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    After looking at the avatars and creations of some of the people on here who are also in 2L and how awesome they are, what advice woul you have for a newbie? Should I just buy a bunch of L$ and get outfits or try to build my own?

    Also do you recommend the scripting and building classes that are usually being offered in 2L as a way to start yourself on how do build and do things?
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2007
    Well, it depends on what you're looking for as far as 'avatars' and 'creations' in SL. Are you looking for something fairly scifi? Fantasy? or simply be able to walk around and not look newb? Shopping and making things each have their merits. What you can't find, you can probably make. And if you get frustrated with what you can't make... chances are there is *something* similar out there.

    I can't comment on the scripting classes because I have very limited scripting knowledge... but building classes may or may not be of use for you. NCI gives a few, i think? It would also be worth it to drop by Yadni's in Leda (200,31), where there are not only a lot of freebies, but a lot of educational resources as well - prim types and manipulations, info on graphics programs, a bit of scripting, that sort of thing.

    As an aside...heh. I can't help but think '2L' refers to L$2 and not Second Life (SL) :P
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    see how new i am.. i don't even get the jargon right ;)
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    Yadni's is an essential stop for any new resident. I'd also advise walking around the commercial themed sims, places like Caledon full of shops, because many of them have terrific freebie boxes.
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    and back to Florence's question I am more interested in doing some Steampunk inspired things with my avatar. but not really victorian.

    I like the steampunk look, but mostly the exploration/invention/building aspect of but the it the Victorian manners and dress don't really excite me.

    i'll be meandering about soon I hope.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2007
    @LBA> you may wish to explore Maggiore's 'Plunder' area. It's mostly a shopping area, but the overall build is really well done, and a neat example of steampunk in SL. You may also find stuff there that will help you towards that aesthetic.

    If you enjoy invention/building, give building a try, even if only on your own. Head off to a sandbox areas or sims and start playing around with prims - you may be surprised at what you can make :D
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    Second Life is like being molested by your uncle. There's something off about him, but everyone regards him very highly, so you trust him, and then on a family camping trip out at Montauk Point he takes advantage of you. Years later, you accept and acknowledge what happened, but you still refuse to believe that he's scarred you, because that would put him in control, not you, and the last thing you want is a molester in control of your life -- but your denial doesn't make it the truth. You want to believe that deep down inside, 2L is a good person, and you see that 2L has very redeeming qualities, but you sit down to try and play in it and all you can think of is the Grid's throbbing cock.
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    do a hit and run to the freetown market and the freebie sim. (if you're prepared to wade knee deep in boxes of anything from free bumper cars, skins, hair and monster trucks) they have a few skins there that seemingly have been nicked. there's free, or $1L hair at the hairspray sim, if I remember.
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    Second Life is many things, all of which depends on the users.
    If you want to chat in groups about architecture, 3D design, you name it, with students, teachers, etc from around the world, you can.
    If you want to have a 1960's virtual suburban ranch house in a sea of others, you can have that too.
    If you want to roleplay and explore post-apocalyptic landscapes, science-fiction cyberpunk cities and ghettos and sewers, Mos Eisley, Arrakis, Victorian steampunk towns, dusty Wild West ghost towns, you can do that also.
    If you just want to explore interesting 3D virtual environments with astounding textures and sounds and lighting effects probably created by some 18 year old who will have a promising career in the future as a video-game designer, you can find that also.
    Just like searching for a good book, or an album, or a comic book, or even a television show or film that's worth watching, sometimes you got search through a lot of crap to find anything good.

    If "your uncle/the Grid's throbbing cock" is all you bother to imagine about Second Life and that's what you're looking for, than that's exactly what you're gonna find so open wide and have at it.
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    I usually recommend Yadni's and NCI. Yadni's is a terrific place to get hold of vast quantities of... well, to be fair, it is mostly rubbish, but the newer stuff is often reasonable. NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) has several establishments across the grid with all sorts of helpful advice there.

    Some of the scripting and building classes are good, but I would not go on any of them initially unless you have time and they aren't charging money.

    Do not pay anyone anything over, say, L$10 in your first week. If an alert window ever pops up saying "Warning! This item wants to get debit permissions from you! Make sure you know what it is doing before clicking OK!" DO NOT CLICK OK. Do not buy any land yet because you will not know what is and is not a con for the price, and there are lots of con-artists out there. Unless you are a natural you will probably find that other people have made far better clothes, skins, attachments etc than you will be able to, so don't be embarrassed about spending money on those, but if it sounds like it costs too much don't pay it - don't worry that you are underestimating value, better safe than sorry.

    And if you have any questions, particularly about scripting, please do feel free to contact me.
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    I went the freebie way for a while, and then one day I had $20 to spend and decided to throw it at my avatar, and ended up having a lot of fun buying expensive clothes/skins/gadgets. it was all Mturk money anyway, so I figured why not. but if I had any visual art skills, I'd probably learn to build, so I could create my own look.
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    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    When Im next on my main PC, ill post a link of the freebie area where I found most of my stuff. I still look kinda newbie (it's only my clothes) but its a hell of a lot better. I was in Sanctuary Rocks listening to metal one night and had a group of people giving me free Fear Factory and Nine Inch Nails t-shirts....