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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    I will take particular interest in thoughts on FINAL CRISIS #1, which I just read and haven't yet quite decided what to make of.
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    nice choices for a CRISIS week... i cannot fucking wait to read this. nerrrrrd!
    • CommentAuthorzacharius
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008
    NICE AND SMOOTH all around this week;

    batman: I cannot believe it took 20 issues to get to where this run should have been from square one. maybe grant will keep showing up from now on, cause he sure did here. hopefully this will teach the editors not to fuck with his story order in the future.

    All star superman: I was hoping for more from this series in general. I'm not quite old enough to appreciate this stuff the way it's intended. But it's still good fun, and I'm sure it'll look better on a re-read. It's still miles ahead of the regular superman, although I'm hearing good things about Johns/Robinson, and what they've got coming.

    caliber: a bit of a let down after the well done first issue. at first I was getting a sense they were going to compress the whole Arthurian myth into 5 issues time-lapse, but it looks now like it'll just be a first act. It's better than you'd expect, but I need a bit more of the crazy from the first issue.

    and Final Crisis: I'm with ya warren, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. The DC universe is a mystery religion with GM as it's high priest, cause evidently only he understands it well enough to write it, cohesively. This issue is taking some flak because all the major plot points were telegraphed a year ahead of time by all the dismal tie-ins/lead-ins. they beat the horse to death before it even got out of the stable. none of which is grant's fault, mind you.

    It really seems like it's all over the place, but themes are clear: fall to earth, cosmic apocalypse descending onto the mundane plane, space cops as CSI. It's all gnostic horror, imprisonment, immanent catastrophe. Super hero snuff movies.

    Jones's art is spectacular, but I'm not sure he's quite getting the darkness in it, but maybe that's the colorist dropping the ball slightly. It's all a little disorienting and maybe that's the point. a little bit of cognitive dissonance for the complacent superhero reader. I'm hoping it gets a lot worse.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008 edited
    i Just wrote a hugh submission but a site error erased it. If I get the energy to try and rewrite it I'll put it up later but I'm too mad right now. Sorry for anyone who enjoys my reviews.
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    Superman: World of Krypton: Jesus, I feel so dorky for buying this. But I love Mike Mignola and this has long been one of his books I never could track down. The cover is just shit hideous. What is that? "Superman gazes upon his frolicking sea-monkeys?" I'm already shamed enough.

    Judenhass: Still digesting this. It could be a masterpiece, certainly visually it is. Sim's approach to this heaviest of subject is completely in his own weird voice.

    All Star Superman #11: Grant Morrison makes superheroes into pop music issue after issue. I'm sorry this is ending soon.

    Final Crisis was tempting, Chip Kidd cover design how can you go wrong? But I haven't read any of the preceding 1100 books so I think I'd be lost.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008

    Batman Gotham After Midnight: I'm not sure why, but I wasn't very impressed with this.

    Thor: Was ok, but after how good it's been so far, this was a bit boring. Hopefully this will pick up

    All Star Superman: I've really enjoyed this series and this issue was another great one. Can't wait for the finale!

    Final Crisis: I thought this wasn't bad as a set up issue, I think it's one of things with Morrison that what we've seen here will make more sense around issue 3. I'm not a follower of DC so I didn't get some of what was happening.
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2008
    NICE AND SMOOTH, all over, like a shaved and oiled cybernetic love-monkey.

    Mignola, yes. Why does his stuff hypnotize me? Fafhrd and the gray mouser. Spotted the style of the front page, quick leaf-trough to verify, bought. I've been reading fantasy since I was old enough to have a library card, but never saw the point of fantasy comics, or, rather, I've never been moved to think much about them at all. Script-wise, I'm still in the valley of blissful indifference - But the Age of Conan launch caused a strange whim, and I checked out some of the comics. I now have to admit some of them are worth it for the art. No, not the tits. There are only so many ways to use primitive pigments to represent the human mammary gland. Takes more to command my carefully hoarded cash and attention. I guess I should care about how the short-story to comic adaptation has been done, but the spark just hasn't turned up yet.

    Also, Fell #9 had turned up, trough whatever mysterious channels these things slough and slither. As always, well delivered.
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    1985. It is an interesting idea to be sure, to put this. Mark Millar writing kids or teenagers, much as he does in Kick Ass, sounds like Mark Millar writing kids or teenagers. To clarify, It does not sound like kids or teenagers talking. It's awkward. It sounds like there is a picture of a teenager with Mark Millar behind me yelling how he thinks teenagers should speak. Perhaps neurotic, yet disconcerting nonetheless.

