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    Saturday night open mic: a thing for venting. Tell me what you want, tell me what you hate, tell me one thing about you that you want me to know. We're open all night. Show your face. Shout a bit.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008 edited
    Tell me what you want, tell me what you hate, tell me one thing about you that you want me to know.

    I want: This fucking work-from-home job I've been after. Oh, to show up to work naked without repercussions. Also, I want my co-writer to knock some pages out for me based on the outline I sent him so I can get started drawing the comic. I'm so god damned excited.

    What I hate: That I still have to go back to my day-job on Monday. I don't know if I'll be able to get through another week without doing any actual work. Pretending that I'm working is almost as hard as actually working, but much more rewarding.

    One thing about me: I have a lot of trouble penciling on 11x17 art board. I'm thinking about taping four of them together to make one page. It might take a lot longer, but I think the quality will win out. Does anyone do this?

    Show your face: Oh yeah, skipped that one--
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    I feel buried under endless tedious uninteresting paperwork.
    My current struggle is trying to drop out of my old PhD program so I can properly transfer to my new one.
    There is much whinging to be had once I get going so the short version is just that I filed my end many months ago and was told it was all done.
    And it isn't.
    And it is making things very difficult and annoying and ensuring that all of my funding payments will now be delayed.

    Also, I just hate the paperwork and reading of rules in general.
    I always find the requirements confusing and illogical and hard to keep track of.

    I look like this:

    I want an assistant.
    I want an assistant who understands and actually enjoys filling out forms.
    I want an assistant I can trust with my banking information so that they can fill out all the payment transfer stuff for me with each scholarship or grant or whatever.

    And a cookie.
    But then I always want a cookie.

    I want you to know that you're kind and generous for listening to us and for not just reading each and every entry but making a point of periodically reminding us that you do.
    I appreciate your various community-building behaviours, and enjoy hanging out in the results.
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    My cousin stopped by to visit yesterday, and asked if I were going to attend my little sister's graduation party. Even though I live only a half an hour away from my father and his family, I'd no idea. Nobody told me. I wasn't invited. It's not such an issue in itself, it's more what gets drudged up along side. It's almost impressive, really, the sheer boldness with which I'm excluded. I forget, often... a self inflicted alzhiemers, I suppose... how readily I'm cast aside; kept apart.

    I'm not allowed to shake free the missteps of my past, you see. I'm forced to replay those same chapters of my life over and over, again and again in my head. Never spoken of, never addressed, that massive elephant in the room that stinks of rotten histories, but there it stands... a monument of unforgotten flesh ever barring my inclusion.

    That same little sister was on a tacky clip show last night:
    (forward to 48 seconds in)

    This is what I do in my free time:
    positive & negative
    (on the good days)

    I am deeply, painfully, and totally emotionally intertwined with someone these days. So much so that it physically hurts. To think of it, of him, actually makes me feel like I've gotten a chi kick to the sternum. Makes me want to curl inwards, clutching at my chest, gasping for air.

    But in a good way.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    Vanessa i have cookies, they are chocolate orange. if there was someway to send one i would i am truely sorry... :)

    i want more money but aside from that i am happy. went drinking with work mates last night and i finally have a job where the prospect of time with them out of work doesnt' sicken me. right now some buddies and y girlwife are playing mariokart.... i have irn bru cookies and mates. life is good

    one thing, i went to the old hometown to see a friend i haven't seen in a while, he's nearly 26 and still lives with his parents, he spends most of his time drinking and sleazing on gils 6 years younger. it worries me that he isn't moving on and thinks this is and acceptable life for an adult.... ah wel

    love ya whitechapel
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    I want my new job to start. Weeks ago I was offered a job with a start date about four weeks after the offer was received due to various security and credit checks...

    This week I got a call delaying my start date by another two weeks.

    So it is the 23rd of June now. I had already lined up a flat in the city I am moving to for this job, Nottingham, and get the keys to it on Monday. Now three weeks sooner than I need it, and because of the delay I am stranded here in Lincolnshire for a while longer... With my empty flat in Nottingham just costing me unnecessary money because I had this timed perfectly. Move in Monday 2nd, start work Monday 9th. Fate chose to wreck my careful planning, as always.

    I was sort of counting on my June pay packet too... Which will now consist of one week's work, assuming it doesn't just get tagged on to July's now.

    I need to buy furniture and all appliances for the new place. Plus getting phone, internet and such things sorted out.

    I may just end up sat in a room of boxes, on the floor with my laptop using the HSDPA mobile broadband the way things are going. Between trying to iron a shirt against the wall using a kettle and a fish slice and eating cold beans out of a can using my fingers.
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    Alastair - Damn. I guess I'll just have to find my own or trick someone nearby into baking them. If only I weren't too lazy to do it myself...

    RachaelNoel - What are you hooked up to? (If it is at all okay to ask. If it isn't, please just ignore me and be assured that my social retardation is nothing personal.) It looks very similar to my TENS machine. But then I guess anything that is pads and wires would....
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    Yessssssss. oh, the TENS. That's not me in the picture though. I've discovered, after ten years of using it for what's it's actually meant for, that the TENS is much more fun with two. Oh, indeeeeedy.
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    Mood today:

    Tell me what you want

    Right. I want:

    - Steven Spielberg to remember he's a genius and stop pretending he's Michael Bay (i.e. Indiana Jones 4 sucks)


    - Rapidshare to quit this shit already:

    - my hands to stop shaking after a long punching bag session

    - to lose weight, hence the punching bag

    - to have a nice Saturday night in the interwebs, in which this thread will certainly help a lot

    tell me what you hate

    - my deviated septum

    - advertising

    - religious fanatics

    - The current US government

    - Mike Huckabee

    - mint

    - and thousands of other things, for hating things is fun

    tell me one thing about you that you want me to know

    I lack chest hair.

