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    ...the U.S wants one.

    Via Slashdot: "...Wikileaks has revealed that the United States is plotting a 'Pirate Bay killing' multi-lateral trade agreement, called 'ACTA,' with the EU, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and New Zealand."

    Legislation like this will not only affect sites like Piratebay but also corporate and governmental whistleblowing haven Wikileaks.
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    And this is why I dislike Slashdot most of the time.

    The idea of it is being discussed as "a police state", "terrorism" and "could outlaw Google." Slashdot makes me very tired.
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    <blockquote>The consequences of such IPR infringements include (1) depriving legitimate businesses and their workers of their income; (2) discouraging innovation and creativity; (3) threatening consumer health and safety; (4) providing an easy source of revenue for organized crime; and (5) loss of tax revenue</blockquote>
    I can sympathize with the latter half of (1) and all of (2), but everything else in those reasons reeks of boo-hoo and bullshit. I'll be protesting this treaty with every fiber of my being.