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    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2007 edited

    We have a hard time selling folks on these, but seriously if you haven't heard of these tabloid size retro parody comics of the Atlas - Kirby, Ditko, Ayers era Monsters comics, your missing something beyond great. Kind of a Mystery Science Theatre treatment of the Big Monsters comics from the 50's & 60's but funnier...depending on your sense of humor or lack thereof, convulsions and or contsricted breathing could occur.

    I just called a friend up to remind him to pick them up and we laughed for about 15 minutes stright reading them and reading through Wisnia's site.We carry these in our store and try to hand sell them to older Golden/Silver age enthusiasts and fans of good humor-satire comics, Nextwave, Hate, Eightball...

    This was Nextwave before Nextwave (at least the Fin Fang Foom stuff to the 10th degree) i don't know if Warren has read these but im telling you if you haven't picked these up your missing out.

    Drawn in a Kirby, Ditko, Ayers almalgamation style with dialogue that will hurt you, these are brutal..
    The big monsters with names like Spleenis, Thong! and one of my personal faves Testicoom! or PUDD "What foulness is he pulling?" SPOOSH "The GIant who likes to grab airplanes"

    and PIN-UPS form Allred, Colan, Bagge and a ton of other guys....

    Forchrisakes..ayers Inked an entire issue!

    buy these