    We're open all night.


    Show your face.



    Oh, alright:

    Also, take a look at me ten years ago.. Heh, I'm seventeen and feeling old already. But then I remember you and I feel quite younKIDDING!

    Shout a bit.


    Good evening, Whitechapel
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    Starting June 16, I am going to gloriously metamorphose from "grumpy weekend chick at the comic shop" to "all-powerful store manager".

    This marks the beginning of a great ascendancy of Ellis comics over superhero tripe. Give me Previews and order numbers grabby grabby

    And I expect I shall be putting the Grinding QRCode in lots more subliminal places.

    I will deal your comics like crack.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    RachelNoel - Ha! I hear ya. I bought mine for my assorted chronic pain issues but ... like Holly Hobby says: sharing is caring and there are times when I just really care.
    (Though not of late. Boo to that.)
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    Starting June 16, I am going to gloriously metamorphose from "grumpy weekend chick at the comic shop" to "all-powerful store manager".

    This marks the beginning of a great ascendancy of Ellis comics over superhero tripe. Give me Previews and order numbers grabby grabby

    And I expect I shall be putting the Grinding QRCode in lots more subliminal places.

    I will deal your comics like crack.

    Congrats, Elana! That's great news.

    Warren, you're about to get very popular in Toronto.
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    I love you, Elana.
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    I want this strange acrid smell/taste to go away. It's like I've been eating mothballs or the inside of my stomach is slowly creeping into my nose.

    If this continues I'm either going to see a Doctor or start spitting on things to see if I have Acid Alien Mucus.

    I hate waiting. I have a driving test on Monday and I'm treating it like the day I die or something. The waiting is making me crazy. It is probably related to the Alien Spit mentioned above.

    I haven't really got anything that I think you'd want to know...

    Actually, have a recipe for an Isreali spice mix that I am told goes well with coffee and soups. Probably not the season for it, but here goes...

    5 tsp ground black pepper
    5 tbsp cumin
    2 tbsp ground cardamom
    3 tsp ground tumeric
    2 tsp ground coriander

    1 cup whole cumin.
    1/2 cup black pepper.
    8-10 whole cardamom seeds
    3-4 clove seeds
    1 cup of turmeric per cup of total mixture
    a little bit of nutmeg
    a little bit of saffron
    and a tsp of kummel /caraway

    (disclaimer : I have no idea if this is tasty, or if it's even isreali.)

    And I'm not showing my face today... no-one needs to see my haunted, darting eyes and pale features.

    @elana : Horrah. The more QRCodes around the better. (And what better vector than something relevant to Mr Ellis?)
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    Want: More time. Not bad these days, actually.

    Hate: PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PROPERLY USE BLIND CARBON COPY ON EMAILS. Oh, and idiots who don't use headsets for cellphones if they're driving. The attention deficit is bad enough, but partial blinder and lack of head-turning plus tying up a hand because you're too cheap to spend $20 on a bluetooth headset? SNARL.

    early May

    Earlier this month street busking with theremin. People were deeply confused hearing me in the alley, thinking they'd somehow walked into an old scifihorror film, until they spotted me.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    My little brother deploys to Iraq today. I don't know how to deal with it, so here is the only place I'm going post this fact. And in about an hour I'll have cried all I'm going to cry, and go back to being my usual wacky upbeat self, 'cause that's all I know how to be.
    • CommentAuthoroR.hal
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    I just want something I can never have.
    I just hate something I can never forget.
    I just want you to know that I need you.

    Nothing else to say.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    I have Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer stuck in my head, they started construction upstairs at 9AM (after I fell asleep finally at 4AM), and there is a generator running somewhere. If I find out where, and find out who, the two will be connected in a violent fashion. Nothing at all like TENS, darlings.

    Battlestar sucked this week, Lost was great. Angry about Battlestar. For my sitting down and watching every Friday, I demand more, dammit. Well oknobut...

    One of my prints WILL NOT come out fucking right. It is too blue. I throw a warm filter on it. Still too blue. Bleed all over the paper. TOO FUCKING BLUE. Cyan cartridge is out, we'll see who is blue NOW motherfucker.

    I've been talking to my fish. He talks back. He says "glub". I wish I made bubbles when I talked. Or DO I?

    My face is tingling in that way that means I haven't taken my meds. OH BUT COULD YOU TELL?

    I look like shit today and I'm not showing my face until I have medicated myself somehow.

    Kk love you all thx bai.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008

    -I want girls to flirt with me, not the other way round. Call me a lazy feminist.
    -I hate anguish. Anguish really sucks. I wish I never felt it.
    -I want you to know that the one year I spent in England (Leeds) was awesome on many, MANY levels. I even wrote a short story about a particularly incredible night I spent there, maybe I'll send it to you one day if I feel like you could give a crap.

    I have a cat. I've had it for four hours. It's three months old. It rules. I've called it "Saloperie" ("rubbish").

    Here's my face again :


    Have a nice night.
    • CommentAuthorshadman
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2008
    I want to come home to a house that does not wreak of cabbage farts.
    I want a landlord who doesn't ask me to turn off the furnace so he can save money on oil.
    I want to find a new job this summer before my current contract ends so I don't end up homeless and alone in a strange state.
    I want to be able to complain or express my emotions without feeling like I'm burdening whomever may be paying attention.

    I started graying at age 16, I'll have a head full of silver by the time I'm 40. If I can stop eating long enough to not asplode.