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    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    A moderator <a href="">closing a thread</a> usually implies the discussion is over.

    And yet, there are still instigators who would love nothing more than to rub people's noses in an argument that ended badly, regardless of whether it was their fight or not, and regardless of how many good intentioned people were involved.

    That <strong>is what makes this board so <em>frustrating</em></strong> some days.

    I'm taking a break.
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    Oh dear. Deep breaths and a biiiiig cup of coffee.

    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008

    Maybe we all could have just walked away from it and let it die on it's own.

    Don't be gone too long.

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    Could've walked away. but didn't.
    I was intrigued by it, and a bit baffled.
    But than again, people often confuse the hell outta me. We aren't rational beings all the time, as much as we try to be. Anyone can get caught up in things. Personally I'm wondering if I should've remembered to keep my mouth shut after 1:30 am.
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    Z, relax, man. It's not worth getting worked up over this. Just say "fuck it" and go on with your day. I know who you're angry at and I understand why, but really? "Fuck it" is the best way.
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    I just got through reading the thread and can see why it was closed. Lingster is firmly stuck to his view of all Muslims being terrorists it would seem and was clearly enjoying baiting everyone. This sort of argument (it wasn't really a discussion was it) goes on on hundreds of other forums and Warren doesn't want them here as we all know. You seem to have taken personal affront to it Z - I think you're better than that.
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    I get it, btw.
    • CommentAuthordanniegh
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009
    Not so funny like Rafa Nadal :p

    Rafa Nadal