    Daredevil. Is starting to wear thin. The issues are solid, well written, well illustrated. Repetitive? Not really, except as far as the obligatory Matt is depressed montage goes in each issue.


    All Star Superman. I agree with Orwellseyes completely. This series is pure unadulterated joy between covers.

    Final Crisis. Couldn't resist. How to gauge if it is good? I know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of the DC Universe. I can identify the major players, but was a Marvel Zombie growing up. In fact, the last DC series I followed regularly was Morrison's Doom Patrol. And I enjoyed the hell out of the issue. The characters are explained just enough through exposition to fill in the blanks, had a cliff hanger, some great banter, great art. Plus it had Kamandi. That's just fun to say. Kamandi.

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    Chilly 'ol Tom

    She Hulk. Why do I keep buying this? Why am I going to buy the next issue? Do they drug the covers or something?


    All Star Superman- The greatest Superman story ever told keeps on rolling, and only has to not blow it on the final issue. The best way to avoid this is to not have a final issue, and instead either become an unlimited series or announce a sequel.

    Dan Dare- I'm having a great time with this, which is a pleasant surprise for a series I only picked up the first issue of because it was a slow comics week. I've no familiarity with the character at all, so I've no idea how reverently he's being treated, but it doesn't really matter. I can't believe there isn't a regular monthly semi-military sci-fi series out there.

    Starman Omnibus- I never got to finish the series back in the day, due to a crap financial situation, so getting the whole thing in six (expensive!) volumes is going to be perfect. I can't wait to settle down with some peace and quiet to read this.

    Took a pass on-

    1985- I was buying comics that year, I don't need cheap nostalgia. Secret Wars sucked then and having a Marvel series look back at that year isn't going to make it suck less.

    Judenthingy- Sorry to Dave Sim, but I just don't care. The production values and art are simply fantastic, but I'm just not interested.

    Umpteenth Crisis- Oh god no! It's weird how I like many of the DC characters but don't have any interest in the DC universe.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Final Crisis - I put this apart from the regular sectioning off because I don't really know if I liked it or not. I didn't enjoy it in the way I enjoy mindless things, but I liked some of the cleverness of the book. I'm pissed they killed Martian Manhunter though. I know he hasn't done anything interesting in years, but I'm telling you, he's got potential! Had, now, I guess...


    New Avengers - Ka-Zar vs. Skrulls and a Spider-Man we also know to be a Skrull. Unless Ka-Zar is going to be a major character in SI, I can't say I really care. Even if he is a major character, I don't care much.


    All Star Superman - Coming to boil nicely. Grant and Frank have really put together something amazing here: a really, really fantastic Superman story that covers most of the bases of what makes the character interesting, and never lets down on any of them.

    Astonishing X-Men - I really liked the end, it was fantastic. That's all I'm gonna say, even though it deserves more than that. Even more excited now that I know we're going to get the next stuff sooner because we wont have to wait for this issue.
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    I expect some people would class that as a spoiler, Ted
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008

    Northlanders #6 - Bloody Saxons!!

    The Sword #8 - Any issue that has someone crapping out a bullet and then reaching into the bowl to get it deserves a thumbs up!
      CommentAuthorLil Jerry
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Nice and Smooth

    Batman... Morrison is really stepping up for DC for sure. However, if the villain of the story is who they keep hinting at, then this will be as disappointing as the final reveal of who Hush was during the Jim Lee run...

    Final Crisis... So far, so good. Pretty much an issue built to catch things up... kinda revelaed the existence of some people rather quickly, in my mind. Of course, with 6 issues there's gonna be a lot of ground to cover in order to make this thing an "Epic".

    Green Lantern... Continuing the origin story. A nice take on things and I found myself enjoying the "boot camp" training... kinda wish they'd get back to the regular scheduled story though instead of this flashback tale.

    All Star Superman... almost over, and it'll be sorely missed. It's gonna make a great hardcover collection though...

    Kind of a DC week for me...that usually doesn't happen.

    Giant Size Astonishing X-Men... Brand and Beast plus an unexpected end to things... can't wait for the new series.
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    ok, im not using categories for once.

    FINAL CRISIS- i am a dc continuity nerd/fanboy/whore. i also love pretty much everything morrison does. i have been eagerly waiting for this because DC's events never disappoint me. but this first issue is a severe let down (with the exception of the orrery of worlds! cool idea). i am not going to newsarama-style meltdown because i know that the only reason its a let down is because this is really just corraling the information from the past 9 or so months into an opening chapter so that everyone can read it, but there is not much i liked about this issue. too bad, as i was looking forward to this like i look forward to sex. seriously.

