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    Astronomy Cast is a podcast (or downloadable-mp3-show if you don't have an iPod like me) I've recently got into in a massive way (It's nice to listen to while I'm drawing), and I've been ploughing through the archives at a very happy rate. It's not so much Mad Science as Sensible Science, but I wanted to give it a big shout out on the forums because it's such an awesome educational resource, and I found out today that I can't donate to support the show since I don't have a internationally accepted credit card :(

    Basically, each week Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain talk over a topic in astronomy, with the goal of providing *fact* based information on each subject. The shows are fascinating, easy to follow, and accessible to all (partly because Fraser takes on the role of student and Pamela as teacher, so he pre-empts the sorts of questions that many people would have as she talks) but can be very challenging at times. They also happen to have very good voices for it and I can happily listen for hours on end by merit of the relaxed and almost gentle way that they discuss even the most headache-inducing things.

    Anyways, if you're into science in general, or astronomy, or if you just love space, check it out. Does anyone here already listen to the show too? I'd be surprised if there aren't a few people, but a quick search only threw up one offhand mention in the podcast thread.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2008
    Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking for something like this.