origins whatevernumberwaslast- my boyfriend's, and he only got it because deadpool's in the storyline. i like the way deadpool was written, as he's made to be completely delusional. didn't care much about the other exposition in this one though.
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    I am also poor and so vary rarely buy comics unless they're by my favourite authors but they're never worth mentioning as someone else has usually written about them already but the ones that haven't been written about this week are:

    To live in eternal splendour on their glorious bookshelf referencing place:

    Gravel #0 & #1 - Finally picked them up. Even though I was a bite wary of ol' Bill Gravel in his first Strange installments because I thought he might be a little too much like my first working-class magician lover John Constantine; I've grown to love his no-holes-barred, do-not-fuck-with-me, military approach and good god do I love those wrap covers. All the art work is eye exhaustingly good.

    2005's Bojeffries TERROR TOME - Was just flicking through trying to find something from Atomeka and saw this for £4.50: a story and a symphony from Alan Moore, a story from Neil Gaiman, one originally created by our goodly host Mr Ellis and many more a gruesome galling; all for 4.50; lovely. I was chilled by Gaiman's Babycakes and still am every time I read it. Pugh [& Ellis'] Hotwire strikes a cool & funny chord while Moore makes me laugh more and more with his strikingly accurate satire.

    To die a slow and painful death by the hands of Rusty Spoon Fingered Man:

    Table For One - I picked it up as it looked interesting and I thought I might find an unheard of talent but it was just plain boring. The illustration was ok [read: not very good, especially at hands and angles] and the so-called 'entire philosophy' that the back quotes as being conveyed through the thing is just obvious machismo, nihilistic and unbelievable. There, I have vented my spleen at wasting money. It is done.
    • CommentAuthorjohn-paul
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008

    Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1 – This reads like ‘Swingers meets Iron Man’. Fast paced and fun.

    100 Bullets #91 - The sub-plot of the child gangster on the run for murder is the real story. It’s filled with a dread that I’m guessing will conclude with issue 100. Can't wait.

    Thunderbolts #120 – Norman does a Basil Fawlty. Brilliant.
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    THINGS THAT SHOULD BE ALIVE (and still are after they've been chopped with an axe): Pigeons From Hell, Lansdale's take on the Robert E Howard classic; Fox's artwork and Stewart's colours set the tone just right. And it is indeed the case, pigeons are from hell ...
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2008
    I know it's not a comic but I started to read Baltimore or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. These gentlemen genuinely know how to set the mood and Mignola's illustrations only pull you deeper in. My only criticism is that it does seem a bit repetitive and I am only up to the 3rd chapter. I do, however, highly recommend it. It should hold me over until the next Hellboy book comes out.