    BATMAN/ ALL STAR SUPERMAN- holy shit, this is what good comics are like. morrison did these correctly. and also, rather than just reiterate things others have said, or kiss his or quitely's ass any more, i will just say : i cant believe im starting to like tony daniel's art on batman

    HAWKSMOOR- this is still surprisingly good, people need to tell me what else this writing/art team has done because they are knocking this out of the park. hawksmoor+crime/detective story+ sketchy art= winner.

    ASTONISHING- a very satisfying end to the past 3 or so years and 24 issues. there are a few really, really good character moments and gasp inducing scenes. joss whedon manages to write one of the best lines in marvel in years with the civil warring and such. im happy i paid for it.

    im not reviewing some of the books that were just ok, fuck it. im clearing my buy list currently and in the next few weeks anyway.

    i also dropped 1985 before i even started reading it- i just cant pay 3.99 for a regular size book with a cardstock cover anymore.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Nice n Smooove

    All-Star Superman 11 - This comic is pure genius. As it approaches its finish, here's my thoughts on why. I agree with Zacharius' comment: "The DC universe is a mystery religion with GM as it's high priest", however when presented in the guise of a multi-title Batman crossover or a mega-epic like Final Crisis, to be honest it leaves me cold. Mainly because I dont feel the crossovers serve the purpose of the story - they serve the purpose of making you buy more comics. I've said this before so I wont labour the point. The joy of the All-Star incarnation of Superman is that this 'mystery religion' becomes the source for a marvelous meta-narrative. True, a reader coming fresh to All-Star Supes might not get the nuances - the interplay between the Superman rights story in the meatworld and the 'infant universe' in issue 10, with the creation of Superman as a fictional character; or Luthor's closet full of supervillain costumes in this issue. My point is that they wouldn't need to - All-Star Supes is a meta-narrative that rewards long-term fans of Supes / DCU with little intertextual moments like these, but they are not what drives the story, not the over-arching theme or point of the book. Frank Quitely's work on this series is superlative, with panels you could gaze at for hours, hinting at movements and moments outside the core story. Jamie Grant's colours bring to vivid life the frankly unrealistic world of Superman - his fortress, Metropolis, the robots he fights - by painting them in warm, ultraviolet hues and gently-graded textures. Quitely and Grant present Superman as at once a futurist and a mythological hero, complimenting Morrison's romp through Supes' history with images thar are simple and elegant on the surface, but deeply complex when taken individually. Every issue I read I read twice - once to get the story, and once to examine every minute detail in each panel. It's a testament to the whole team's skill and love for the project that they made everything from Bizarro World to Krypto the Wonder Dog seem fresh, new and vital. I will miss this comic when it goes - I'm not a Superman fan by and large, but for me this run has been extremely rewarding and fun to read. A masterpiece, even. If only DC could stick to meta-textual but self-contained stories like this, I would be a happy man. Batman in particular deserves similar treatment, rather than being subjected to mingling with the likes of Flash and Green Lantern. (Apologies to any hardcore DC heads - it's just my opinion yeah.)

    1985 Issue 1 - I enjoyed this I have to say. Have to disagree with Millar-bashers like Asphyxiautomaton: I really dig Millar's comics and this and Kick Ass have a feel which I think will appeal, in particular to readers who don't necessarily know about the original Secret Wars series. I was completely taken in by the awe the main character felt on seeing Doom and Moleman and the like, and the alienation he felt for being a comic geek in a world of jocks and sad, defeated adults. I'm keeping this series on: back of the net as far as I'm concerned, mon the Millar. Cant wait to see his work on Wolverine.

    The Astounding Wolf Man 6 - Fairly mindless but bright, full of action and lots of fun. If you like Invincible, you'll like this series. In terms of where Kirkman is going with it, the mythos of the Elder Brood is intriguing enough to keep me going.

    X Force 4 - Makes it into the non-shit pile this week huzzah! Kept on with this initially quite plodding, bleak series, and now we get to it - Apocalypse tech, mind-control and plenty of blood. I think this may be going somewhere interesting now, and a few of the splash pages were quite beautiful to behold, in a dark and twisted way. Sorry to go against the grain, but the bleakness of this title is finally hitting the right notes for me. I wanted more by the end of the issue, which is a first in this run so far.

