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    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2007

    Hi there! Tide Pool is a very small online music label that I run. We put out weird techno, pretty ambient, and everything in between. Right now, we're delighted to give you a new release and a new mix or the holidays. We hope you like what we do.

    THE MIX is to keep you warm and dancing on those cold winter evenings. It's by Vancouver hipster AntiGuru, and includes Justice, Patti Smith, 2Live Crew, Pink Floyd, and so on. Get it here.

    THE RELEASE is to waft you gently, gently to sleep with a cup of mulled wine (spiked with the hallucinogenic of your choice). It's by another of Vancity's finest, Shirt, and sounds like Boards Of Canada, Autechre, and such like. Get it here.
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    I'm not touching that mix, but a new release from Tide Pool is always a good day...