    Dan Dare 6 - Wouldnt it be great to be Richard Branson, and be able to resurrect your favourite comic just because you felt like it? Dare was one of the first comics I read (the old Hampson ones) so the retro return would sell me on this even without Ennis and Erskine. Ennis is on fine form - the military action and dialogue clipped and stiff-upper lipped, and Erskine's clear, bold lines are the perfect complement. I particularly love what Erskine does with Dare's eyebrows. Top hole. I wish this one would never end, I could honestly read it until my head fell off.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Tom's A Cold

    X Men Legacy 212 - Make it stop, Carey, make it stop. Please please please just get the sodding X Men back together. And bring back Cannonball. You have one more issue or I kill the pupppy.

    Giant Size Astonishing X Men
    - I found this a little underwhelming. The first 12 Astonishing were mint, absolutely brilliant. The Breakworld arc was too protracted due to Whedonesque delays, and too arbitrary (X Men go to planet, fight, come back, save world from aliens - big whoop). It was way too driven by specious plot maneuvres for my liking, a contrast to the initial arc which was very character driven. The central characters in this arc were Kitty and Colossus, both of whom are less than the best IMHO. Wolverine has been reduced to a punchline-toting sidekick. Hmmmm. Bad move, bub. So yeah, this wasn't total dross but it was a bit of a let down. Bring on Ellis' new incarnation - I'm sure that Warren and Simone Bianchi will blow Joss' previous run out of the water with issue 1.
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Nice & Smooth:

    All Star Superman - what can be said about this that hasn't been said yet? I can't remember Luthor's niece's name, but she needs a mini-series.

    Northlanders - sure, you tease a big build up to a final battle and then what happens? an almost literal cliffhanger (well.. they were on a cliff, right?)

    Thor - JMS is doing such a fantastic job on this. By focusing on the Asgardians and not letting this become 'just another superhero' title, it's been a really great read. Now hopefully he won't go the predictable route with the Baldur/Loki storyline because shouldn't everyone from Asgard be pretty well aware by now that you can't trust anything Loki does?

    Somewhat nice & Smooth/A little chilly:
    Giant Size Astonishing X-Men: I liked parts, didn't like others. Brand & Beast was nice, and hopefully that relationship will be explored a bit more. I like "Armor", though she needs a better name, and her interactions with Wolverine have been fun. But.. I don't know.. this issue felt cramped and somewhat rushed to wrap everything up, Plus
    it seems like a total waste to get rid of Kitty that way
    It just lacked something.

    And kind of on it's own:
    Final Crisis: I liked this. I don't really follow the DCU these days, but I'm still aware of who all the characters are (for the most part). This issue clearly has a lot to set up, and I think it did it pretty well. JG Jones artwork looks good. Now about
    The Martian Manhunter: If I remember correctly, back when Morrison wrote the "Rock of Ages" story in JLA he had a part where future-Batman talked about how it took DeSaad a long time to figure out how to kill a shapeshifter like MM. So I'm not entirely sure that MM is actually dead. I guess we'll find out down the line.
    • CommentAuthorMark Datik
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Extra Smooth -

    Lucha Libre #4 (Frissen, Gobi, Bill, Witko, Tanquerelle) - Great humor anthology book that's steeped in LA Mexican Pop culture. It features the Luchadores Five, a group of friends who battle car stereo stealing werewolves and evil Elvis impersonators. There are four to five stories each issue told in "chapter format" and the art is wonderful. Has a nice LA-Kid Robot-Animation feel to it that's very detailed and expressive. Each artist has their own individual style but it all meshes well together creating a unified package. It's a breath of fresh air and I recommend everyone at least flipping through this while in the store.

    Local #11 (Wood, Kelly) - Picked this up by happenstance as the store owner racked this next to Northlanders. NIce enough story, can't really judge it one way or the other as this is the first issue of the series I've read. Art's very fluid and has a touch of Paul Pope in it. Liked the overall package so I'll probably keep on the lookout for back issues and the finale.

    Northlanders # 7 (Wood, Gianfelice) - Speaking of which. I'm guessing there'll be a truce of some sorts to beat back the Saxons before Gorm gets his. This first story line hasn't quite grabbed me for some reason, I can't quite put my finger on it. I'll have to wait until the end and then re-read the entire arc to get a true feel for it.

    Nosy Curiosity -

    Also, if I may, I was curious to know why Mr. Ellis would read Final Crisis? Is it because a friend wrote it? Morbid curiosity? You don't really learn anything professionally from this do you?

    Has anyone's "reviews" ever prompted you personally to check out a book?
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    Also, if I may, I was curious to know why Mr. Ellis would read Final Crisis? Is it because a friend wrote it?

    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    "Liked the overall package so I'll probably keep on the lookout for back issues and the finale."

    Better to wait for the collection in August, to be honest. Most of the early issues are sold out and the finale won't make much sense either out of the context of the entire series.